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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 4

In this episode, Y/N finally finds out what’s on top of her desk! How does she react? Does she cry? Or does she just accept what is happening! Stay tuned!

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You looked at the two small men on the desk, widening your eyes. There was one in a purple suit, leaning on a small cane. His hair was wild, pointing in in many directions. The other was coughing, holding a handkerchief to his mouth. You sighed, placing your hand on your head.

“More of you?” You mumbled, looking at them. The man with the cane frowned, pointing it at you.

“No need for that tone, miss.” He grumbled. You sat at your desk, looking at them.

“Sorry, I’m just dealing with these four, and now two more of you show up.” The other laughed, placing his cloth in his pocket.

“Please, do not compare us to those simple minds.”

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Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

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anonymous asked:

What about a hc single parent phan! Either one of them, and they're kid runs into the other out in public and wants something?

* Dan went out to see a movie by himself. Yes, by himself. He was a loner with no friends, but he had to leave the house sometimes, so here he is now, standing in the arcade of the theater, waiting for the lines to go down so he can buy some popcorn.

* He lazily presses the button on the claw machine repeatedly, watching the lights inside change colors, when a small voice says, “Excuse me, Sir, but can I play this one?”

* “Oh yeah, sure,” Dan says, stepping away so the boy with bright, ginger hair could play it and hopefully win a stuffy.

* The boy inserted his bill, and the game played a different tune and the colors changed. His tongue poked out between his lips in concentration, eyeing the blue dragon near the back. When he was sure he had it, he pressed the button and watched the claw drop, scooping up the dragon and carrying it to the prize box. “Oh my gosh!” he squealed. “I’m gonna win!”

* Dan was surprised to see the boy actually win something, considering half these machines were rigged to just take money. The machine proved him right when the blue dragon was released from the claw, but a little too soon. The tag on the dragon’s ear got caught on the side, and it dangled just above the bottom of the prize box.

* “No!” the boy wailed, his lower lip quivering. “That’s not fair! Daddy said I only get one chance to play it!”

* Dan felt bad for the boy, digging around in his wallet for an extra bill, but came up short. He used his card for everything. He rarely had cash on him. But when the boy started to cry softly, Dan couldn’t help but offer him something. “I can try to get it out for you.”

* “Please! I was gonna give it to my daddy since he took me to the movies to reward me, but now it’s stuck and not fair.” He crossed his arms and pouted, looking quite cute. Dan was just glad he didn’t start throwing a tantrum like most of the kids he came across.

* Dan got down on the floor and pushed open the small door on the bottom, sticking his hand up it. “I have long arms, so this should work.” He pressed his body closer to the machine, his fingertips grazing the plush toy. “All most … Have it,” he grunted, knocking the dragon down and going to pull out his arm when all he did was be met with a wave of pain in his shoulder, and he couldn’t get his arm out. “Uh oh.”

* Are you okay?“ the boy asked, looking at Dan with a weird expression.

* “Um, maybe not,” Dan admitted truthfully. Great. He had his arm stuck in some toy machine with a few hundred people standing on just the other side of the wall. He hoped to God that not too many people would see him, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to get unstuck.

* “Do I need to get my daddy?” he asked Dan, turning his head to one side.

* “Please don’t.” How was he going to explain this to some boy’s father? oh, I was just trying to help your son get this toy out when I did something stupid and got my arm stuck. That was too embarrassing.

* “Thomas?” a man asked, rounding the corner and stopping short when he saw the little boy standing not too far from a man who had his arm stuck up the claw machine. “Um, aren’t you a little old to be trying to snag toys from the claw machine?” He stepped a little closer to Thomas, pushing the boy behind him.

* “Yeah, but-”

* “Daddy, it was me! He was going to help me get the toy that the machine didn’t give me but it was supposed to.” He clung onto the man’s leg, looking at him with big, blue eyes. “It’s my fault, daddy.”

* Dan looked at the boy’s father, finding him to be rather attractive. He had dark, black hair, which didn’t match his son’s at all, but he did have the same blue eyes as him. “No, no, I did this to try and help him. He didn’t ask me to do it.”

* The man looked down at his boy, waiting for confirmation. “That’s the truth, Daddy.” The man nodded, looking back at Dan. “Do you want me to go get one of the workers?”

* “Please don’t!” Dan said, panicked. “This is embarrassing.”

* The man smiled, laughing lightly. “Then what do you want me to do?”

* “Quit laughing, it’s not funny.” Now it was Dan’s turn to pout.

* “I can try to get you out, if you want,” the man offered, crouching down and inspecting the scene. “It might hurt a little.”

* “I don’t care, please just hurry before more people see.” Dan did care, actually. A lot. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent.

* The man gripped Dan’s upper arm, getting quite close to his face. “Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?” Dan’s face heated up, and the man chuckled softly. “Alright, just try to pull when I say go, yeah?” When Dan nodded, the man said, “One, two, go!” He pulled on Dan’s arm, which caused Dan to cry out in pain, but when the side of his body collided with the floor, he let out a sigh of relief.

* “Yay!” Thomas squealed, reaching in the prize box for his blue dragon. “You got it! Thank you!” He hugged it to his chest, smiling widely.

* The man huffed, rolling his eyes but smiling at his son. “Are you good?”

* Dan was rubbing his shoulder and rotating it, making sure it all still worked. “I’m fine, thank you.”

* “It was really nice of you, you know,” he said, looking at Thomas. “But also very stupid. People have had to call the fire department in order to get others unstuck from those.”

* Dan blushed sheepishly. “Guess I got lucky. I’m sorry, you’re probably missing your movie because of me.”

* The man shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thomas has the attention span of a fish. He won’t even remember the movie by bath time.”

* Dan laughed, unsure of what to say. He was going to make it awkward, he just knew it. So instead of lingering in silence, he said, “My name is Dan.”

* The man smiled, holding out his hand for Dan to take. “I’m Phil, and I would actually like to know if maybe you would be interested in joining us for this movie. For being nice to Thomas and all.”

* “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You helped me.”

* “You helped my boy. And now I’m showing thanks. Besides, we can consider this … a predate. I think I’d like to see more of you, Dan.”

* Dan couldn’t believe it. A predate? With a guy he just met? Who also happened to be extremely attractive and now single? This really was his lucky day. All because of some stupid, blue dragon. “I think I’d like that, too.”

* Phil helped him off the ground, and waited in line with Dan again so he could buy a ticket for the same movie. They ended up sharing a popcorn, and by the end of the movie, Thomas was asleep. “I told you,” Phil murmured into Dan’s ear. “But maybe next time this could happen at my place?”

* Dan took that as an invitation and nodded with a smile. Yeah, maybe he wouldn’t stick his arm up another claw machine again, but if this was the result of it, he just might have to rethink doing stupid things. That is, only if it were to get the attention of Phil.

Protect You (part 2) (TJeffs x Reader)

Summary: coffee dates

Warnings: Really bad attempt at fluff and writing

It was a week before you texted him. Mostly because you didn’t know what to say. ‘Hey come get your jacket’ would have been sufficient, but you didn’t want it to be the last time you saw him. You also really just wanted to keep his jacket. It smelt nice, and was always warm. The only reason you messaged him to come get it was because of Alex. He threatened to burn it if you kept it any longer. You laughed and rolled your eyes. You complied to his wishes though knowing he really didn’t like it.

‘Hey do you wanna come get your jacket? I’m going to that place on third for coffee if you wanna join me.’ You sent him and waited for a reply. You probably should have put your name, but who else had a jacket of his.

‘I would love too, it’s starting to get a bit chilly.’ You smiled down at his text and shook your head.

‘I’ll be there in ten minutes.’ You sent back and started to get ready. You grabbed his jacket and your keys and walked out of your shared apartment. Eliza was a great roommate but more often than not Alex was over here to hang out with her and she did not need that in her life. Her brother getting it on with her best friend was one of the most disgusting things. She loved them both though and were glad they were happy.

