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Midday Slumber

Summary: Thomas Jefferson de Lucifer never imagined that just one man sleeping could unravel him like Alex did.

Authors note: This au is based off of @katzun’s sinners au. Look at her art FIRST to understand the dynamic between Alex and Thomas. (PS surprise @katzun !!)
 “Stop doing that. You look like a creep.”

Thomas looked up from his bed over to James who was in the corner reading a book about the human world. Although James was his best friend, Thomas had to admit that James was a bit of a loner who would much rather read and observe humans than to have one as his pet. It didn’t make any sense to Thomas, but the research seemed to be paying off. Ever since Thomas had given James the responsibility of tempting humans to commit sins so they would come to hell in the afterlife, hell had a sudden influx of souls, which everyone was more than pleased about. However, James had a bad habit of slipping into human mannerism instead of the demon’s etiquette he had been taught since he was a child.

“What are you talking about?” Thomas asked with furred eyebrows.

James glanced up from his book for only a moment to flip the page, then continued to read. “Staring at Alex. You know, if he woke up to you staring at him like that, you can forget about asking him on that ridiculous date you planned out.”  

“Shut it, James,” Thomas hissed, tail flicking back and forth annoyed. “Nobody asked you.”

He turned his attention back to Alex and smirked. Alex had been living with him now for a few months. When he first took Alex away from the human world, the two of them would always bicker back and forth. Every single day was a constant struggle for dominance and control of Alex. Looking back, Thomas isn’t even sure why he didn’t kill Alex those first couple weeks. But, something had changed between them. They still bickered, but now it was more fonder, almost playful. Thomas had fallen for his human, but he would never admit that to anyone except for James.

Perhaps the reason why Thomas liked Alex was because Alex was different from the other humans he had kept as pets over the centuries. In fact, Thomas knew from the very beginning that Alex was different. Most of the things that made Alex unique were surprising to Thomas. He wasn’t afraid of Thomas, he didn’t cower whenever Thomas came into the room, and he seemed rather fond of pain and acting out. But, the thing that surprised Thomas the most was Alex’s lack of sleep. Being a demon, Thomas didn’t need sleep. However, according to James, humans needed at least eight hours of sleep a day. Alex barely got four causing James to constantly be on his back about forcing the human to sleep. It wasn’t Thomas’s fault that Alex persuaded him with “other activities”.

Although Alex seemed superhuman sometimes, he was just as mortal as anyone else and crashed once a week when Alex slept for most of the day. These days were Thomas’s guilty pleasure.  It was the only day that Alex allowed Thomas to coddle him.  Maybe Thomas was taking advantage of Alex’s tired, incoherent state,  but it was the only way that Alex would cuddle with Thomas without complaining.

“Thomas, are you listening to me?” James groaned tearing Thomas away from his thoughts. Thomas opened his mouth to snap back when he heard Alex groan indicating that the smaller man was waking up.  Thomas jumped and waved James out wanting his private time with Alex.

Alex yawned and sat up rubbing his eyes. Thomas nearly died. Alex was so adorable when he was tired and had bedhead. Thomas immediately gathered Alex into his arms and sat him in his lap.  

“Mornin’ darlin’” he drawled with a chuckle planting a kiss on Alex’s head knowing he wouldn’t complain. “How did you sleep?”

Alex yawned and snuggled into Thomas’s slightly furry chest.  Unlike people,  Thomas’s chest hair was sinfully soft due to him being part ram. Thomas took great pride in his looks and hygiene routine exclaiming that the ruler of hell had to look his best.  Thus,  Alex could always count on a warm body to hold him.  “ ‘t was good. Tired.” he muttered back burrowing into Thomas’s chest.  

Thomas chuckled and cradled Alex back and forth softly in tune to a song that Thomas was humming in his head.  “Still?  You’ve been sleeping all day. Aren’t you getting hungry?”

Alex shook his head and closed his dark rimmed eyes again already drifting off.  “I’ll eat later.  Don’t want to move now.” Thomas only smiled and continued to rock Alex back and forth.  If anyone saw him,  Thomas,  Satan, the ruler of hell,  coddling an insignificant human as if he were a baby,  he would be ridiculed and laughed at.  But,  in his private quarters,  he could be as affectionate with Alex as he wanted. Eventually, Alex dozed off again snoring softly.  His grip on Thomas loosened, and Thomas laid him on his back to sleep again.  He sighed planting a kiss to his forehead.  Maybe he should go see James.  After all,  he had made the goat man wait outside his bed chambers for a good hour.  Thomas stood up to leave when suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed his leg fur.  

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Alex muttered and pulled Thomas back roughly causing him to fall back into the bed. Alex sat up and wrapped his arms around Thomas’s neck kissing the sensitive spot right behind his ear. “You’re staying here to entertain me until I’m too exhausted to stay awake.”

       Thomas grinned.  For once,  he couldn’t agree more.  

Some reflections on Penelope Alvarez

I love One Day at a Time. I love the Alvarez family. I love Elena Alvarez and her story. I think it’s an important one. But just as important is Penelope’s (whom I also love btw) story.

It’s necessary for parents of kids who have or will come out. It is necessary for those kids.

She’s not Victor Alvarez, who we’ve seen so often in media with “this is not okay. This will never be okay. This needs to be fixed.” mentality.

She’s not Eliza Danvers of Supergirl who will immediately give her daughter a hug and an “I love you however you are” after she deduces it before she’s even told.

She’s not Abulita Lydia who needed 30 seconds to recognize and overcome her biases despite decades of feeling one way about the issue.

She’s Penelope Alvarez, who knows this is okay. Who knows that this is important. Who knows her daughter needs her to be nothing less than supportive. But she’s just not there yet. And she hates herself for it, but that doesn’t suddenly make it not weird for her.

Thomas Merton, a Catholic monk, once wrote in a prayer “But I believe the desire to please you does in fact please you” which I’ve always thought to be the foundation for every loving relationship.

Parents know this. Penelope knows this. Every time Elena or Alex made her some macaroni covered monstrosity, it went in the Alvarez Museum. Every time they somehow managed to simultaneously burn and undercook her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, she ate it with a smile. Because the desire to please her does in fact please her, more than her kids know, until maybe they have kids of their own.

Kids need to learn this. That their parents aren’t perfect. That the best they can hope for is parents that have the desire to please them, the impulse to love them no matter what, the determination to find the support under the weird feeling.

And kids need to see that these victories are worth so much more because they are so hard-won. It’s easy for a parent who is okay with something to be okay with it. It’s much harder for a parent who isn’t to do everything she possibly can to get there because it’s what her daughter deserves. 

It’s such an integral part of some coming out stories, and almost all growing up stories. Kids will do things their parents don’t get or don’t like or don’t appreciate but the parents will try. From the first time they learn all of the Avengers, or Disney Princesses, or Pokemon, or vehicles in the Star Wars universe. Through friends they can’t stand, sports they think are boring, gender expressions or sexual orientations they just don’t get, significant others they don’t think are good enough. But they’ll smile and learn the characters, and give the friend juice and cookies, and argue with the referee, and talk to strangers at a gay bar to let their kid know that everything they are is okay. That everything they are is loved.

