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Thomas was silent as he saw the mess of his home, tables over turned and lamps broken, shards of glass that had once held whiskey were littered across the floor glistened in the sunlight that streaked through the torn curtains.

His eerie stillness was broken when he violently kicked the wall and stormed out of the house and to the Garrison where he hopped to drink himself into a level headed practicality. Once his brothers had caught up with them they began to plan out what could have possibly happened to you.


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Anybody changed their mind overnight?“Minho asked,“Speak now or never.Once we go wherever we’re going,if some shank decides he’s a sissy pants and tries to turn back,I’ll make sure he does it with a broken nose and smashed privates.”

Thomas looked over at Newt,who had his head in his hands,and was groaning loudly.

“Newt,you got a problem?“Minho asked,his voice surprisingly stern.Thomas,shocked,waiting for Newt’s reaction.

The older boy seemed just as surprised,"Uh…no.Just admiring your bloody leadership skills.

—  The Scorch Trials, p70~p71
My favorite dialogue in the series

Three Little Boxes

This month I’ll be answering the age-old archives question,how much can you really find out from three little boxes?  Each Saturday and Tuesday we’ll be exploringthe Sterns Family Papers in honor of April being the sesquicentennial of the last battles of the Civil War.  Thomas Rescum Sterns served as a corporal in company F, Regiment 29, of the Wisconsin Volunteers.  During his time in the war, he kept a regular correspondence with his wife, Lavinia.   

This is a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day (I’m sure they really were happy, but smiling in photographs wasn’t really a thing in the 1800′s).  

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MsC 405

Sterns Family Papers, University of Iowa Special Collections and Archives, Iowa City, Iowa.