The coffee shop was far away enough to take the subway, but it wasn’t a completely awful walk either. You opted in walking, hoping that Thomas would get there before you and you could see his cute stumbling. Your mind went to the first time you meet. He’d been nervous and bumbling, Angelica had said he liked you. You thought it was preposterous he didn’t even know you.

Your mind wandered to the second time you saw each other. At the Debate club meeting, more entertaining that your thought it would be. He had looked at your brother so arrogantly. You wondered how they were the same man. How could a nervous wreck become so arrogant. He was also your knight in shining armor too, proof being the jacket you had wrapped around you.

You decided Thomas was a complicated man.

When you reached the coffee shop you looked through the big glass window, and saw him sitting with his coffee already. He looked up and you caught his eye and you smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back, you walked into the shop and he stood up quickly to meet you. His cup almost spilled from the sudden movement and his chair screeched across the floor.

“Hey.” He said and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hey, have you been waiting long? I had to walk.” You asked and he shook his head. You smiled as his fluffy hair bounced with the motion.

“I’ve been here just long enough to get coffee. Do you want any, I can get it for you.” He and I offered eagerly,, you shrugged.

“That would be nice.” You said and laughed a little at his eagerness to help you. He let out a relieved smile, as if you wouldn’t want him to get you coffee. You moved to wait in line together, Thomas seemed to want ask you a question. He kept looking at you and every now and then, he would stop fidgeting and then go right back. You decided you’d make the first move.

“So where are you from Thomas?” You asked as you moved up a place in line.

“Virginia, what about you?” He asked and now all of his attention was on and you.

“Middle of the ocean.” Not far from the truth, but you didn’t want to think about Nevis, didn’t to remember the long nights waiting for James Jr. to get home and bring food, if he could get any.

“So you and Hamilton are related?” He asked and you nodded. “How?”

“Well we’re actually half-siblings, I took his name when we were adopted. We didn’t know who my dad was and it didn’t really matter in Nevis, because we were too poor to go to any schools around us. So when we got adopted we just assumed it would be okay.” You said and shrugged. Thomas seemed shocked by the little story of your childhood.

“Are you older or younger?” He asked and you smiled down at your hands.

“Younger, by two years.” He looked at you and then grumbled something. “What?” You asked.

“I said it’s going to be a lot harder to date you now, being Hamilton’s little sister.” He said and you laughed.

“Well good thing for you, Alex doesn’t control my love life. I can do what I want.” You said and he smiled down at you. You were the next in line, “What about you, got any siblings?” You asked him.

“Nope just me.” He said and you rose a brow.

“That sucks, having siblings is the best.” You said and then stepped up to put in your order. Thomas knitted his eyebrows together. He couldn’t tell if you were joking or not. You drummed your fingers on the counter as you waited. The conversation had gone quiet, it was tense. You started to hum a song your mother use to sing to both you and Alex. When you sang it quietly out loud, Thomas realized you were singing in French.

“Tu parle français?” He asked and you looked up at him.

“Oui.” You told him and smiled. Your coffee was set in front of you and you grabbed it. You reached for your wallet, but Thomas had already paid by the time you looked up.

“Where did you learn to speak French?” He asked excitedly as you both sat down at a table close to the window.

“Alex taught me, he taught me everything in that little library in Nevis.” You told him and he looked surprised.

“So you’re just as smart as him.” Thomas stated.

“No smarter, I acquired the street smarts and Alex did not.” You sad after you took a sip of your coffee. Thomas laughed and so did you.

“So how well are these street smarts developed?” He asked take a sip of his own coffee. You smirked and shrugged leaning in. You put a hand on his and looked him in the eyes.

“I don’t know you tell me.” You said and then sat back. He looked stunned and cleared his throat.

“Uh well-”

“I mean I haven’t had to pick pocket in ages, but I still got it.” You said and held up his wallet and he looked surprised he felt his pocket and you handed him back his wallet.

“You are something else you know that?” He said and you nodded.

“I’ve been told.” You said and he shook his head smiling at you. You both sat in silence for a minute. It gave you time to think, you’d given him the best of your crappy childhood and he hadn’t run away yet. That was good, you showed him your past crimes and he didn’t think you were disgusting, so even better.

“So the other day when I brought you my jacket you said you were waiting on rehearsals to start.” He said and you nodded. “What are you guys doing?” He asked and your eyes lit up and you got the biggest grin.

“It’s the best musical ever, its called Heathers: The Musical. It’s based off this movie from the early nineties. It’s so good, I was so happy when I got my part, Veronica Sawyer the lead, I cried. I was so excited.” You said and he seemed to mealy at your excitement. “You should come see it, I could probably get another ticket.” You said and he sat straight up.

“That would be wonderful I’d love to go.” He said and your smile wondered.

“Perfect,” you looked at your watch and cursed. “Hey I gotta go, but I’ll call you.” You said and got up rushing out. Thomas sat in his seat for a while feeling high off the energy you’d brought into his dull morning. He then remembered why you both even came here. And smiled when he realized you still had his coat. He was fine with it. You looked way better in it anyways.

A LHM Mother's Day

Summary: A special Mother’s Day gift from the boys!

You heard a knock on your door. You sighed, putting your pen on the side of your ear and walks towards the door. You had a huge assignment due for your history class, and it required your undivided attention. You told the boys that you didn’t want to be disturbed, and yet, here they were.

Disturbing you.

You opened the door, a frown on your lips.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” They yelled, holding out a bouquet of flowers to you. You raised your eyebrows, shocked at the exclamation.

“Uh…” You started, taking the flowers out of Herc’s hand, “I don’t understand…”

“Since you are a mom, we thought we’d do something special for you. Thomas stol-,” Thomas nudged him, glaring, “bought, these flowers from the strange store, it was a really peculiar name…” James said, thinking to himself.

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“ I want to share every single one of your sunshines and save them for later. I will tuck them into my pockets so I can give them back to you when the rain falls hard. I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe. When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. ”

I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. Namely, that there’s this idea that appears every so often, and that’s if Thomas ever knew what James became or what he’s done, that he would reject James or simply not love him anymore or that things would never work between them again. And I just for the life of me can’t understand where this idea comes from because I can’t see any canon backing for it and from everything shown with Thomas, it seems to go completely against what we were shown. And I’m not trying to stomp on anyone’s opinion; it’s just that Thomas is my favorite character for a myriad of reasons, so I am very passionate about this.

I have three motivations for talking about this:
1) Fanfic writing reasons;
2) This post, which has been in my likes forever and which I’ve always meant to answer
3) And this idea has been around awhile and still crops up every so often, and I’m here to make a rebuttal

But it comes down to this: you are never going to convince me that Thomas, who has shown himself numerous times to be an extremely loving and forgiving person, who was willing to fight for imperfect strangers at great personal cost, who watched an execution of someone who was deemed guilty and came to the conclusion that he was going to help these people, that were already known to be violent and dangerous, and whom he cared about despite their actions- you are never going to convince me this Thomas would not still love James all the same or not understand him.

Rambling under the cut.

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Pickup Lines

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Setting: Modern AU

Word Count: 455

Warnings: There’s like one swear word but that’s it

A/N: This is my first reader insert omg??? Finally!! Originally this was going to be Phillip x reader but I changed it to Thomas! I hope you like it! ;u;

“Thomas, this is never going to work.”

Currently, Thomas Jefferson and his close friend James Madison were at their usually spot Burr’s Coffee. It was their hangout they tended to go to every Friday. But this wasn’t just any ordinary Friday.

“Of course it’s going to work, Madison. I’ve done all my research and I’ve chosen the pickup lines I felt were the best. Plus, who can resist these charming good looks?” Thomas bragged with a smirk on his face. James sighed, knowing this was not going to end well. Thomas Jefferson didn’t necessarily have a good reputation. He is known as Hamilton High School’s local player. So he is definitely known for not staying in a relationship for long. He views it as a pass-time until he gets bored with one and goes for another.