And someday when Penelope is more than okay with Elena’s sexuality, she’ll embarrassedly confess how it took her awhile to get there, and what she did during the journey, and Elena will look at her and realize her mom is even more remarkable than she thought. She’ll see a woman who is nothing but the desire to see her children happy, and what could be more pleasing to Elena than that. 

Torture Fic-continued


Pairing-Brim mentioned

Hah you thought you could escape the heartbreak? It gets worse

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Now then, let’s begin.

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I Don’t Regret It (Analogical)

This has been going through my head for about a day due to a conversation that @revyourmentalenginesplease (or @prinxietyhell) where Anxiety comes in and says “Sorry I was late, I was doing things.” and Logic pops up all disheveled saying “I’m things” and it was SO much fun to write!

Warnings: Implied NSFW, but other than that, just fluff! Enjoy! :)

“ANXIETY! LOGIC! COME ON WE HAVE A MEETING!” Prince yelled into the living room, looking rather irritated, and Thomas had to laugh at how annoyed the other looked.

“This is very unlike Logic to be late, I hope everything is okay!” Dad said, a worried look on his face.

Suddenly, Anxiety popped up with a smirk on his face, and Thomas immediately felt nervous. That look rarely ever meant good things.

There you are! I was starting to wonder if I would have to come and get you myself.” Prince said, and Anxiety made a face at him. “By the way, where is Logic?”

“I dunno, and sorry I was late, I was doing… things.” Anxiety said with another self satisfied smirk, and Thomas decided to butt in before the two started arguing… again.

“Anyway! You don’t know where Logic is?” Thomas asked, and Anxiety scoffed, but not before he looked around almost suspiciously. “Anxiety… are you telling the truth?” Thomas asked, and Anxiety narrowed his eyes dangerously at his host, and Thomas felt the familiar creeping of dread slowly crawl up his spine.

Suddenly, before the darker part of his personality could say anything scathing, Logic popped up, and Thomas and Dad both jumped. The smartest one in the room, always with a tie and immaculate clothing and hair, currently had his hair in a completely disheveled mess, and it almost looked like… was his shirt on inside out? What was going on?

“Logan!” Dad said, not seeming to realize anything was off with him, and Logic gave him a curt nod, trying to get his hair out of his face and smooth it down. Prince was currently looking between Logic and Anxiety, his eyes narrowed, before Logic cleared his throat.

“I’m… things…” Logic muttered, turning extremely red in the face, and the whole room went dead silent. Prince’s jaw dropped in shock and Dad let out the most blood curdling screech that any of them had heard, and Anxiety and Logic just looked from them to each other, and Thomas noted a blush creeping up Anxiety’s neck.

“Oh! My God!” Dad yelled, jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs, while Prince seemed to be having a crisis on the floor, muttering about how he was the romantic one, how had he failed to notice the two were a thing? Anxiety looked at the opposite emotion with a mixture of contempt and slight concern, before he turned his attention to Logic, who was fiddling with his tie, seeming to realize how messed up his appearance really was. Anxiety frowned and quickly made his way over to the other emotion and wrapping an arm around his shoulders and whispering something in his ear. Logic smiled a bit and nodded, and Thomas raised an eyebrow.

Logic POV

“I absolutely cannot believe that Anxiety just left me to deal with this myself, I’m gonna kill him.” Logic muttered to himself, glaring at the place where Anxiety had sunk through in order to get into the living room. He quickly threw on his shirt from where it was on the ground and haphazardly threw on his tie, before sinking down himself and appearing in the main room, trying to fix his hair.

“Logan!” Dad cried, looking relieved, and Logic nodded curtly at him before realizing what Anxiety had said. He’d heard it coming to the surface, and what better way to confirm everyone’s suspicions than to respond to what he’d said?

“I’m… things…” Logic muttered, face growing warm, and he jumped when Dad screamed at the top of his lungs, and his eyes widened when Prince fell to the floor dramatically, wailing about how could he not know about them, was he losing his touch?

Logic started to fiddle with his tie, feeling self conscious, and he nearly jumped a mile when Anxiety wrapped an arm around his shoulders, not having heard him approach.

“You good, Lo?” Anxiety asked, and Logic smiled at the nickname, nodding slightly, leaning into the warmth of Anxiety. He inhaled the smell of faint cologne and sweat, which would have normally repulsed him, but now Logic found it extremely comforting.

“Morality! Would you please stop screaming!” Thomas suddenly snapped, raising his voice a little, and Anxiety was the one to jump this time, hating it when people yelled.

“I’m sorry, I just! I knew something was going on but I didn’t expect this!” Morality said, although quieter this time. Suddenly, Pranks popped into the room, looking annoyed at Anxiety and Logic, and he muttered something under his breath.

“What was that, Pranks?” Thomas asked, raising an eyebrow, and he snorted, giving Anxiety and Logic a scathing look.

“Just that Morality wasn’t the only one screaming.” He said, and Logic nearly felt his face burst into flame as he hid himself in Anxiety’s hoodie, wanting the floor to swallow him whole. Anxiety, sensing the other’s distress, pulled him closer and kissed the top of his head. Morality screamed again, and Logic groaned, pressing himself as close as he could get to the other.

“Hey, knock it off.” Anxiety snapped, and the room suddenly went quiet again. Even the fridge, which had been running, shut off. “Yeah, we’re a thing, and yeah, we might have been doing things before we were so rudely interrupted. But if anyone has a problem with it, you can suck it.” Logic felt his chest fill with warmth as he pulled away to look up at Anxiety, his eyes wide.

“Aww, protective Anxiety is so cute!” Morality cooed, and the other sighed, rolling his eyes, but he smiled down at Logic all the same.

“I… um…” Logic started, feeling embarrassed, and Anxiety lifted his chin up gently, tilting his head in question. “I don’t regret what we did.” He said quietly, and Anxiety’s face broke into a large grin, and he pulled the other in for a soft kiss, making Morality scream again, and Prince, who had picked himself off the floor, congratulated the two.

“Well, this is something, isn’t it? I’m glad for you two… just… don’t keep me up please.” Thomas pleaded, and Anxiety snorted out a laugh, and Logic buried his face in the others chest, feeling happy and alive.

It was a small matter, he knew.

As Thomas ran his fingers over his cleanly shaved face and looked at himself in the dingy mirror he wasn’t certain he believed that thought.

The face staring back at him was the same of course, yet somehow without a beard he noticed all the lines and wrinkles now, the ones that had crept up on him during last decade and that had not been there when James’s bright gray-green eyes had first met his own.

Yet he knew they had been there since their reunion; whether or not he had facial hair should not have mattered at all.

Thomas put away his shaving cream and razor and went outside to where James was finishing feeding the horses. It had been a casual request from James that he shave when Thomas had kept complaining the Savannah heat made his beard itch. He’d put up with it at Oglethorpe’s simply because he hadn’t cared then.

Now, as James emerged from the stable Thomas felt anxiety creep up on him like all those lines and wrinkles had.

“Well the deed is done,” he announced.

James looked up, brows drawing up as he saw Thomas’s face. He flashed a quick smile before closing the stable doors, looking away.

