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Oakland Tribune, California, June 10, 1951

Ten to one, you know Hollywood’s Marilyn Monroe as Miss Atomic Bomb, or as Miss Cheesecake. Or as “The Shape,” or even Miss Flame Thrower, because she’s been that too.

You’d recognize her anywhere because she has one of the most-photographed figured in the curve-conscious film word. She has personality appeal, too - the kid that kept men movie-goers glued to their seats to see “The Asphalt Jungle” a second time. And Marilyn had only a bit part in it!  

But: there’s another Marilyn! Behind the cheesecake, the girl with the smile and the figure is a scholar and a student. Here’s proof:

  • She’s enrolled for a literature course at the University of California at Los Angeles.
  • She has only two charge accounts - both at book stores. “You’ll usually find her in the poetry department,” said a clerk recently.
  • She writes verse herself. “My poems are kind of sad,” she says, “but then so is life.”
  • She likes to talk about such cultural big-wigs as writers Thomas Wolfe and Walt Whitman, musicians Mozart, Beethoven. But she’s also strong for jazzmen Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton.

She’s Still Atomic

That’s Marilyn the scholar, who’s really a bright girl searching (as so many people are) for some meaning to life. Has it made her highbrow? Stuffy?

“Not a bit,” says Marilyn. “If the boys like me and want my pin-ups, I’m ever so happy. The cheesecake and sexy pictures are parts I enjoy - as long as I can do them honestly.”

And the future? “Acting - real acting,” she says. “Not just posing. There are things inside of me that I don’t know how to say except through acting.

Hollywood U Statistics

Exactly 98.7% of the fandom struggles with affording Hollywood U’s expenses.

Exactly 65.3% of the fandom is bitter about the lack of female/POC dates.

Exactly 50% of the fandom wants Hunt in their bed.

Exactly 103.6% of the fandom thinks I’m a cutie.

Exactly 90% of Hunt’s free time is spent on him trying to hide his romantic feelings.

Exactly 201% of Bianca, Jenni, and Lance’s free time is spent on looking through a telescope at the MC, shaking their fists, and muttering, “Revenge.”

Exactly 74% of Lisa’s texts come from her mom (even though she blocked her).

Exactly 37% of Dean’s desires involve seeing Shae in an oversized sweater.

Exactly 15% of Ethan’s thinking process involves his 15%.

Exactly 137% of Ratzik’s time is spent spying on young girls in their dorms (sicko).

Exactly 543.1% of Luke’s life involves the heartwrenching story of bro. “Marry me, bro.” “-chokes- Bro…” “You may now fist-bump the bro.” “-decides to rebel and chest-bumps instead-”

Exactly 0% Crash’s time is spent on the ground.

Exactly 100% accurate are these statistics.

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Could you do one where Reid is starting to fall for a bad girl? Like shes super smart but really vulgar and the rest of the team is like what on earth? ❤😊

OH MY GOD. I loved this prompt so much that this is so long. I really shouldn’t write things this long cause I can’t focus on much else. But I apologize for this being late, I got sick right as college started back up. Thanks so much for this request I really hope you like this cause i had fun writing it and I really like it so please let me know if I did well. 

Title: Too Intimidating 

Author: @loverofdrreid

Warnings: ?? Language, a lot. Someone gets shot. 

Reid always found that cases closer to Quantico were easier thanks to the easy access to labs and back up the team had, and Washington D.C. was about as close as you could get for an unsub with this ego. Everything was explained on the drive to Washington D.C. and the team already had a profile in the works. A family annihilator, an older male, who spends three days with each family before brutally killing each family member. So far, three families have fallen victim resulting in a body count of nine. Each family consists of two parents and a son, who is in-between the ages of eight to ten.

“Is there anything else you can find that the families have in common?” Morgan asked.

“I’m still digging.” Penelope said over speaker phone. “But all the families did live fairly close to each other so I’m sure I’ll have something after you guys meet the lead detective for this case. Stay save my lovelies.”

