thomas waits


James hummed as he handed the nervous boy a bouquet, wishing him luck on his date. He had given him a lavender bouquet, love at first sight, explaining that to the boy who grinned and nodded before walking off. Now he was just doodling a drawing of a primrose, humming softly when he heard the bell ring. His eyes darted up and it took everything in him to not run into the man’s arms. Thomas was back from France. Now, he and Thomas used to be in love, well James was still in love, but when Thomas had to go to France for work, he knew they wouldn’t last. He didn’t want to have to make Thomas wait for him. Thomas smiled at him slowly, looking around.

“You still work here?” He asked and James shrugged. 

“Well, I am the owner.” He said softly and Thomas walked up to the counter, cocking his head. 

“Can I have red and white carnations?” Thomas asked and it took everything in James to not break down. Those were the flowers he used to get Thomas.

“Deep love and pure devotion.” He said softly and Thomas nodded, chuckling.

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Imagine dating Thomas

•Waiting for him to come back from his run outside the maze every night •Spending the nights with him •Filing him in with all the glade drama •Him kissing you on the cheek •Bumping noses •Being silly with each other •Staring at each other •Being worried sick about him when he’s in the maze •Trying to convince him to stay in the glade •"But it’s dangerous" •"I’ll be save Y/N I promise" •Dancing together •Him throwing you over his shoulder and running around being silly •Playing truth or dare •Defending him to gally •Him being way to protective over you •Hugging him from behind •Him turning around in your grip to kiss your head •Singing to him •You being the little spoon

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- I’ve found myself thinking about it. Of walking away from Nassau, from England, from civilization. One can be happy that way, can’t they? A life of isolation and uncertainty as long as it is lived with someone you love… And who loves you back. It is possible isn’t it?
- It is.

  • Thomas Jefferson: But who's waiting for me when I step in the place? My boyfriend James Madison, red i-
  • James Madison: Wait what?
  • Thomas Jefferson: You heard me.