“So it is,” he said. “It looks…good.”

Thomas caught the hesitation.

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Not Him

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Fem!Reader with later SMFDR x Fem! Reader
AU’s: Modern, College, Soulmate
TW: cursing, mentions of alcohol, drunk James Madison, threats of violence.
Words: 1805
Translations: petite sœur- little sister
Oh pour l'amour de la merde- oh for the love of fuck
Surveille ton langage- watch your language
Ma petite colombe- my little dove
Ça va? - Are you alright?

Not Him

“James please, I would much rather be studying or writing or literally anything other than going to his party.” You begged, sprawled across your bed. Your best friend, James sat at your desk, trying to convince you that this party would be the best you would ever go to. You, quite obviously, disagreed.

“Look, If Thomas gets handsy or anything again, I’ll punch him.” James told you, an edge of desperation on his voice. You knew he really wanted you to go, but you knew that Thomas fucking Jefferson, ‘playboy extraordinaire’, would be there.

“Like I said before, Jem. If Thomas is there, I’m not.” You muttered, having made up your mind. You crossed your arms across your chest and closed your eyes, trying to relax.

“Don’t make me pick you up and carry you to that party, Y/N.” James threatened. You shot him a glare. “You only have to be there for like twenty minutes, then I promise we can leave.” He said, crossing his finger over his heart. You huffed, then slowly sat up.

“If you aren’t ready to leave when I say it’s time to go, I will literally murder you.” You say, sliding off the bed. “Now get out so I can get ready.”

James jumped up, hugging you for a moment then let you go.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He said, lightly punching your arm. You just huffed and shooed him out of your room.

About an hour later, many burnt fingers and a few lipstick swatches later, you were ready. You had decided on a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans, a nice burgundy blouse, and a pair of heeled black ankle boots. You had curled your hair and threw on some makeup, finally deciding on a deep burgundy lipstick the same shade as your shirt.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N/N, lets go! The party starts soon!” James whined, tapping on your door. You sighed and grabbed your purse and your phone, throwing open the door dramatically. “Oh, damn. For someone who really didn’t wanna go, you look great.” He said, grinning at you.

“Shut up.” You practically growled, sending him a glare with no heat behind it. He chuckled and offered you his arm. You smacked it away.

“You ready?” He asked and you nodded.

The second you two stepped in the door of the massive house, you knew you shouldn’t have come. Either that or you shouldn’t have dressed so conservatively. James immediately split, of course, to go find his friends, leaving you alone to prowl through the crowd. You found an unopened beer in the fridge and popped it open, leaning against the counter as you watched people interact and act stupid.

“Y/N!” You heard a voice call your name, and looking around you spotted James. “Y/N!” He called again as he reached you. You could smell the alcohol and gave a heavy sigh.

“Jemmy, you’re drunk.” You groaned, to which James just giggled.

“Yes! I am! Oh! Oh oh oh!” He said, suddenly lighting up as he threw his arm around you. “You simply must meet Thomas!” He said, to which you stiffened. “Thomas!” He yelled, drawing attention to the two of you. You pulled away from his arm, trying to get away before James caught the attention of that asshole. You were sadly too late, you realized as Thomas Jefferson started your way with a huge smirk.

“Jemmy please, I wanna go now.” You basically begged, James grabbing your arm again.

“Noooo… Stayyyy!” He begged, pouting at you. Before you could protest again, Thomas was there.

“Y/N Y/L/N. Well I’ll be. I never expected to see you here.” Thomas said smoothly, smirking at you. You narrowed your eyes as he attempted to slide his arm around you.

“If you don’t remove your arm right now, I will break it Jefferson.” You hissed, giving him your darkest glare. He pulled away, still looking at you with that god awful smirk. He raised his hands in front of him defensively, his sleeve falling down just enough for you to see the tattoo on his wrist. You froze, your eyes on the three small symbols. He raised an eyebrow at you and you shook yourself out of it. You sent Thomas another glare, to which he gave you a softer, more confused look.

“Why do you hate me?” Thomas asked you, and you just scoffed. There was no way this asshole was your soulmate. You glanced at your sleeve, thanking the high heavens that your shirt covered the matching symbol on your wrist.

“I don’t hate you. I just don’t like you.” You clarified to him. “Hate is a strong word, and I don’t use it often, but I may be compelled to if you don’t go away and leave me alone.” You grumbled, crossing your arms across your chest again, your beer held loosely in one hand. Thomas faked a pout at you until he realized that you were serious.

“Pretty strong talk from someone who claims she doesn’t hate me.” Thomas huffed, shaking his head. He watched you for a moment longer then grabbed your arm, beginning to try and lead you somewhere. What he didn’t expect, however, was for you to sink your heels into the carpet and slap the hell out of his hand, making him drop your arm.

“Don’t touch me.” You hissed venomously, shooting him one last glare before spinning on your heels and fleeing out the back door of the house, narrowly avoiding a couple making out. You grimaced in disgust and headed further away from the house, only relaxing once you had reached the edge of darkness that marked the beginning of the woods.

You shivered, wrapping your arms around yourself. You hadn’t thought to bring a jacket, expecting to be at the party for only half an hour at most. You shook your head slowly, your (h/l) (h/c) curls falling into your face as you looked down at your heels. You figured you should go ahead and call an uber, another shiver wracking your body in the chilly wind.

“Mon Dieu, petite sœur, what are you doing out here in this cold night air?” A softly accented voice called out to you as you glanced around. You finally saw the figure of Lafayette standing further into the lawn and smiled in relief.

“Trying to get away from that asshole Jefferson.” You groaned, gratefully taking the jacket your brother held out to you. He arched an eyebrow at you and you giggled in spite of yourself. “You’ll never believe what I just found out.” You murmured as your brother wrapped an arm around you. He watched you silently, knowing to give you time to speak.

“Thomas Jefferson is my soulmate.” You mumbled, your voice laced with unhappiness. Lafayette pulled away from you, gently placing a hand on your shoulder, his expression pained.

“Mon sœur…” He murmured, his expression quickly becoming worried. “I know you dislike him, but you must at least give him the slightest of a chance.” Laf said. You scoffed.

“He doesn’t even know.” You admitted, crossing your arms over your chest once more, guilt written all over your face. Lafayette sighed and ran his hands over his face.

“You have to tell him, non? Jefferson has a right to know that, non?” Laf said, giving you a pointed look.

“Jefferson has the right to know what?” Came a smooth, southern voice, snaking its way into the conversation. You cried out in frustration and dismay.

“Can you leave me alone for five minutes? For fucks sake Jefferson, I don’t care if you are my soulmate, I’m this close to murderi-” You froze in the middle of your rant, your eyes widening as you realized what you had said. “I-I mean… Oh pour l'amour de la merde!” You groaned.

“Surveille ton langage!” Lafayette growled at you, making a displeased noise.

“We’re soulmates?” Thomas asked, surprise evident. You winced at the words and nodded. You hadn’t meant for him to find out this way, in fact you hadn’t meant for him to find out at all. You had planned to reject him.