“Every girl so far has either ignored you, slapped you, and even flipped you the middle finger and walked off. I doubt that the next girl you attempt to woo will be any different,” James told his friend. Thomas turned to Madison.

“All right then, Madison. Let’s make a deal. I bet that I can woo whatever girl walks by us first. If I win, then you have to buy me a coffee. If I lose, I’ll buy you a coffee. Deal?”

James stroked his chin acting as if he was in thought. Thomas groaned at his playfulness.


It didn’t take long for a you to walk by them and for Thomas to take the opportunity to woo this girl.

“Watch and learn,” Jefferson whispered in James’ ear before strutting up to his latest victim. You had your back turned so Thomas could not get a good look at your face. He lightly tapped you on shoulder and you turned around. Then he laid it on you.

“Hey there. I had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So would you smile for me?” he said, using his most charming smile. Now Thomas was really expecting some sort of disgusted remark or even a slap to the face. Mostly because the girls who came to the coffee shop knew who this player was. However, what he wasn’t expecting was to see you with a light blush dusted across your cheeks.

Thomas stopped in his tracks and got a good look at you. Now that he really saw you, you was really cute, especially with that flushed expression.

“W-wait, did that actually work?,” he asked, somewhat stumbling over his words. Thomas didn’t understand why.

You slowly nodded, looking anywhere but the handsome man in front of you. It was Thomas’ turn for his face to start feeling warm.


Mess [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 1989+ words

Genre: Fluff

TW: Swearing

A/N: MISCOMMUNICATIONS GALORE. I kind of went overboard on this one- I swear it wasn’t suppose to be this long, but it just naturally came out! I think this is one of my fave that I’ve written- it’s diabetes-inducing (kinda). Does anyone imagine Daveed x2 reading this (huhuhuhu what I would do to have two Daveed in the world). 

You sighed, looking around the coffee shop entrance for your boyfriend, Gilbert. For a brief second you looked down at your phone for the time, and from the corner of your eye you saw dark, curly hair, and your head snapped up. With a huge smile you automatically called, “Gilbert!" The man turned around and your face dropped. It was Thomas Jefferson, a close friend of your boyfriend and you, but he was not Gilbert. You always knew that they looked alike, but the resemblance at that moment was uncanny.   

"Hey Y/N!” Thomas greeted. “Waiting for Gilbert?" 

You nodded with a sulk. "We were suppose to meet an hour ago." 

He raised his eyebrow before his expression changed to sudden realization. "Wait a second, isn’t it your birthday today?" 

"It is,” you replied. You had texted Gilbert last night about meeting up this morning since he hadn’t told you of any plans he might’ve prepared for your birthday, and he replied with a simple “okay”, and you haven’t heard from him since.   

“Wow,” he muttered, sitting across from you. “Well, happy birthday, Y/N! I know I’m no Lafayette, but-" 

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Game of Chess(P.8)

Title: Game of Chess(P.8)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(But seriously, many, like…the reader is so bad xD)(Dylan O’Brien mainly in the end)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing, murder, drug mentions, dark themes.
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

“I just feel like we should be able to come to some sort of common ground here.” Dylan said half way through the meeting. The tension had certainly gotten dangerous, both sides of the table seemed to be on edge. I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I made sure to keep my notes going for Dylan, my eyes focusing on Robbie for a moment. 

He chuckled, leaning back in his seat. “Common ground? There’s no way we can have common ground when we’re both so obviously after the same goals.” Robbie moved forward, folding his hands over the table, smirk plastered on his face. “The only common ground I see is that one of us will have to go under in order for the other to stay in business.” 

Dylan’s fist clenched under the table, without thinking about it, I reached over, taking his hand in mine without anyone else seeing. I squeezed his hand, watching as his eyes flicked away from Robbie and connected with mine. I didn’t smile, but I hoped my eyes told him to keep calm. 

He smiled softly before turning back to Robbie. “Very well. If that’s how you feel about it, Mr. Kay…I suppose this meeting is over.” 

Robbie’s brow was furrowed, his eyes on me as he had watched the silent exchange between us. Clearing his throat, he turned his attention to Dylan, grinning softly. “I suppose it is.”

He stood up with Parker and I released Dylan’s hand so he could stand as well. Thomas caught my gaze as I took a step back, his eyes telling me he expected to talk to me. I frowned, but nodded. 

Dylan didn’t shake Robbie’s hand this time, he only gestured to the door, an angry smile on his face as he watched the other businessman walk past me, eyes casting over my body. “I’m sure it wasn’t the meeting you were expecting, Mr. O’Brien, but I have to say…it was quite lovely to meet this exquisite assistant of yours.” He chuckled, taking my hand and kissing the top of it. 

I watched as Dylan’s mouth twitched in annoyance, his eyes on Robbie’s lips as they connected with my skin before he stepped forward, placing a hand on the same wrist that Robbie held. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again, Mr. Kay.”

“Oh, I’m sure we will.” Robbie grinned, letting me go as he cast a dark look at Thomas before heading out of the room.

It was quiet between the three of us for awhile before Dylan finally spoke up. “Fuck. Did anyone else have any idea what a fucking prick that guy was?”

I couldn’t help the small laugh that slipped past my lips. I had expected a bit of anger, but Dylan’s outburst was a bit more humorous then I had thought it would be. His brow lofted as he looked at me, but he smiled a bit. 

“Actually, I had a feeling he would be.” Thomas said, speaking up for probably the first time since the meeting had begun. “I’ve been doing some research on him and his company.” He handed a good portion of papers to Dylan and I gave the blonde a weary look, which he ignored.

Dylan eyed the papers before taking them, looking a few of them over slowly. “What’s this about?”

“I think that entire corporation is built off illegal activity. If we can figure it all out, we might be able to take them down before they take us down, but…we’d have to play about as dirty as he’s playing.” Thomas explained, tapping a paper with a list of names. “Starting with his own employees. Maybe one of them might be willing to talk.”

Dylan smirked. “That’s my boy, Tommy. You’re way ahead of us. Still, the thought of it being built off illegal actions.” He frowned. “That ruins my plans of sending in a spy. I was going to send Y/N in as his assistant if possible. He seemed to like her.” 

I frowned. “I resent using me as a piece of meat.” 

Both of them laughed a bit, grinning over at me. “And that’s exactly why I changed my mind, sweetheart.” Dylan smirked, winking a bit. “Besides, if we tear this place down based off of these allegations, anyone caught working for him is probably going to go down with him. I’d prefer not to have you in the middle of the fire.”

I smiled a bit, though I could feel my stomach turn as I thought about what might happen if they did find out what Pan Banking was built on. What might happen to me if they found out.

“I’m going to go talk to a few of our receptionists, see if they can make some enticing phone calls to these employees.” I said, sliding the paper from Dylan’s finger tips. 

“I appreciate it.” He smiled, his gaze holding mine a bit longer then either of us planned. After a moment he looked away, a small bit of heat on his cheeks. I turned to look at Thomas, mouthing the word ‘office’ before sliding out of the room and making my way over to the elevators. 

The doors closed behind me as I slid my phone out. I had one message and I knew it was from Robbie. With a frown, I flipped the unlock button on my screen and opened the message. 

Be home tonight directly after work. We have to discuss a few things about today’s meeting.

I swallowed a bit, making sure I could find some sort of excuse to not go home until later…at all. I walked the rest of the way to Thomas’ office and sat down on the edge of his desk, my gaze set on the floor. 

“Robbie! Robbie stop!” I screamed as he held onto my wrist, pulling me through the doors of his home. I finally ripped my hand from his grip, shoving him back a bit. “What happened?!” 