Penelope clicked off, and Morgan went to put his phone away when Hotch stopped him.

“I need you to call Rossi and tell him to put it on speaker so JJ and Emily can hear.”

“Okay, but why?”

Reid was also curious; after all if it was anything to do with the case he’d just share it with the group when everyone arrived at the police station.

“There is something everyone needs to know about the detective we’ll be working with on this case. She’s the best in her field and was promoted to her title younger than most due to her hard work, intelligence, and instinct. But she was very clear about not wanting to work with the FBI on this case and she’s known to be very extreme and violent. While she may be hard to work with she also knows what she’s talking about, but I don’t want anyone on the team to follow her lead alone. She’s known to get into some dangerous situations.”

Spencer made sure to make a note about that, and to stay as far away as possible.

You paced in front of your chief’s desk for what must have been the tenth time that day. FBI, fucking FBI, that was the last thing that you needed.


“Don’t even start again, Detective (L/N).”

You scowled, and huffed dramatically as you sat down.

“Sir, Detective,” A young officer said getting both of your attention. “The BAU is here.”

“Great.” You mumbled dropping your head into your hands. “There goes my fucking killer.”

“How do you figure that?”

You looked up to match the unknown man to the voice. He was tall, but not the tallest out of the group and you found you couldn’t break eye contact with him. You weren’t sure if it was because he was attractive or because you didn’t want to be seen as weaker by breaking first.  

“Please, try to ignore her, she may have an attitude but she’s the best detective on this force.” Your chief tried to defend you, but you tuned it out. You analyzed the BAU team as they were introduced. Aaron Hotchner, serious man/ team leader, David Rossi, you’ve read his books you know more than enough about him, Jenifer Jareau, smart and looked like she could be good in a fight, Derek Morgan, alpha male who was giving you a bit of an intimidating glare,  Emily Prentice, she stood tall and analyzed everything around her, and Doctor Spencer Reid. He was who first spoke to you, and you didn’t know how to describe him but your mind kept coming back to sunshine.

“Listen,” You said getting the every agent’s attention. “This is my case, and I didn’t ask for any of your help. With all of you running around he’s going to get scared and run.”

Aaron turned to you. “How do you know he’ll run?”

“Because I know how to think like these assholes, I know that this killer is a coward and the second he thinks we are on to him he’ll run.”

Derek crossed his arms, his glare never leaving his face. “What makes you say he’s a coward, he seems pretty confident in what he’s doing.”

You shot your own glare to every member of the FBI and to your own chief. “Pay attention, this creep gets off on playing house with the family members not on torture not on abuse. He kills off the threat of the husband after the first day, and spends the other two with the wife and child. When we find this guy, he’ll be scared shitless because he’s not used to fighting people who actually can beat him. He prefers stalking and a blitz attack, that’s the only way he can take control.”

You notice Agent Reid giving you a look.

“What’s up, Doc?”

“I’d prefer if you just call me Spencer and what you describe sounds like a profile.”

“Well, Doc,” You decided that was the guys nickname now. “Now do you understand why I didn’t need you or your team?”

Agent Hotchner stepped forward. “We are just here to help you catch this man, help that your chief believes that you need.”

You rolled your eyes and started walking towards the empty office they’d be using. “I’ll help you all get set up, even though I really don’t want to, but if this piece of human scum runs I will blame you.”

It’s now been two days since the BAU team has been assisting you on the case. While you’ve been giving them nonstop attitude they have been actually getting you results. You hated to admit it but this asshole didn’t run with all the FBI presence he instead got sloppy.

“Doc!” You shouted running into the room. “Where the hell is the rest of your team?”

“They found the unsub’s address his name is Thomas Whitman, they’re all heading to his place with swat. I was waiting for you so we can go meet them there.”

You waved away his words. “They won’t find him there; you need to come with me. He is already at his next victim’s house and I know where it is. I need some backup.”