“Ma petite colombe?” Laf’s childhood nickname for you snapped you out of your thoughts and you glanced up at him, catching Thomas’s raised eyebrow. “Ça va?” You nodded slowly, pulling your brother’s jacket closer to yourself.

“Gil, may I speak with Thomas alone?” You asked, giving Lafayette a look he would hopefully understand. His eyes widened slightly and he nodded quickly.

“Oui, I will await you inside so I can take you home.” He said, patting your shoulder gently as he walked back into the house. You grimaced and sighed as you turned back to face Thomas, who was watching you with an unreadable expression.

“You were going to reject me.” He started coldly, his face a blank mask. You didn’t have the heart to deny the statement. “Why?” He asked, his voice cracking slightly. You glanced up from the ground, meeting his eyes with a cool look, even though inside you were boiling. What right did he have, especially after what he did to you?

“Do you really not remember?” You asked, throwing your hands up to make air quotes around what you were about to say. “A woman like that needs someone to control her, to tamp down her madness and put her in her place.” You mocked, narrowing your eyes at him. “Do not think that I didn’t hear you talking with Burr about me. ‘Lafayette’s sister is a lovely piece of ass, but her attitude would be far too much in a woman. A feminist like her deserves a strong man to knock her down a few levels.’” You said. His expression changed and you knew that he knew what you were talking about.

“So it was you who was eavesdropping on us?” Thomas huffed. You gaped at him in fury.

“You do realize that you objectified me like I was a dog to be tamed and domesticated! And here you are, worried about the fact that I could hear you all the way into the hallway!” You fumed, raising your voice at him.

“That was four years ago, Y/N!” Thomas said, exasperation creeping into his voice. You threw your hands up, just as annoyed as he was.

“So what? Shit like that is unacceptable Thomas! You can’t just treat a girl like an object then expect her to fall madly in love with you at first sight!” You huffed, shaking your head. You gave him one last incredulous look. “When you decide to man up and apologize to me, you have my number and you know where I live.” You said, stalking off angrier than you could’ve imagined.

Timing - Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Ahh this story has been the death of me but I really liked how it turned out and I hope you do too!

Requested: yes!! @saint-toes I hope you enjoy this!!

Words: 1,742

Part Two?: Nope! I’m really happy with how this turned out

Warnings: Swearing, some unrequited love, brief Alexander x reader

Please let me know if I need to tag anything else as a warning!



Thomas and James were at the library after school and working on Government homework. Of course, they didn’t didn’t need to work on it at the library.

That was all Thomas’s doing. He has been entranced by (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) since his first day of freshman year when he saw her in the towns public library.

Thomas and (Y/N) were both seniors in high school now.

(Y/N) worked in the library every day after school, reading to children and re-shelving books. James went there to work on homework. Thomas went there to watch (Y/N).

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Dear kiddos, what to say to you? Hmm… how about since yesterday’s lil fic was SO ANGSTY this one is much more comedic? Honestly, I had so much fun writing this, like, illegal amounts of fun. A huge thank you to Binna @ciceroniantrash for laughing with me as I wrote it and for giving me that stellar line. Enjoy this one, bbys! ;D <333

Hi I was wondering if you could maybe write a small jamilton fic where Hamilton gets hurt and needs surgery but cant pay for it and Thomas finds out so he pays for it? Wasn’t sure if request were open sry if they aren’t. P.s I love your storys :D

“Ouch, ouch, FU––” Alexander was seated in one of the library carrels that lined the windows overlooking the quad, hunched over his laptop,.

“Uh, Hamilton? Would you mind shutting the hell up? This is the third floor of the library, ya know, the quiet floor? And if you think I’m past texting the librarians to come up here and shush your ass then you’re––”

“Oh my god, Jefferson, do you ever stop being a complete jerk or is this just a 24/7 kinda deal?”

Thomas stood up and glared down at Hamilton, who was in the carrel in front of him. He was about to go off on him again when he noticed the smaller boy was rubbing at his wrists rather frantically.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he muttered.

Alexander stopped rubbing his wrists and turned to glare back at Thomas. “Creep much, creeper?”

Jefferson rolled his eyes. “Insult much?” He paused for a moment. “Seriously, though, what’s up?”

“Seriously, though, leave me the hell alone,” Alex said, turning back to his work. He’d typed no more than five words when he flinched, muttering under his breath again. “fuck fuck fuck”

“Seriously, did you like break your wrists?” Jefferson cocked a brow at Hamilton even though the smaller boy wasn’t looking his way.

“It’s called carpal tunnel if you absolutely must know, Jefferson. It happens when you actually do your work.”

“Fine, whatever,” Thomas mumbled, sinking back onto his seat. Instead of returning to his work, he pulled up a new tab and googled carpal tunnel cures.

The first result that came up was a list of home remedies. He scanned them, knowing certain ones, like take a break, would never happen. He pulled out his phone and opened up a new message with Alexander.

T-Jeffs: Have u tried brace thingys?

Alabama Hammerman: wtf r u talking about

T-Jeffs: For your carpal tunnel, idiot

Alabama Hammerman: stop mothering me, creep

T-Jeffs: when you’re in pain I can’t focus
T-Jeffs: bc you’re so fucking noisy about it

Alabama Hammerman: for ur information I have tried braces, ice, elevating them, blah blah blah
Alabama Hammerman: nada
Alabama Hammerman: that means “no” in spanish, since I know u only bother with french

T-Jeffs: I know what “nada” means you asshole
T-Jeffs: so what, you gonna try steroids, then? surgery?

Alabama Hammerman: HA
Alabama Hammerman: as if I could afford that lmao

T-Jeffs: I’m a trustfund baby u can trust me

Alabama Hammerman: I know you’re rich no need to rub it in my poor face

T-Jeffs: how stupid are you?

Alabama Hammerman: smarter than u seeing as I actually do my work. are we done here? these papers don’t write themselves

T-Jeffs: and u ain’t gonna be writing either if u don’t get this fixed
T-Jeffs: now what I was TRYING to tell you is that I’ll hook u up with that surgery

Alabama Hammerman: stop. this isn’t funny, Jefferson

T-Jeffs: who said I was being funny?
T-Jeffs: I’m serious

Alabama Hammerman: you’re gonna give the person you hate most in the world enough money for surgery? wow, i must really be annoying u with my pain or something

T-Jeffs: I can’t believe I have a crush on someone who is so stupid smfh

There was the sound of a phone dropping from Alex’s carrel. Then there was a muttered what the ever living fuck?

Thomas got up and waltzed over to Alexander. “You done being dense?”

“You done shitting me?”

“I’M NOT KIDDING!” Thomas yelled. Everyone on the third floor loudly shushed him. “I’m confessing my love here, people!” he said, swiveling his head around, trying to glare at everyone he could.

“LOVE?” Alexander choked.

“Well… shit…” Thomas muttered, running a hand through his hair. For the first time in maybe his entire life, Thomas Jefferson was legitimately anxious.

“Love?” Alexander whispered, his eyes so wide it looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

“I mean, you weren’t supposed to know that yet, but yes, Hamilton. Love.”

“You love me and you’re still calling me ‘Hamilton?’” He glared up at Thomas, who simply rolled his eyes in response.