Robbie growled, spinning around to face me, his face still coated in blood, eyes seemingly on fire with anger. His gaze settled on me. He took in the fear, worry and concern in my eyes. The love I had for him, enough to follow him even after seeing the dead body in the snow. His eyes softened as he pulled me into his chest. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry I wrapped you into this.” He said quietly, smoothing his hands through my hair. “I never meant for it to come to something like this. We’ll figure it out, I promise.” 

I shuddered, my eyes full of tears before I looked up at him. “What happened? Please tell me what happened.”

He swallowed. “I choked. I was supposed to get him to talk, supposed to get him to hand over the money for the drugs and…he pulled a gun. I pulled mine, but I choked.” Robbie’s arms tightened around me, his face buried in my hair. “I couldn’t pull the trigger, he was about too shoot me.” 

My eyes widened when I realized what he was getting at, I looked up at him quickly, fingers tightening on the cloth of his shirt. “Robbie…”

“Thomas shot him.” He said quietly, his gaze staring directly behind me. “He pulled the trigger before I did…I shot him once more so he went down…”

“Excuse me?” A new voice pulled me from my thoughts as I lifted my eyes up to see who it was. “I was looking for Thomas…Who are you?”

My eyes scanned over the girl. She was beautiful, stunning. I frowned a bit though. I had never seen her here before, did she work here? I tilted my head, moving off of the desk. “I’m sorry, I’m Y/N.” I said, offering my hand, when she didn’t take it, I pulled it back, brow furrowing. “I work here, I was just waiting to discuss a meeting with him. Who are you?”

She lofted a brow, as if me not knowing who she was was some sort of criminal offense. I already didn’t like her. “My name is Phoenix. I’m Thomas’ fiance.”


I had to hold myself back from the string of cuss words and questions that wanted to stream from my mouth, instead, I smiled. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Phoenix.” 

I stepped away from the desk and ushered to the couch in the room. “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll see if Thomas is still in his meeting with Mr. O’Brien. I’ll send him right in.”

I had to get out of there, I had to get away from this and the memories…and from Robbie. And the only thing that popped into my mind to escape it all….was Dylan.

“Thank you.” She said firmly, sitting carefully on the edge of the couch, crossing one long, well dressed leg over the other. 

I nodded swiftly and slipped out of the office, I made my way to the elevators, pushing the button a hundred times before it finally opened. When it did, I rushed in without looking. “Y/N?” 

I spun around, my eyes landing on Thomas before they narrowed. “Hey, I thought you were going to meet me in my office.”

I scoffed, which made him look at me a bit offended and surprised. “Yeah, well I was.” My tone was harsh as I pressed at the hold door button, hoping he’d get the hint and leave “Of course, that’s what I was doing…until your fiance showed up.”

His eyes widened when he figured out why I was so mad. He frowned. “Y/N, please let me explain.”

“Fuck you, Tommy.” I spit, ushering him out of the door. “I don’t need any explanation. Besides, I shouldn’t care.” 

His gaze fell on mine and he seemed a bit on edge. “What? Why?”

I hit the button to my floor. “Because you were just a good fuck, Thomas. Like you’ve always been.”

I tried to ignore the pang of guilt I felt by the hurt expression on his face before the door closed. 

While the elevator made its way up to the final floor, I made sure to regain my composure. My mind kept trying to move back to his fiance, the memories between him and Thomas, but I kept pushing them back to Dylan. 

The doors opened and I rushed through them, setting the list of employees on my desk before pushing Dylan’s office door open, shutting it quickly behind me. He was sitting at his desk, but he looked up when I came in, brow furrowing a bit. 

“Y/N…What’s going on?” He asked, standing up to come around his desk. 

“I know what I said last night.” I started, tucking my hair behind my ear as he watched me, looking me over curiously. “I know we agreed that things needed to be professional. Maybe this is stupid, but–”

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence before Dylan took a few strides through the room to face me, his hands cupping my waist as he pressed me into the wall, his lips pressing roughly against my own. 

My response to him was fervent, lips and teeth clashing together with amazing intensity. His hands gripped at my waist, holding me against him as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with mine. First the slid up his chest, across his neck, his cheeks, burying into his hair. 

Dylan broke away from my mouth to leave quivering kisses across my neck, migrating down to the valley of my chest. I took in a shaky breath, voice whimpering. My leg lifted, wrapping around his waist so I could pull him into me, hips crushing together.

This time he groaned, sliding his hands up from my waist so he could bring up my dress. It took less then a minute for us to break away from each other in order for him to discard the fabric from my body, tossing it quickly behind him.

My hands removed themselves from his hair, resting on the edge of his belt before I moved them upwards. He got the hint immediately and used a single hand to remove his shirt.

Dylan shot his hands down to grip my ass, tugging me up by the plump flesh so I could wrap my legs tightly around his waist. His teeth nipped and tugged at my lower lip before he stopped his movements, tongue running over my own. 

“Why the sudden change of mind?” He asked softly, eyes casting down to look at my chest before scanning back up to my gaze. 

It took me a moment to catch my breath. “I’ve never felt a pull like this towards someone…I don’t want to waste the feeling anymore. I’ve gone through my life for too long pushing feelings away and losing moments I never should have lost.” 

His eyes bore into mine for a moment longer. “You’re a tantalizing temptation, Y/N.” Dylan grinned. “Every professional voice in my mind is telling me to send you away…”

I froze, worried he was going to set me down and send me away, but he leaned down and placed his lips against my collarbone. The businessman trailed the sensation down to the space between my breasts and back up before he glanced down at my shoulder, eyes narrowing. “Y/N…”

His voice was full of worry and anger. My eyes had been closed from the pleasure of the moment, but they snapped open to see what he was gazing at. I swallowed, his eyes staring directly at the large bruise on my shoulder from Peter’s bite. 

“What is this from?” There was a dreary look in his eyes when he finally pulled them away from the injury to look into mine. 

“It’s nothing…I just…I knocked it on the edge of my counter last night when I was stumbling back to bed.” I wasn’t sure how great of a liar I was in a moment like this, but I prayed that it was as good as any other time I did it. 

He frowned. “Y/N…That’s a bite mark.” His hands slid down my thighs so he could help me to my feet. His fingers trailed over the swollen and discolored flesh. “Wait…Did Thomas–”

“No.” I said quickly, eyes wide. “No, of course not.” 

He nodded, realization showing in his eyes. “So someone else…”

“Dylan, it’s not–”

“No, it’s fine.” He leaned down, swiping my dress off the floor to hand it too me. “I’m sorry, Y/N…Maybe it is best that we keep this professional…”

I swallowed, trying desperately not to show any signs that I wanted to cry, instead, I nodded, sliding my dress on quickly. “You’re right…I-I’m sorry I came in here.” 

Before he could respond, I tugged the door handle down and slipped out of the room, shutting it behind me. 

My hand lifted to wipe at my tears as I walked to my desk, falling into the chair with a shaky sob. “Hey…” 

My eyes lifted, hand coming up to wipe at the tears. “The doors open if you need to talk to him.” I said, turning my attention to the screen. 

Thomas frowned. “Y/N…You don’t understand.”

“I don’t want too.” I pulled up one of my online schooling assignments and started trying to read the study unit. “If you’re not here to see Mr. O’Brien then could you please leave? I have stuff to get done.”

The blonde sighed and reached across the desk to place a hand on my chin, turning my face to look at him. “What I did was stupid…and I shouldn’t have done anything with you…I should have told you about Phoenix…You don’t realize the effect you have on me, Y/N…The effect you’ve always had on me.” He kept his finger on my chin. “I realize that I let the past we had direct my feelings and actions…So this is me telling you, I’m sorry….and I won’t bother you anymore…okay?”

This time I frowned before nodding. “Okay.” Was all I said before pushing his hand away from me. “Can you go, please?”

He nodded. “You said he was in there?”


Without another word, Thomas gave me one last apologetic glance before walking into Dylan’s office.