Agent Spencer hesitated.

“Listen, the mom is a friend of mine and she made the call before the unsub could take control. The longer we wait here, the longer her and her family are victims. I’m not okay with that, so you’re either coming or not.”

Of course, despite Spencer’s better judgement, he came with you.

“So what’s the plan exactly?” Agent Spencer asked you as you circled the house. Back up and his team were on their way but they were miles away.

“You know, I haven’t really thought that far ahead.” You tried to ignore Agent Spencer’s shocked stare as you sized up the back door. “Your profile says he won’t kill the family until he’s played out his fantasy, right?”

“That’s the profile.” Spencer said about to get into the details and statistics of the possible outcomes.

“Good.” You gave Spencer a little push away from you, and kicked down the door in one smooth motion. Raising your guns you both travelled down the hall towards the stairs. Spencer took the right side towards the kitchen, while you took the left side towards the living room.

A crash towards the backdoor made both of you turn on your heels. You both ran towards the back, and watched as your unsub ran through the door into the backyard. Spencer made it through the door first and aimed his gun. Only the unsub raised his gun faster.

You weren’t even able to process what or why you were doing what you were doing. All you saw was an unsub about the pull the trigger on Spencer. You tackled him just in time, as you felt the bullet tear through you.

Luckily the rest of the BAU and SWAT team showed up and took down the killer before he could try and take anyone else out.

You saw Spencer get up and check himself for injuries, you didn’t blame him, that bullet had his name on it. He saw you a couple feet away, on your back and applying as much pressure as you could while you bled out.

Spencer rushed toward you. “Why did you push me out of the way, (Name)? I have a bullet proof vest, you don’t!”

You tried your best to put on a brave face, but you were hurting. “Relax, I’m probably going to live. I couldn’t stand to see anything happen to you, Doc.”

Spencer yelled for a medic, and you were actually grateful for the team effort.


“Please, don’t speak, you’ll be okay but I need you to save your energy.”

“Doc, this hurts like a son of a bitch.”

The rest of the agents approached you now, and you threw a glare at Derek and Aaron. “I swear to god, if you agents arrested my piece of shit killer and took credit for this I’ll haunt you from the fucking grave.”

Of course, have now dealt with you for two days the BAU learned to ignore you.

You were enjoying some jello from your hospital bed, feeling not so fresh after your surgery. But you were glad that this case was finally over and you could move on to catching other sickos solo.

“Knock. Knock.” The ever clear accent of David Rossi pulled you from your trace. You watched as the rest of his team filled the small room.

“Oh, great. I thought I was done with you damn agents.” You smirked. “Don’t tell me we’re assigned to work together permanently.”

“I don’t think I could ever allow that.” Aaron said, finally after three days, cracking a smile. “We just stopped in to see that the surgery was a success and to say goodbye.”

You gave a mock salute. “Honor working with you sir.”

“You have to admit,” Derek said smirking. “There’s no way you would have solved it so fast without us.”

You shot a ‘can you believe this’ look to Spencer, but noticed he seemed to be distancing himself from his group and moving closer to your hospital bed.

“I’ll admit no such fucking thing, but I am really glad I got to work with this team.”

Emily chuckled. “I might not even mind working with you again, but no getting shot next time, okay?”

You gave a wink. “No promises.” You turned to Spencer who was now standing right next to you. “Doc, it’s been a really ride working with your mind and glad I could save that cute face of yours.”

“Thirty-six point six miles. Which when driving the speed limit is only about forty six minutes. I’d be willing to make the drive, but I don’t know many places so you’d have to decide where to go once you’re cleared from the hospital, that is.” Spencer said without taking a breath.

“Whoa.” You didn’t know where this was going but you liked it.

“Slow down, pretty boy.” Derek said, with the rest of his team shooting Spencer a concerned look.