“You want a free surgery or not?”

“Do you want a boyfriend or not?”


Alexander stood up and kissed Thomas, cutting him off. When he pulled away, he was grinning. “Talk about boyfriends with benefits. Like, literally, health benefits.”

“I like you better when we’re kissing,” Jefferson said before pulling Alexander back toward him.

The third floor of the library broke out in a mix of claps, hoots, and groans.

“Get a fucking room!” Someone, probably Charles Lee, shouted.

“Excellent idea,” Thomas said. “I’ll go get us a study room,” he said with a wink. He made to grab Alex’s hand, but grabbed his wrist instead.


“Sorry! Goddamnit,” Thomas said. “On second thought, let’s make some calls, get you a consultation, then go make out.”

“This is not how I pictured becoming your boyfriend, but I’m totally cool with it,” Alex said.

“You mean you were imagining this?” Thomas smirked at Alex.

Alexander’s face slowly turned red. “N-n–– YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SAID LOVE!”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Come on, idiot. Let’s go make some calls.”

“Give the library some peace!” Lee yelled again.

“Shut the fuck up, Lee!” Thomas and Alexander yelled in unison.

They turned to each other and grinned, and before they knew it, they were kissing again.

“Kiss less, study more,” Burr muttered as he passed by them.

Alexander didn’t pull away, he instead flipped Burr off behind Thomas’ back, garnering one of Burr’s signature I’m-so-done-with-everything groans as he stalked away.

“You’re so hot when you’re upset,” Thomas murmured into Alex’s lips.

“Mmm, talk less, kiss more,” Alex said, biting down on Thomas’ lower lip, causing the other boy to yelp.

“Oh my god,” a female voice said from behind them.

Both boys sprung away from each other and turned to see Angelica staring at them, her mouth wide open, eyebrows high. It was too late when they realized she’d snapped a picture of them.

“This is so going in the group chat,” she cackled.

“ANGELICA,” they both shouted.

“SHUT UP!” Lee shouted.

“Oh my god,” Burr mumbled from some dusty corner.

“You guys think you should take your love fest somewhere that’s not so… academic?” Angelica said with a smirk.

“Shut up,” Alex whined.

“Good luck with that one,” Angelica said to Thomas.

Thomas laughed. “I’m sure as hell gonna need it.”

“Shut up,” Alex whined again.

“Let’s go make some phone calls,” Thomas said, making to gather up his stuff.

“Fine,” Alex sighed.

“Woah, phone calls? What a hot first date,” Angelica said.

“For your information Thomas is my boyfriend with benefits,” Alex said with the pride of a five-year-old child.

“I… I don’t even know what to say to that,” Angelica said, putting her hands up. “I think you need to learn what friends with benefits means.”

“With health benefits, Angie, where is your mind?” Thomas said with a wink.

“I could say something about kink shaming, but I’m just gonna go,” Angelica said.

“HE’S JUST GETTING ME SURGERY!” Alex said as Angelica walked away laughing.

“Maybe you should stop saying boyfriend with benefits, babe,” Thomas said with a chuckle.

Babe,” Alex whispered.

“Babe,” Thomas said again, waggling his eyebrows.

“The library is not your personal hook-up area,” Peggy said as she passed by the boys, sticking her tongue out at them. “And great pic! Saving that one for sure,” she said, holding up her phone.

It was a picture of Thomas and Alexander kissing, right before Angelica made her presence known.

“Let’s get out of here before we––”

“You! And you!” The librarian, Mr. King, stomped toward the two boys. “I’ve gotten multiple texts from students about some obscene hook-up happening here and this library is not the place for your romantic foray!”

“Lee,” both boys muttered at the same time.

“You are officially banned from the library for the remainder of the day,” he said in an incredibly snotty tone.

“We were just leaving,” Thomas said, making sure to take Alex’s hand this time.

The boys practically ran down the stairs and burst out into the cool November air. As soon as they were outside, they were doubled over in laughter.

They both looked into each other’s eyes at the same moment as they said “We are forcibly removed from the library.”

“We’re outside the library,” Alexander said.

“Indeed we are,” Thomas said.

Thomas leaned down, Alexander stood on his tiptoes, and they kissed.

(A/N: There will be a part two to this one sometime soon ;)))

sorta not a full EU thing but i thought it would fit?

Thomas stood there in the creeping darkness and looked out over the manicured lawn at the point the fae woman had disappeared, gooseflesh rising on his bare arms until the inbetween came and placed a scratchy blanket over his naked shoulders. The sudden reprieve from the curling shadows that licked about the warmly lit porch was a relief, a burden perhaps, and he turned away to look at the people gathered on the porch. Nancy- mother, cried a small part of his mind not lit with the fantastic sights and sounds of under-the-hill- stood clutching iron and salt in her delicate hands and he flinched on reflex before remembering that he was safe from all harm it could inflict on him. His gaze wandered across her face like that of a stranger and he marveled at the similarities between them- the arch of their noses, the sweeping curves of their lips- before averting his gaze at the lurch in his stomach to focus on something, anything else. To the sharp twist of the inbetween’s mouth as they hang iron washers from the rail, hands twisted with silver and scars but strong and quick nevertheless. As he stares with singleminded focus at them as they work Thomas realizes that those are the kind of hands people fall in love with; not to be confused as beautiful hands- far from it if the thick, welted scars tracing up their forearm were any indication- but clever and dependable as anything he’d ever seen. The hands of a sometimes protector, an honest and truthful person.

“-nd lay down salt along all windows and doors, inside and out. Hey. Thomas.” The sharp call of his name startles him from his reverie and he snaps his gaze up to the shrewd face of the inbetween with the hot prickling shame of someone caught staring. He shifts under their gaze and swallows down the knot in his throat, wetting his chapped lips once and opening his mouth only to be interrupted by as his mother pushes forward with a steely nod, eyes flickering to him before they move back to the inbetween, “Yes. We’ll do it, don’t worry. Right Thomas?”

Finding himself mute once again all he does is nod and clutch the blanket closer and lets his mind and gaze wander once again before his spine snaps up and his head whips around to the sudden burning against his back, breath leaving him in a stuttering wheeze that sends his heart haywire in his chest. Staring back at him and half forgotten beside a post is a mirror of himself. Startling in its symmetry and even more disconcerting in the easy way it holds itself here, in a world filled with iron and salt, the mirror stares back at Thomas unflinchingly and even quirks the corner of its mouth up at him. Fear- more than he should feel considering where he’s been- races up his spine and makes the hair on the back of his neck prickle as he stares wide eyed and frantically drinks in the familiar features that shouldn’t belong to anyone else. It’s perfect, nearly painfully so and Thomas has to fight the tremor in his hands as he realizes that no, it isn’t perfect, there are cracks almost imperceptively small one wouldn’t notice if they weren’t looking for it.

