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hello i was just interested in having ur opinion on some stuff n ur blog is so cool for that haha so do u mind if i ask, what do u think characterizes henry viii's kingship and what failures make him the failure that he is (tho why is he said to be such a failure regarding other kings that existed before him)

i’m not sure i’d say henry was exactly a failure of a king, i do think he was a poor one though, espcially in comparison to his father and his daughter

i think henry was obsessed with the image of being king, particularly a warrior king, this may have had something to do with his father claiming the throne by right of conquest, maybe not, all the warrior kings of england were highly exulted and i think henry wanted in on that

you can see from the beginning he wants military glory, he had the dream of putting france under english rule again from the start, which to me means he’s more preoccupied with the glory of the past than whether or not it’s really the best idea to use english resources to conquer one of the most powerful countries in europe, for instance in 1513 while he was off winning small victories in france, england actually had a perhaps the most major military victory of his reign, the battle of flodden, which was actually won by queen catherine and resulted in the death of james iv, really these small spats with france didn’t really lead too much, but wasn’t exactly uncommon between england and france and throughout his reign henry would half an on again off again relationship with france and with king francis

and while it’s true a king was expected to have a son, it was believed a daughter inherited a throne could lead to civil war at best, i think we can all agree his actions for getting a son were extreme and he put the future of his country on the line, i do believe henry is lucky catherine of aragon was a forgiving woman, because she was family to some of the most powerful men in europe at the time and it could have lead to war and invasion of england that they most likely could never have won

one of his henry’s so called achievements during his reign is the reformation, but henry throughout was not at all really the power behind this, it was men like thomas cromwell and thomas cranmer and women like anne boleyn who were really passionate for a reformed church, henry was happy to use it as an excuse however, to get what he wanted and then to strip religious houses of their wealth in the name of ‘corruption’ (not to say the catholic church was not corrupt or not in need of reform but again i think he acted rather extreme)

and when he married anne of cleves as a sign of a good relationship between the duchy of cleves, an important reformed ally in largely catholic europe, he again treated her appallingly and put the reputation of england on the line for his own selfish reasons

he wanted scotland under his control and thought he could do so by marrying his son to mary, queen of scots, again he showed an extremely poor understanding of foreign policy and tried to make mary and her government consent when they clearly saw this was an attempt to bring scotland to heel under military invasion in scotland, he had made an enemy out of his closet neighbor twice in his reign and the result was an eight year war between england and scotland

again in 1544 to capture some kind of imagery of a warrior king he went on a military campaign in france really more to emperor charles’s benefit than his or england’s and the result was no major lasting victory and it bankrupted the country

i know due to an sexist view elizabeth i sometimes gets sidelined and it’s claimed that her rule was so successful due to her councilors and not her, that is not true at all for elizabeth, but i think it is true for henry. henry was lucky to have men like thomas wosley and thomas cromwell at his side

at the end of his reign henry left england an extremely divided country, with sour relations with europe’s biggest powers and a bankrupt country, his greatest gift to england was his daughter elizabeth who was a far cannier ruler than henry ever was

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