Spencer fidgeted with his hands and looked around the room nervously before clearing his throat. “Right, that wasn’t clear enough. What I mean to say is: Can I take you out on a date?”

You nearly choked on your jello. “What?”

Derek and David gone wide eyed and both shouted a confused, “What?”

Emily smirked. “Way to go, Reid.”

“Spence,” Jenifer said clearing her throat. “You probably should have waited until we left the room to ask that.”

“No kidding!” Derek yelled.

Spencer gave a shy smile, which kind of made your heart melt. “Sorry, I wasn’t really thinking.”

Derek turned, mumbling confused under his breath. “He ‘wasn’t thinking’, what is happening right now.”

Aaron and David gave you a look, before Aaron signaled at everyone else to clear the room.

David turned back to you after everyone but Spencer left. “Try not to be offended by Derek’s surprise, pretty sure you were just a little too intimidating for him.”

Once they were out of the way, you turned to Spencer smirking. “So Doc, I’m going to need your number if I’m going to call you to set up that date.”


This is who I picture the hwu ppl like??? (also, handwriting hc’s!!!)

I was thinking of tommy as either Ian or Henry, but Henry is a bit too buff to be tommy, in my opinion. So ian, my cinnamon apple, is my thomas hunt.
Thomas Whitman (Imaginaerum)


To my princess

I am sorry, I am so sorry, princess. I wish it could be done in some other way but there are no others. I just can’t pull you down this twisted staircase, there are too many turns with fright jumping at me on every step I take. You are my precious gem, princess, you don’t deserve to lose your glow.

This is my last lyric to you, my dear, remember that your bell-like laughter will forever ring in my ears, your soft voice will always haunt my dreams as I so desperately try to reach for your hand, the red ribbon taunting me so- the very last thing I hope to glimpse at, the final thing which escapes my grasp. I wish I could dive down the rabbit hole with you, but the void of a dark hole is gaping in front of me, pulling me in.

I have stood on the edge of this abyss ever since that dreadful night before a day which was meant to be haunted by an arabesque and snake-charmers. The night which was filled with the aroma of whiskey and smoke from the chimney. The board beneath my feet were cold yet the air was warm like a mother’s touch, those stray puffs of wind which managed to sneak through the creaks in the windows barely chilled me. My chest was trembling as I tried to flee from the waiting torture but the guard dog, the soldier ordered me to go back to the line.

My mind told me to obey but my limbs were controlled by my soul and I defied the order. I just wished to make sure that the pilot, the captain was sound enough to guide us back to the shores of home but what I saw from the crevice in front of me made every inch of me freeze. He was standing on the edge of the very same abyss I am right now as I write this for you, princess, and the look in his eyes was heartbreaking to watch. It was as if this had been the very first time he had seen the windows of his home in an eon. The contentment was like a beacon yet there was something else. I can only describe it as the look of a deer being pinned to a cliff wall by a pack of wolves after running the length where it had lost its soul on the road. It would know that the end is near, the emotions are so clear from its eyes: the fright of the dark pit of death and the relief which only the most powerful of choices in this life can create, the relief of peace and stillness.

This is why this is my goodbye to you, princess. I can either let myself sink in this swamp alone or pull all of my gems with me. I cannot do that to you. If I do, I will be destined to leave this earth just like the pilot- with a crash and pulling everyone around me down as well, no matter who they are to me.

This is the only way I can make sure that you, my princess, my gem, will see the world as innocently as you do now. I hope you will find this letter when your soul is old enough to forgive me, right now, you are far too pure for such a tainted world. After I have put the final world down on this paper, I know that the shadows will take over, they are looming over me already, clawing on the edges of the table, the chair, everything. Please, remember me because I fear I won’t be able to do the same. There is so much more I wished to give to the ones who love me yet… All I can leave you are those wonderful chords which bring our land into this one. 

I’m sorry, I wish I was there to hear you play them, but this will be the beginning of my end.

Thomas Whitman