The mouth with its full, sweeping curves, plush and ripe for kissing but still too sharp and too wide where it smiles, something unmistakably other at the edges. The eyes- full of rich brown but too dark, too lacking in the warmth necessary for humans and a little too far set. Lies in their wideness, in the friendly innocence such eyes have. His hair too wild even compared to Thomas’ own thick curls and gleaming just right under the porch light with colours found only in the deepest forests, far from prying eyes of humans. Little things. Things that would go unnoticed but that leave a vague wrongness in one’s bones. A wrongness Thomas had come to recognize as Other. As dangerous and not to be trusted.

So the Other Thomas smiled wider and pushed off from its post with easy grace- a flinch, carefully pulling its hand closer with a wary glance at the porch rail, iron, as his mind supplied- and moved to the front door as the muted conversation between the inbetween and his mother picks up, “He’s staying here. She left him here and he’s mine now.”

The tight purse of the inbetween’s mouth speaks volumes of their displeasure but they make no counter argument about it, silenced but the stubborn jut of Nancy’s jaw and the white knuckled grip she has on her iron. It seems like the unvoiced battle of wills stretches on for hours before the inbetween gives a grudging, “Fine. Keep it.” that is followed by the Other’s seemingly chipper announcement that he’d set up the guest room then- wrong, not his voice, an underlying deepness like the ceaselessly flowing honey of under-the-hill- before Nancy interrupts a a voice that holds more warmth for the thing that pretended to be her son than Thomas could scarcely believe, “What should we call you?”

The Other pauses with its hand on the door, dark gaze flickering over Thomas for a brief moment before it gives a warm smile that does nothing but set a heavy stone in Thomas’ gut, “Call me Not Thomas for now.”


Work Hard, Sleep Harder

This is Technically the second Sanders Sides tickle fic and the second longest one shot I have ever wrote! But I saw someone had asked for this prompt on @thetickleeraven‘s blog a couple weeks ago and I thought I would try it out!

There are no T-fics like this that I have seen yet, so I thought I might try this out. Let me all know if you enjoy. This tickle session was supposed to be between Virgil and Thomas, but Logan somehow managed to weasel his way into it.

Without further ado:

Work Hard, Sleep Harder

by: cefstickles

Words ~ 2,722 ~

(No ship)


This wasn’t the first time a situation like this had occurred, and Virgil knew it wouldn’t be the last. Still, the darker aspect never liked the aftermath of Thomas’s choices if he decided to stay up this late.

“Maybe make the border’s pink.” Roman rubbed his chin tiredly as Thomas typed away on his computer. He was designing a new flyer for his appearance at an upcoming con and Princey was helping him with formating. Or trying to at least. The Regal aspect was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, let alone making sense of what was going on around him.

“Pink would be a suitable color.” Logan was having the same issues. He knew that everyone including himself was falling asleep and it was only a matter of time before Roman zonked out, thus ending Thomas’s ability to keep decorating for the night. Not only was the logical aspect tired, but he could not think straight for the life of him.

“Ugh…its too bright.” Virgil just wanted to sleep. He didn’t care if they finished the flyer tonight or not. “Look. Can’t we just…finish this tomorrow? We are all tired and Patton fell asleep three hours ago. Not to mention Royal Playboy over there needs his beauty sleep.”

Roman tried to shake himself out of his daze only to be met by the same drowsiness once again. “I’m not a…playboy…” It was at this moment that Roman lost his balance and face planted into the floor. Both Virgil and Logan huffed in amusement, but they had to hold back their chuckles as they heard the fanciful trait begin to snore.

Thomas immediately stopped typing and put his head down on the table. “Darn it Roman! I lost my idea.” The royal trait didn’t answer, but continued snoring, confirming the fact that he was indeed asleep.

Virgil huffed as he walked down the stairs from his spot to where Roman was currently laying. “Alright Thomas. Roman is gone. WE are done for the night and we includes you.”

“Yes Thomas. I advise you heed Virgil’s advice. He does represent your body after all, and right now your involuntary functions are screaming at you to go to sleep. It’s best to not to fight it.”

“Ugh…fine.” Thomas saved his work and closed his laptop. He didn’t want to admit that he was as tired as the rest of them. He only wanted to get the flyer finished before tomorrow, so he would have time for other important matters.

Logan turned and walked over to where Roman was lying. “Are we going to carry him?” He motioned to the snoring log on the floor.

“Unless you want to let him sleep there for the whole night. But, I don’t want to deal with a grumpy Prince in the morning.”

“Point taken. I’ll hold his feet if you grab his arms.” With their combined strength, Virgil and Logan hoisted the sleeping Roman off the floor and carried him to his room. With much struggle the two were able to open the door and dump his body on top of his bed.

Thomas, seeing the two were busy escorting Roman, quickly whipped back open his laptop and continued working. It’s true he had no ideas, but with the other two aspects being awake he could at least get the skeleton of the flyer completely outlined.

Virgil and Logan both walked out of Roman’s room and closed the door behind them. Logan was about to bid Virgil goodnight when they noticed the light was still on in the living room.

Virgil rolled his eyes and just about stomped back to the living room, fed up with Thomas’s disobedience.

“Thomas! For the last time! Go. To. Freaking. Bed! Don’t make me into a replacement for Patton and drag you to your room because I will do it. You said you’d listen to me more!” Virgil almost sounded heartbroken at the last sentence.

Thomas’s head shot up. “I’m sorry! I just really want to finish this tonight.” He continued working, his mind in the zone, clicking and typing. The frustrated look on Virgil’s face could have intimidated Thomas into complying, had he been looking at him.

Logan had just about enough of this as well. He walked past Virgil up to Thomas and was about to steal the laptop from him when the latter held it away.

“Hey! I’m still working!” Thomas jumped up from his seat, closed the laptop, and held it high above his head attempting to keep it out of Logan’s hands.

The Logical trait used every last ounce of strength he had to continuously reach for it, only to keep missing with each grab. “Thomas. You are being ridiculous.”

“Swiper no swiping.” Thomas giggled waggling a finger in Logan’s face. Logic was extremely unamused. He could tell the human was tired by the amount of loopiness he was portraying. He then decided to use this said loopiness to his advantage by watching Thomas’s facial expressions and grabbing onto the laptop when he least expected it. It was now being suspended in the air by two pairs of hands.

“No Logan! Let go!”

“You know that I will not.” He frowned at Thomas, but then noticed Virgil creeping up from behind. Understanding what the darker aspect was up to, he continued to distract the human in front of him with a ‘gentle’ game of tug-a-war. All of them understood how expensive the item being fought over was, thus Logan knew agility was key.

Once Virgil had slinked his way right behind Thomas, Logan took his opportunity, extended his arms to the sky–in which Thomas had to do the same to keep his hold on the computer–and firmly grasped the sides of it with both hands.

Thomas tried to bring it down out of Logan’s hands, but the drowsiness he had been fighting off for so long was finally catching up to him, weakening the amount of strength he had left.

It was at this moment Virgil struck. All the darker aspect had to do was set his fingers inside of Thomas’s armpits and his arms involuntarily clamped down eliciting a couple loopy giggles from the human. At the same time, the pair of hands NOT firmly attached to the laptop slid off of it, leaving the electronic safely in Logan’s grasp.

The logical trait took a step back and a deep breath before calmly walking away to his own room. “I am putting this in a place where you will not be able to obtain it until I hand it to you tomorrow morning.”