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Is there a PowerPoint on James Madison The Savage™? If not, can you make one? (I'm referring to whenever he's been a Dick like when he was like 'get me when Jefferson's useful, I think this death will do him good' kinda things)

If y’all don’t think James Madison was actually cold as shit you’ve got another thing coming: Honestly he was a bitch.

  • Wrote an entire poem about how he hoped the Gods would beat the shit out of (and piss on) this dude he hated in college.
  • Someone asked him about his ex-girlfriend once and he basically said “who???” (When he damn well knew who Kitty Floyd was he was just v salty that she dumped him)
  • Started a newspaper with Thomas Jefferson to basically tell the world “George Washington can go suck a doorknob and guess what?? He sucks doorknobs frequently in his spare time.”
  • Honestly the number of times he talked shit was unreal. Fuck that guy.

  • Told Edmund Randolph he was glad Jefferson’s wife had died cause he would get back into politics and to basically tell Madison was Jefferson was ready to stop being sad about his wife.
  • Regular denied him a whole bunch of shit.
  • Like thomas was like “visit me in France.” “move in with me.” “Come out of retirement.” “Put me in your Cabinet!!”
  • And James was “i don’t know I suddenly can’t read.”

Part 1

W.I.C.K.E.D. took the boys to another room to sleep, but Newt couldn’t stay still enough to sleep. Despite what he told you, doubts crept into his mind. At least at the Glade, they knew what they were doing.

Thomas tried to calm him down. He was until they found Aris in a room with your and Teresa’s name on it. Y/L/N. That’s what the door said. Y/N Y/L/N. Aris had no idea who Teresa or you were, saying that the room was empty when he got there.

The news made Newt and Thomas want to leave immediately to try to find you, yet Minho made them wait so that they could plan.

The next day, Newt found himself being shaken awake by Minho and Thomas. “Newt!” He shouted.

He groggily opened his eyes to see sand. Shooting up from the ground, he saw that they were on a beach near a jungle. “Where are we?” Newt asked.

Thomas answered, “I don’t know. We just woke up.”

“It’s some sort of island,” Minho noted, “W.I.C.K.E.D. must have sent us here.”

“Why only us?” The boys looked at him gravely. Ignoring the silence, Newt suggested, “Reckon there’s anyone here?”

Peter sensed the new people on Neverland the second they got to the island. Checking on you before he left, he flew to a tree by the tree. The dark haired ones woke up before the other. Peter almost smiled at their bewildered expressions. It wasn’t until he heard the other’s name that he felt uneasy. “Newt!”

You had only been on the island for a couple days, but Peter and his Lost Boys felt attached to you. Felix had already started teasing him about his growing feelings.

The blond one woke up with a start. They talked for a while before heading to the jungle.

Knowing that these boys might take you back, Peter glared at them and flew back to camp. He saw you awake finally by the fire pit with some of the boys. “Hello, Y/N,” he greeted you, “Slept well?”

“Yes,” you answered pleasantly, “Did you?”

Peter nodded quickly, wanting to get you away from camp for a bit. “Have I shown you Mermaid Lagoon? It’s really pretty this time a day.” His eyes lit up with hopefulness.

“Sounds delightful.” You smiled.

The Lost Boys were out scouting, unsure if the island had changed in any way, so the camp was relatively quiet. Some voices could be heard in the distance. “What are those?” You asked, “It sounds like voices.” Your eyebrows furrowed together with recognition.

“Neverland does that,” he hastily explained, “Always pulling voices from your mind and projecting it into the island.”

You seemed to believe him until you heard the voices again. Stopping in your tracks, you muttered, “I swear that those are-”

“Bloody hell, Tommy, it’s like its own Maze.” Even if he wasn’t close, you recognized the voice anywhere. Your eyes widened and, ignoring Peter, you ran to the voices.

Branches scrapped your arm, but you didn’t care. It wasn’t until you actually saw the blond hair you stopped. Minho and Thomas looked at you with shock. Newt was turned around, but he noticed the awestruck expression and immediately turned around. “Y/N?” He asked, unsure if you were real.

You nodded, smiling widely. Tears were starting to go to your eyes. You thought you would never see them again after the Crank incident.

Newt walked to you, trying to make sure that you were in fact there. “It’s me, Newt,” you promised before wrapping your arms around him. You felt him breathe out with relief.

“Y/N, how did we get on this bloody island?” He asked, hoping that you would know.

“‘Bloody,’” Peter came out of nowhere, scaring the boys, “How very British. Bit relieved that the accent didn’t die out. I wasn’t sure with how the world changed.”

Newt looked at the boy weirdly. “Yeah, I see you have one too,” he said awkwardly, “I’m Newt.”

“Weird name,” Peter remarked, “I am Peter Pan, but you can call me Pan. You’re on Neverland.”

“This is Minho and Thomas,” you introduced them, “Peter, isn’t this great?”

“You know him?” Minho asked.

He smirked tiredly and nodded. “I saved her.”

“Someone put me in a room and the Cranks were trying to get in,” you explained, “Peter saved me and took me here.”

“Why didn’t you look for us?” Newt asked, looking a little hurt.

“I didn’t really know that she had people she knew there,” Peter saved you from explaining, “It’s my instinct to take lost people here so it was more impulsive than anything else.” You shot him a grateful smile. He smiled back, making Newt feel weird. “So, the Lost Boys are at training if you want to meet the rest of the boys here.” Peter wanted to make them leave, but he didn’t want you to go yet.

The five of you awkwardly walked to the training area. Peter noted the boy’s limp. “Are you alright?” He asked, curious.

“Newt has a limp,” you mentioned, “He got it at the Glade.” Newt looked at you, relieved that you didn’t mention how he got it. He had a feeling that Peter Pan would use anything against him.

They got to the clearing. The Lost Boys were too focused on training to actually notice. “Boys!” Peter yelled. They stopped and circled around the group.

“Who are they?” One asked.

“Are they new Lost Boys?”

Peter scoffed slightly, making Minho, Thomas, and Newt look at him. “No, they’re the Gladers,” he introduced. The Lost Boys nodded in recognition.

A cocky Lost Boy said, “They hardly look like they can hold a sword.”

“Actually, Newt has his machete,” you corrected, “And Minho and Thomas are good with knives.”

“Here, we’re more experienced with long swords and bow and arrows,” Peter bragged slightly, “We fight pirates.”

“Yeah, we fight Grievers,” Newt remarked, “A tiny bit more impressive than pirates.” You looked at both of them, not really liking the competitive banter.

You turned to Thomas and Minho. “Where’s Teresa? I woke up and she was gone.”

“We don’t know,” Minho answered, “It’s only been a day since the Maze and now we’re dropped here.” Before they could continue the conversation, Peter announced, “You think that because you have experience with a machete, you could fight me?” The Lost Boys laughed at that, but Newt didn’t waver.

“I think I could,” he replied bravely. Peter looked at him with amusement before waving his hand in front of him. “Think of your weapon.” A shower of green sparkles appeared and Newt hesitantly thought of his old machete.

A familiar grip in his hand surprised him. He looked at it with awe. It was the same as it was in the Glade. Its worn grip, its recently sharpened edge, even the mark from when he dropped it in the beginning. “How-?”

“Magic,” Peter answered simply, “People believe in me. This whole island is magic. Where I come from is magical.” He summoned his own weapon, a sword not much longer than Newt’s. The Lost Boys surrounded the boys, who ignored your protests to stop.

Their swords clashed. Newt was better than Peter expected and being dead for years made him inexperienced. The Lost Boys rooted for Peter, but once he turned his back, Newt used his elbow to hit him. He yelled out in pain. The spot that Newt hit just so happened to be where Rumple stabbed him.

The Lost Boys looked like they wanted to kill Newt. They probably would have if Peter had not risen his hand. “What’s wrong with you?” Newt asked.

