thomas v


Sooooo,,,I’m back at it again with this,,,this,,,thing. @thatsthat24 again, I am really sorry if I am bothering you or freaking you out ;-; but anyway for those who just stumbled upon this video, I hope you like it!

On today’s episode of “emmy no one cares”

- Virgil used the Logan voice

- Logan is farther back from the camera than usual

- The lighting is bringing out eyes a lot, particularly Virgil and Patton. Virgil’s eyes are often well lit when he gets upset (and in turn usually closer to the camera). Happened with Joan too in “Making Some Changes,” but Virgil just… his eyes are very bright.

- Speaking of eyes: Virgil is avoiding eye contact.

- Pat gets closer to the camera when he’s excited

- Thomas tends toward the right side of the screen, closer to Ro and Pat, but facing Lo and Virge

(Content analysis to come later)