Thomas was still giggling from the fingers resting in his armpits. “Nooooohohoho!!! I was sooooo close!!!” He tried to run after Logan but Virgil gave his fingers another wiggle, sending the human to his knees.

“The more you continue to move, the more I will tickle, so just stay still, relax and go to bed. Maybe then we can both keep what little sanity we have left.” Virgil grumpily replied.

Thomas was too busy giggling to reply, but he found the strength to get up on his feet, only to be sent back down to the ground, by the hands still trapped in his armpits.

“I swear if you try to fight me one more time, there will be no mercy.” Virgil almost found this situation amusing now. He had never gotten this intimate with any of the other sides, let alone Thomas. It almost felt good to be able to elicit laughter instead of the usual panic.

Yes he was still tired as crap, but Thomas came first, and he was going to make him go to sleep even if he had to tickle all the energy out of him.

Once more, the giggling Thomas tried to push himself off the floor back onto his feet.

“Welp. Your funeral.” Again Virgil’s fingers began to wiggle, only this time deliberately tickling with no intent of stopping. The sensations drove Thomas back down to the floor. Now, he had no chance of fighting the gravity of the situation or the tickler’s hands.

The darker aspect scratched and stroked at the soft hollows, while still keeping up his grumpy facade. He chose a different tactic and began to swirl his fingers clockwise looking for a different reaction.

“VIHIHIHIHRRRRRGGGGGEEEEE!!” Thomas managed to say his name through the heightened giggles pooling out of his mouth.

“What?” Virgil shrugged defensively. “You’re the one that asked for this not me. Geez, now I understand how you guys all feel when I keep you up at night. Heh. Karma am I right?” Due to the situation at hand, Virgil could feel a childish smirk growing on his features. He stopped to give Thomas a break before he knelt down to look at him square in the face.

“So. Are you going to bed now, or do we have to keep doing this all night? You of all people should know how stubborn I am. And lucky for you, I just got my second wind. Also, let me remind you of how weak and tired you are right now. You stand no chance whatsoever against me.” He let the smirk develop into an evil grin, to which Thomas just kept giggling.

“Ihihihih sthihihllll Waaahahahahnt my Laaahahahptop!!!”

“Not going to break eh? Well…I can fix that. I mean…” Virgil reached a hand squeezed Thomas’s side eliciting a squeak. “You should know how convincing I can be.” He reached out another hand and began squeezing both of Thomas’s sides up and down with varying intensities and speeds.

Thomas was now writhing on the ground with laughter bubbling out of his lungs, pleading for the darker trait to cease his attack.


Virgil glanced up to the ceiling and clicked his tongue as if to think. “Mmmm…nah.” He spidered his fingers up to Thomas’s ribs, teasing the little spaces in between.

Thomas snorted and his laughter dwindled down to small light giggles as he laid unable to fight back against the fingers grazing his ribcage. Virgil was now smiling as he continued his tickle assault. “Man. I kind of have to admit that I’m actually enjoying this, as odd as it seems.”

“Do you require some assistance?” Virgil’s head jolted up as he spotted the Logical aspect leaning against a wall with a neutral expression. Anxiety’s face flushed and hands stilled as he realized Logan just heard what he said. Regardless, he shook his embarrassment off and invited him over.

“Sure. Knock yourself out.”

“Waaait!! No! I can’t handle Both of you!!” Thomas was exasperated.

“That is the point Thomas.” Logan walked over expression unchanging. “You need to go to bed, but you refuse to. It is our job as your sides to tell you when to go to bed, and punish you if you disobey.”

Virgil swore he heard a bit of teasing in Logan’s voice, but pushed it aside as Logic sat on the human’s legs.

“Nohohohoho!! Please not my feet!!! I’ll go to bed I swear!”

Virgil frowned. “Well that’s a shame. I was just getting started.”

“And I just sat down, but after the trouble you put us through Thomas, I do not feel like moving.” Logan glanced towards Virgil. “Revenge?”

Virgil grinned. “Oh hell yes!”

“No no no no no no no!! I’m sorry guys! I promise I won’t do it again! Just let me go to bed!!!” Thomas had no hope of escaping his two captors as they dove into their kill. Logan had already pulled off Thomas’s socks and shoes and was now scuttling his fingers along his soles. The occasional wandering finger trailed up to gingerly stroke the ticklish skin in between and under his toes.

Virgil had rolled up Thomas’s shirt to expose his tummy and was now dancing his fingers on the sensitive skin. All of these sensations drove Thomas mad with laughter. He couldn’t even speak he was laughing so hard. But his breath failed him more when one of Virgil’s fingers found its way into Thomas’s belly button. Neither aspects could deny the grin on their faces at the state the human was in. But, Logan wanted to take it a step further.

“Virgil. Try his neck.”

“Oh? Heh. With pleasure.” The instant Virgil touched his neck was the instant Thomas squealed. His neck was so sensitive that every stroke felt like a thousand feather tips tickling all at once. With all ten of Virgil’s fingers wiggling against his most sensitive spot, thomas was a cackling, blushing mess.

“Aw…it can’t be that bad can it? Tickle tickle, Thomas.” Virgil teased having a genuine smile plastered on his face. He looked back to Logan who had stopped tickling Thomas’s feet to give the darker aspect an eyebrow raise.

“What? Stop looking at me like that.” The smile was instantly gone from Virgil’s face and replaced with a defensive look. Logan gave Virgil no comment and looked past him to Thomas’s face. The human was being tickled so much his laughter became silent and he was crying tears of joy.

“I believe he has had enough.”

“Yeah. I’d say so too.” Virgil and Logan both got off of him at the same time and went to observe their handiwork. Thomas was covered from head to toe in sweat. Not to mention he was still giggling and shaking from the tickling sensations still crawling all over his body. His chest was heaving as he looked up at his two sides, struggling to find the air for his next words to them.


Thomas’s eyelashes fluttered and batted begging for release from the conscious world. And just like Princey had done, he fell asleep. Right then. Right there.

Virgil smiled warmly at the human happy that he finally was able to rest. But also happy because he felt a stronger connection with the person whose life he was a part of. Of course he would never admit it to any of the other sides, but this last half an hour had made his existence all the more worthwhile.

“Ready to carry a second sleeping log?” Virgil turned his gaze to Logan with amusement sparkling in his eyes.

Logan surprisingly smirked back. “Yes. I believe so.” And with that they carried the sleeping Thomas to his room and dumped him on his bed, just like Roman.

Logan said his goodnight to Virgil and calmly left the room leaving the darker aspect alone with Thomas. Tonight had opened Virgil’s black heart just a little bit more. He felt the bond strengthen between him and this human. Satisfied at their current state of peace and mind, he carted a hand through Thomas’s fluffy hair, further relaxing the sleeping form.

“Goodnight Thomas.” He carefully pulled the covers over the body and tucked him in. At that moment, Virgil almost wanted to give him a goodnight kiss, but thought better of the action because he wasn’t Patton. He slinked to the door stealing a glance behind him, before shutting it completely after he was outside.