“Rather recently stabbed in the back.” His expression turned dark. “I hate to say it, but you bested me. I’ll have to train harder.” He motioned to a Lost Boy. “Take them to a cabin.”

“I’m really starting to hate this island,” Thomas mumbled as they hung from their cage in a tree. The boys nodded in agreement.

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Would the Founding Fathers consider women's rights and gay rights to be covered under the Bill of Rights? As in, would they believe the right to choose what we do with our bodies and the right to choose who we marry are inalienable rights?

The Founding Fathers? They would have said, “Rights? What do you mean? They’re women. Why do they need rights? They have us.”

Then John Adams would start to say, “Actually, I wanted to mention this…Abigail was telling me that…”

But he would be interrupted by Thomas Jefferson fake coughing so that he could catch the attention of Adams and just shake his head and whisper, “Just let it be, John. Just it be. Tell Abigail you tried…”

Meanwhile, the rest of the Convention would have moved on to debating how they could make it look like they were reluctant to not do anything about slavery even though most of them totally wanted to keep their slaves. And, eventually, women would be able to vote 150 years later – not because men gave them the right, but because women went out in the streets and fucking took it.

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You know that recent headcanon about the Rainbow Basher on the main blog? It said that one of the world's best demonologists finds out it can be summoned- I was just thinking for a short drabble/one-shot with Dipper and Thomas....

You asked!


Drives Like A Demon

“What are you doing?”

Thomas jumped. He’d been so focused on scrolling through the web pages he hadn’t noticed Tyrone popping up behind him.

Well, Alcor, actually, but Thomas had gotten so used to thinking of his friend as ‘Tyrone’ that it was hard to break the habit. Probably for the best, this way he would be less likely to slip up and call him Alcor in public.

“Just browsing,” Thomas said.

Tyrone leaned over his shoulder. “You’re looking for a car.”

Thomas looked at his screen. Six tabs active, all websites of nearby used car dealerships. “It’s frightening how you just know these things,” he said.

“I am omniscient, you know.” Tyrone nodded to the picture at the top of the screen. “That one looks nice.”

“I know. It’s also way, way over budget.” Thomas leaned back in his chair and groaned. “They all are.”

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Bring Me Home(P.4)

Title: Bring Me Home(p.4)
Pairing: TBD
Warnings: Cussing, abuse, sexual themes, death, blood all to be present in future chapters.
Summary: Y/N and the others were dropped off at the Ava Paige orphanage when they were young, they grew up together, attending the school below the orphanage. Y/N knows all of them well, Newt’s bullying tactics, Gally’s sweet courage that gets him in trouble, Newt’s sidekick Thomas, the always clumsy and shy Minho and little prank playing Chuck…They all want one thing, to be adopted. But being adopted is something that simply doesn’t happen, even if it seems like it at the time. Once they’re in the maze, memories are wiped and personality traits are removed and replaced…Y/N has to learn all her childhood companions in a whole new way, seeing them in an incredibly different light.


After breakfast, Gally and I met up with Minho and went to our usual place under the oak tree. “Both of you?” I frowned, trying not to cry as they looked from each other to me. “How can I handle loosing both of you at the same time. You’re my only friends.”

Gally frowned. “Come on, you know other people.” He sighed after he said it, rubbing the back of his head. “This is bad, Y/N.”

“Bad?” Minho exclaimed. “I don’t know about you guys, but this is good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I-I’m gonna miss the heck out of you, Y/N…B-But…Gosh…gosh I hate it here. I want to get away. I’m sick of being bullied by your boyfriend and his minion.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend…” I looked at Gally. “It’ll be fine…”

Though I didn’t want to say anything to freak out Minho, I knew Gally wasn’t about to drop the subject. “And what if he was right? Can’t you at least do something…? You know I would never ask this of you…because I want you to stay away from him, but…can’t you talk to him?”

“I tried.”

Originally posted by space-ing-out

“Tried what? Talk about what?” Minho looked at the two of us, confusion written all over his face. “What are you guys going on about?”

I tried to give Gally a warning glance, but he ignored me, turning his attention to Minho. “Newt said something about us not actually getting adopted when we leave here. Apparently he thinks something else happens because everyone drops contact when they leave…And honestly, the way he said it…I don’t think he was trying to scare, Y/N. I think he was the one scared.”

Minho looked over at me. “What do you think about it?”

I shook my head, standing up before sending Gally a glare. “I think it’s nothing…and you guys should be glad you’re getting out of here.”

Before they could argue, I rushed off to go find Newt, no matter how much I didn’t want too. Finally, I found him behind the main building, he was smoking a cigarette with Thomas, his shirt off and it looked like him and Tommy had been trying to keep their discussion quiet. “Newt.” His head shot up for a moment. “Can we talk?…Alone?”

He sent a single glance to Thomas, who rolled his eyes. “Don’t see why you let her yank your chain around all the damn time.”

Newt sneered at the dark haired boy, who moved quickly, walking around the side of the building. I made sure to check and see if he was hiding around the wall before turning back to Newt.

Originally posted by prostolarry

“If you’re here to ask about what I said, I don’t want to hear it.” He said, flicking his cigarette off the railing. “The only reason you care now is because your little friends name was called. Not so important when it’s just me heading out to God knows where, is it?”

“Newt…Please, don’t say things like that.” I stepped up the stairs and sat on the edge of the railing. “You know I care about you…or I did. I don’t…I don’t know who you are anymore, where this has come from, but…Could you please just talk to me? What are you so afraid is going to happen?”

He turned towards me, his eyes seemed to blaze with anger, but he didn’t move forward. “If you’re so concerned, go to the south harbor building.” 

“We’re not allowed there.”

“Exactly.” Before I could respond, he walked past me and headed away from the back of the building. Frowning, I waited a bit before going back to where Gally and Minho were. 

They both looked up at me in surprise, but neither said anything. “Come on, if you want answers, let’s go get some stuff. Tonight we’re gonna go to the south building.”

“Harbor?” Gally asked in shock. I nodded and his head snapped towards Minho, who only widened his eyes. 

“I-I…I’m not concerned. I don’t wanna get dragged into this…”

I turned my head back towards them. “Fine. I’ll go myself.” 

Originally posted by space-ing-out

“No wait!” Gally stood up and followed closely behind me, soon after he was joined by Minho, who stumbled on his way towards us. “I’ll help you. I want answers too.”

“Same…I mean, I don’t need any answers, but I’m not about to let you go by yourself.” 


Later that evening, the three of them had gotten some stuff ready and were sneaking across the large grass yard outside of the dorms. “This is crazy, what do you guys really expect to find?” Minho said, he was a bit behind the two of us since he was trying not to trip on anything he couldn’t see. 

“I don’t honestly know, but…Hopefully we find something.”

“What if Newt is trying to set us all up so we get in some sort of trouble?” Gally finally asked, echoing all of our thoughts out loud.

I frowned. “He wouldn’t do that.”

Minho scoffed, Gally laughed lightly, but they both shook their heads. “Of course he would.” 

A few minutes later, the three of us were sitting below a first story window and catching our breaths. “So what’s the plan?” Minho asked, looking over at me. 

“I have no idea. I don’t even know what we’re looking for.”

Originally posted by sangsterworld

“Of course you don’t.” A voice came from around the side of the building, making all three of us jump before Thomas and Newt came around the corner. “Why the hell are you here?”

“You told me too-”

“I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to actually come. It’s dangerous, go back to the dorms.” He said, taking me hand and pulling me to my feet.

I narrowed my eyes, pulling my hand from him. “No. I’m going to get some answers.” 

He rolled his eyes and looked at the other two. “They can help us get answers, we’ll tell you…Go back.”

“Oh please, like I’d trust you too help them. If something happens you’ll throw them under the bus.”

He watched me closely, his eyes narrowing. “Fine.” As he watched me, Thomas tugged the screen from the window and slid it open. “Ladies first.”

