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Sooooo,,,I’m back at it again with this,,,this,,,thing. @thatsthat24 again, I am really sorry if I am bothering you or freaking you out ;-; but anyway for those who just stumbled upon this video, I hope you like it!

Quick doodle of the smol and the tol

Hammy is too short to touch the floor with his feet thats why he’s angery


Favorite Canceled/Ended TV Shows: SWEET/VICIOUS

Tricher (Thomas/Reader/Alexander)

Ah yes, time for a little angst and cheating brought to you by an idea I got at like 2 AM that someone probably already did. Enjoy, my friends. I didn’t go through and check it much so there may be some mistakes, but I did my best.

Warnings: Cheating, angst, swearing (a lot of swearing), kind of a neighbor AU, modern AU, the beginning of a pretty rollercoaster-y series.

Words: 1402

Second part | Third part

The couch of your boyfriend’s apartment never seemed to fail to bring you some joy after a long day. Whenever your boyfriend wasn’t there, the couch was always there instead, to comfort you. Especially lately, since your boyfriend was growing extremely distant day by day. He’d spend more time with his friends, always be home late from work, always be taking the long ways to and from places- a ton of suspicious stuff.

It was currently 9 PM on a Saturday. You hadn’t seen him since 7 AM yesterday, when he left for work. You trusted him, though, even though your friends didn’t. Thomas was a good man who wouldn’t do any wrong, like your friends thought he would. He was probably just spending the night at a coworker’s place after overworking himself, which he tended to do too often.

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