He turned to walk to his room, but found the Logical aspect, once again leaning on the wall, this time with a smirk on his face. Virgil’s smile instantly faded and was replaced by a defensive glare. “You say anything about this to anyone and you’ll be in a much worse state than Thomas was.”

Logan raised his eyebrow once again. “What makes you think I am ticklish?”

“Ugh!” Virgil just rolled his eyes. “Just go to bed so we can forget about tonight.”

But Logan was already gone, and his room door already shut much to the darker aspect’s relief. He too walked to his own living quarters shutting the door behind him. He didn’t even bother to take off his clothes before flopping into bed. Virgil just wanted to sleep and as he snuggled into his pillow, sleep is what he got.


celiaequus  asked:

Who do you feel are the creepiest characters in each of the novels? Can be any kind of creepy; creepy-scary, creepy-ew, creepy-douchebag. You can include adaptations as well, if you're so inclined. :)

I mean, it’s so easy to say the antagonists, because they’re so often written that way, but I’ve got a few of My Own Opinions (as usual.)

Pride and Prejudice: Denny. What’s his deal? Also Sanderson in the 1995 like he appears for five seconds and I want to drown him. Ew, militia.
Northanger Abbey: John Thorpe has no concept of appropriate boundaries. Sense and Sensibility
: Willoughby. (Dude she was fifteen.) Honourable mention to Robert Ferrars.
: Mr. Knightley. (Dude she was thirteen.)
Mansfield Park: Tom Bertram. I don’t trust guys with too much power and freedom. And 1999 Sir Thomas for the creepiest creep ever because you know what he did.
Persuasion: Captain Benwick, honestly. I hope he and Louisa are happy together but ehhh enough with the poetry, my guy. Mr. Elliot is a sneaky bastard but Benwick is so clearly just ready to Fall in Love with any girl who is remotely nice to him that I get way worse vibes off of him than anybody else. He’s that guy who’s gonna show up outside your window at 3 am blasting a mixtape of love songs he made for you after you said he could have the rest of your French fries that one time.

Anon:  hey!! can i request an imagine where the reader is adopted by thomas and dylan please? and fans are hating on her and they comfort her? thank you! xxxx

Pairing: None, mentions of Dylan O’Brien x Thomas Sangster

Word Count: 638

Warnings: Cyber bullying, self-hate

I sit on my bed, fighting back tears as I read the hateful comments on my screen. The words make me want to cry, or scream, and all I can do is keep scrolling through them, letting them whittle away my self-esteem to nothing. My eyes start to burn and become unfocused as I memorise each and every comment, the tiny letters burning into my brain.

The only reason Thomas and Dylan adopted her was because they felt sorry for her.
I think she gets uglier every time I see her. Get a life! #loser
If I were her parents, I would have given her up too lol
She really needs to go on a diet #fatty
Y/N is a total weirdo

The words blur as sobs rack my body, my hands shaking. Bile forces its way up my throat and I stagger into my ensuite, heaving. What is it about me that makes me so…repulsive? I stand up slowly and look at myself in the mirror, mentally making a checklist of all my negative features. No wonder everyone hates me. Tears track down my face rapidly, dripping down my nose and cheeks.

A knock on my closed bedroom door startles me, causing me to jump slightly. Dylan calls my name, and I quickly run a hand across my face, trying to bring my complexion back to normal, before opening the door.

‘Dinner’s almost re- are you okay, Y/N?’ he says, a concerned expression on his face. I nod and try to smile, but fail miserably. He rolls his eyes, seeing right through my facade, and pulls me into a bear hug, his strong arms almost crushing me.

'Tommy, get up here! Our baby’s upset!’ Dylan yells, his voice travelling down the stairs easily. Within seconds, I hear the *thump, thump, thump* of Thomas racing up.

'What’s wrong? Who did it?’ he says breathlessly. I laugh, despite myself, flattered by his protectiveness.

'It’s nothing’ I sigh. 'A few people posted some comments about me but-’
Thomas and Dyl glance at each other, a look of understanding passing between them.

'Haters’ they say simultaneously, their voices merging into one.

'Y/N, you can’t let what they say get to you. Tommy and I get messages like that every day. It’s hurtful, and it’s wrong, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it, as much as I would like to track down each and every one of those people who upset you and beat them up’ Dylan says.

'They’re bloody idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about and feel better about themselves by putting other people down. You have to remember that what they say isn’t true, it’s just designed to make you feel bad about yourself, and make them feel better. These people feel powerful behind their keyboards, and think they have the right to say whatever they want, but that just shows you how cowardly they are’ Thomas adds.

I sigh, doubts still creeping in the back of my mind. 'But…what if the things they’re saying is true?’ I ask, my voice breaking slightly on the words. The two of them pull me into a hug as soon as I finish speaking. My tears soak a patch of Tom’s shirt, but he doesn’t complain; if anything, he holds me tighter.

'Y/N, you listen to me. You are one of the kindest, smartest, friendliest, funniest people I have ever met in my entire life, and we are so, so happy to have adopted you. I don’t want them to ever make you believe that you’re less than you are, okay? Because you’re perfect to us’ Thomas whispers. My eyes water, this time from happiness. I have the best dads in the world.

'I love you guys’ I say.

'We love you too’ Dylan whispers.

{ serendipity }

prompt: “i wanted to request some thomas x angelica stuff. maybe how they get together and how the sisters and alex react.”

“Duchess,” Thomas drawled, creeping up behind Angelica as she sat up in bed. He snuck his arms around her waist, gently kissed her shoulder. “You keep moving.”

She knew this scene all too well. She’d found herself becoming far too familiar with the satin sheets of his bed, the mahogany bed frame, his lavish home. She’d found herself becoming too familiar with the way his hands reached for hers, how his kisses felt against her skin.

Over time, she’d grown to love it. She learned to love him

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Here are the tiny, tiny pictures on the Homework sleeve. I tried to fix them up a little bit but the scanner I’m using is just not very good. The first one is Guy-Man singing with Darlin’.

Some burning questions I have about these that will probably never be answered: Is that baby Thomas with the long curly hair? What even is that third picture? Is that Guy-Man playing guitar in the last one? (I think it is, though.)

Time for information

To those who say marble hornets and creeps are the same-dude, I don’t think so. Marble hornets is a web series that is based around the operator, who is not a creepypasta. He’s different from slender. Tim Wright and Brian Thomas are not creeps, and they don’t serve the operator. They’ve been given the names masky and hoodie, since they both have alter egos. Jay merrick, or Troy Wagner, started the series. Alex Kralie (Joseph whateverhislastnameis) is the antagonist, who started marble hornets as a film project, until the operator drove him insane and he ended it prematurely. If anyone wants to know everything about marble hornets, I’ll explain it all.

To those who acknowledge this information, but refuse to believe it-there’s Google for a reason honey.

To those who mix it in casually-cool for you, don’t go too overboard. I mix it in a bit because why not, but I keep the names Tim and Brian usually on here, because it’s canon. Also, there’s no reason not to.

To those who are informing other people, like the dude man from earlier-thank you for not being a douchebag about it, and being a helpful person here on Tumblr

To those who ARE douchebags about it-eat me