“No way.” Minho said, slowly standing up, Gally jumped up as well. “I’ll go in, I’m not throwing her in there first when we don’t know what to expect.”

Before Newt could reply, Gally moved faster than Minho and jumped through the window, Minho followed quickly after and once I sent Newt one last glare, I slid through. 

Thomas, then Newt came in soon after and the five of us tried to get our eyes to adjust to the extreme darkness in the building. “Come on, this way.” Newt said, taking my hand and leading me through the darkness. 

I made sure that Gally and Minho were close before we stopped at a shut door. “This leads up the first set of stairs. The room we’re looking for is up there.” 

Originally posted by sassymccall

We all nodded as Newt opened the door and led us up the stairs. It spread out into a large concrete area, there were several different doors, but the middle of the large room had a bunch of computers set up. 

“It’s this room.” Newt said, but I let his hand go, something was drawing me towards the group of computers. “Y/N!” He whispered, heading after me along with the others.

I moved around the desk to see the computer screen and froze at the sight before me. “Oh my god.”

Newt came around the side with me and slammed to a stop. “….Sonya.”

We all stood grounded to our steps as we watched a group of us that had supposedly been ‘adopted’ as they sat in the middle of four large walls. There were two different areas, Alby and Ben were in one with a bunch of other boys. Sonya and Amy were in another. It looked like a large meadow with a forest. There were farms and buildings made of sticks. Surrounding the entire place, were large labyrinth’s.

“What the hell…”

Newt couldn’t peel his eyes from the screen with Sonya, none of us heard the door shut behind the desks. “HEY!” A voice rang out and all of us jumped. 

Newt was the first to move, he didn’t even look back at me or the others. Minho pushed me forward, his eyes wide. “Y/N…RUN!”

I bolted forward, followed closely by Thomas…We went in the opposite direction that Newt had, he knew how to get out of here better than we did. I didn’t see Gally or Minho. When we finally made it out of the building, I looked behind me, but I kept running. 

Newt, Gally and Minho were nowhere in sight, but the windows were lit up with lights and there were more people rushing towards the upstairs room we were just in.

Originally posted by whoareyouviki

Once we were close enough to the dorms, Thomas and I stopped running, trying to catch our breath. “They didn’t make it.” He said, panting harshly.


“The door we just came out of, that’s the way Newt would have come…he can’t run that fast. We would have seen him…The others as well. They’re all still in there.”

My eyes widened as I turned around, preparing to run back, but Thomas caught my wrist. “Let go!”

“You can’t do anything to help them without getting caught yourself.”

“What will they do?”

Thomas frowned, looking just as scared and worried as I felt. “I don’t know…But we have to go back…We have to go in the room that Newt wanted us to go into.” 

Student Becomes Madrid Expert After Spending Three Months Drinking With Americans

SOUTH CAMPUS – Reports confirm that after spending his fall semester with the Madrid Study Abroad Program, self-proclaimed Hispanophile and Boston University student Aiden Thomas (CAS ’15) is officially an expert on Spanish culture. 
    “It was such an immersive experience. I don’t think I’ll never be the same,” Thomas told sources while pinning a Spanish flag to the wall above his bed. “Madrid is my home now.” 
    “Mi casa,“ he added, wiping a tear from his eye.
    In addition to his rigorous 3-day school weeks, Thomas spent much of his free-time studying “adolescent cultural anthropology,” which involves regular visits to several local hot spots of culture, including Moondance ClubKiss Kiss Bang Bang Madrid, and La Oliteca, his local liquor store.
    “Really allowing yourself to meld together with a local community different from your own just brings people together, hombre,” Thomas told us, while flipping through photos from his scrapbook titled La Vida Loco
    “The salesman and I were on a first-name basis by the end. Oh José…” he added, flashing a nostalgic smile. “Or, Juan, actually. Yeah, it was definitely Juan.”
    Since his stay in Spain, Thomas has become a devout fan of Madrid’s sports teams. “Oh yeah, gotta love it,” he said, popping open a jar of Chi-Chi’s Salsa. “All the top pubs would play the fútbol games in the background. Oh, sorry, I mean ‘soccer’, as the Americans call it.”
    In addition to his extensive knowledge of Madrid’s rich culture, Thomas gained some lifelong friendships. 
    "I can’t imagine my time there without Sarah, Jessica, Bobby, and Andrew,” he began. “That hot girl with the bull tattoo also makes the list. Camila? Maybe.“
    "All in all, Madrid was the richest, most ojo-opening time of my life. You can’t put a price tag on a growing experience like this.”
    At press time, Thomas was seen taking shots of José Cuervo at the BU Pub.

College Roommates: Part  8

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1150-ish 
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape
A/N:  There… time for some drama. Again, let me know what you think!

Warning: Somebody is going to get roofied in this part but nothing happens! 

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

After the game you and the girls had something to eat and talked a bit about the game, classes and some homework. You left about half an hour later and went back to the apartment.

As you opened the door, Dean just came out of the bathroom. Showered and changed, his hair still a bit wet. “Hey, congrats on the win.” You said with a smile, putting down your bag and taking a beer from the fridge. Okay you had a few more beers now compared to the zero you used to before you entered college. Sue yourself.

“Thanks. You liked the game?” It took you a bit too long to answer and Dean turned to face you. “Yeah! Of course.” You said. “C’mon, spill it.” He said with a curious smile.

“I have to admit, it was a lot more fun then I expected.” You said sitting yourself at the table. “But?” “But you have to tell me the rules sometimes because there were times where it just looked ridiculous.” Dean just looked even more amused now. Great. “Why?” He asked crossing his arms. You sighed and started to chuckle yourself. “Like, why the hell do you all jump onto each other?” He started to laugh. Even thought you know it must’ve been a silly questions, it was actually a serious question, you could feel your cheeks start to warm and you also noted that this was the first full laugh that you heard from Dean. It suits him. He has a very warm laugh.

“I’ll tutor you on that another time, okay?” He said smiling and getting ready, for where ever he was going. You were just sitting at the table when you heard Dean keys jingle and he stopped.

“Hey, do you have to work tonight?” he asked, you raised an eyebrow at that. “No, why?” “There is this party because we made it into the quarter finals of the tournament. Want to come?”

You looked yourself up and down, still being in your regular jeans, crappy t-shirt and greasy hair. “Uhm…” He looked at you. “I can wait if you want?” He said, putting the keys down on the table and making this shrugging gesture.

“No, you’ll be late.” He let out a small laugh again and mumbled. “Sometimes you really are a nerd.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “I heard that and thank you.” “Good.” He said smiling. It was silent for a bit. “So? Are you coming?” He asked again and you sighed. “Yeah okay, give me fifteen minutes.”

After fifteen minutes you had quickly washed and dried your hair, put on some make-up which one of the girls at Miss Martinez’s had taught you how to wear properly, you put you’re contacts in and put on a clean pair of jeans and t-shirt. It was ‘just’ a party after all and Dean was also casually dressed, so why not?

Dean was watching TV, drinking your beer. “You ready, football star?” You said, grabbing your phone and keys. You didn’t get a response. When you looked up, Dean was just looking at you, not saying anything.

You raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure you want to go?” You asked him. “Uhm… yes, yes! Of course. Uhm. Wow Y/N.” He said now standing next to you. “You actually know how to use make-up?” You rolled your eyes. “Thanks Dean.” And you turned around and you could hear him mumble. You turned around and he looked nearly stressed? Why?

You laughed and put a hand on his arm. “C’mon, it’s your party.” You said opening the door and walking out. “Yeah.” He mumbled and closed the door behind him, still looking at you.

“Before I forget, are there going to be any psychopaths there?” You said genuinely curious. It looked as if he had just realized that properly a lot of ‘ex’s’ were going to be there. You just laughed and started to walk.

The party was in the next building at Marcy and Carla’s dormitory. When you got there you got separated from Dean so you decided to go say hello to Marcy and Carla but they weren’t in their room. So instead you went to get a drink.

“Y/N?” You turned around and you saw it was Thomas. The guy you tutored math and got the flowers from. “Hey Thomas.” You said smiling. “Wow Y/N, you look great.” You could feel your cheeks heat up again, you were still not used to complements. “Thank you.” You said, it fell silent for a bit.

“Here’s a drink” he said giving you a red cup. “Thank you” and you took the cups, you had a very tiny sip of it. “So how is  math going?” you asked. “Ow, better but I could actually still use your help.” You chuckled a bit at that. “Would you mind if I showed you something, my room is right over there.” He said pointing at two doors further. You looked into the room and spotted Dean, he was talking to some other guys you recognized from the team.

You looked back at Thomas and shrugged your shoulders. “sure.” “Okay, c’mon.” he said with a smile as he walked towards the room. You made another glance at Dean and now he was looking at you. You smiled at him and went after Thomas.

When you walked into the room, Thomas closed the door behind you. “Noise.” He said and you nodded. You put your cup down while you looked at some of the posters on the wall. “Linkin Park fan?” You asked and he grabbed his notebook. You took your cup and took a big swig out of it. “Yeah here it is.” And then it became weird. Thomas stopped moving and just looked at you as if he was waiting for something to happen.

You started to feel dizzy, this was wrong. “Sorr- i-ve go use the bad-oom” You said but your speech was slurring. You weren’t a heavy drinker but this was wrong, you didn’t get drunk off just one beer, this was totally wrong. You tried to make it to the door but Thomas took a hold of you shoulders.

You don’t know how but you pushed him or something and you made it to the door and opened it.

You could see Dean walking away, just a few steps away from you, and you tried to reach out to him. “De-” You saw Dean turn around and you tried to walk towards him but somebody grabbed your arm and was dragging you back.

You saw Dean storming towards you and yelling something as you fell into Dean.

Then there was a lot going on and your legs gave out, making you collapse and if it weren’t for Dean then you would’ve fallen to the ground.

You were seeing black spots as you felt someone, properly Dean, putting his hand on you cheek and saying something but you don’t know what.

Because after that you blacked out.

Part 9?x

Zombie Ethics

summary: Zombie AU with a twist… ft. lots of terrible innuendo (the brother-in-arms of Mindreader Sex)

genre: humour, kinda-smut, angst
wc: 9.8k (ish)
warnings: the gore you’d expect from a zombie au (blood/cannibalism), alcohol, sorta non-con

I lean back on the furs in the wardrobe, steadying my breathing.
‘Although, just in case… It’s quite cosy in here. Wanna make the most of our final hours?’
‘Well, it’s not gonna matter if we don’t use condoms at this point is it.’

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Miraculous Origin Episodes -- Korean Stream

To watch or not to watch, that is the question.

It was announced that in the beginning of March, the first Miraculous origin episode will be aired in Korea. The excitement is understandable, and many were probably dead set on watching the stream. 

That is, until Hawkdaddy/Thomas Astruc asked us not to

Why? Because he wants us as fans of the show to enjoy these two special episodes as much as possible. 

Thomas himself stated that these were his favourite episodes. He is the creator; he knows what’s coming. He also probably understands that Miraculers would get more out of these episodes if we actually understood what the heck was going on, and what was being said. 

If you wish to watch the stream, by all means watch it. You have the freedom to do so. However if you decide to spoil the episodes for yourself, please be considerate and respectful of those who choose to wait. 


I know that it is impossible to ask the entire Miraculous fandom to refrain from posting spoilers, especially in regards to the origin episodes. Therefore if you choose to post, please use the tags #mlspoilers #NoSpoiler #MLspoilers.

Please respect the choices of your fellow Miraculers. You had the ability to choose whether or not you wanted to be spoiled; it is only fair for others to be able to choose as well. Tag your spoilers.  

Thomas the Strange

AO3 link

How this all began.

Thomas the Strange

His hand was cramping from writing too much. Thomas studied best by recapping his class notes and maybe it was old-fashioned to do it by hand, but it worked for him. As if writing it down on the page uploaded it all into his brain or something. The downside came halfway through the midterms, when his hand started to feel like a troll had used it for tapdancing practice.

Of course recapping his notes was a lot easier if he could actually find those notes.

“Have you seen my Runecrafting notes somewhere? I’m missing the ones from our last class.”

Tyrone had been hanging around Thomas’ dorm a lot since the whole reveal. He had abandoned all pretense of studying and was lazing around on the couch.

Things had been… surprisingly normal, actually. Thomas had expected a lot more, well, obvious demony-ness. It almost felt like nothing had changed at all.

At Thomas’ question Tyrone opened his eyes. “Might have seen them around. Hey, you got any more of those sour gummy bears?”

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I Still Love You

Description: you and Luke dated for a couple of years and decided to call it quits after a huge fight and him walking out. You’re in Vegas with your friends and decided to see him live. Which may or may not bring up past emotions.

A/N: I’m basing this mostly off the July 17th Vegas show last friday.

Characters: you aka y/n, luke, calum, michael, ashton, and finally y/f/n.

Warnings: swearing, a little bit of sassy Luke, drinking, and fighting.
(Thinking about making this into a two parter)

You were finally checking into the hotel after a 9 hour drive from L.A. to Vegas with traffic. You were dead tired and so was your best friend. It was your besties 21 birthday and you wanted to celebrate it right. You were only a month older than her and decided you would kind of celebrate a late birthday for yourself and an on time birthday for your friend.

The bellhop helped you carry all of your bags up to your rooms. You booked two separate rooms cause you never know one of you might just get lucky for the night. Your room was right across from your friend. Once you got settled in you walked over to your friends room and sat in the nice office chair, while she got everything organized.

“So what are we doing tonight birthday girl”,you asked as you spun in the chair like a 5 year old. She gave you a weird look you couldn’t read and became worried.

“What’s wrong”,you asked as you planted your feet on the ground, and your surroundings spun a little.

“I sort of got us concert tickets”,usually she would be excited about this, but her body language gave off a very unsure read.

“To go see who”,you asked as you looked out the window and saw the ad for your ex’s band.

“Y/f/n, please tell me you didn’t”,you said as you got up from the chair and walked over to her side.

“Y/n, it’s been a year and a half”,she began to say and you just shook your head.

“I hope you have fun I’m staying in the bar”,you replied as you moved over to the window looking at the concert ad and shutting the curtains.

“Well….. i think you better stay in your room”,she mumbled but you heard every word.

“Why”,you asked as you spun around slowly on your heels.

“The concert may or may not be in the hotel”,she replied and fiddled with the little ring she wore on her middle finger.

“Damn it, y/f/n/”,you sighed out as you ran your fingers through your hair.

“Hey the guys were once your closest friends, just go and support them and forget about Luke”,she said after a moment of silence, and you couldn’t deny what she said. Even after the whole explosion with Luke they were still there for you in the long run. Always making sure you were eating, or that you got out a couple of times during the week, or just bringing over some pizza and ice cream.

“Fine I’ll go”,you huffed and she smiled and ran over and hugged you.

“The concert is in four hours so go shower, eat, and change I’ll meet you downstairs in like three and a half hours”,she said so fast you barely understood one word. She let go of you and rushed into the bathroom with one if her bags. You walked out of the room and shut the door behind you, walking across the hall to your room.

“Y/n?”,the voice sounded really familiar so you turned and saw Calum Hood.

“Shit”,you mumbled under your breathe as he walked quickly over towards you. He was wearing his usual black work out shorts, a grey muscle tank, and some black Nikes.

“How have you been”,he asked as he got closer.

“I’ve been fine and yourself”,you replied trying to hide your room key. which failed miserably when it fumbled out of your hand and fell to the ground. He bent down and picked it up for you, handing the little plastic card to you.

“I’ve been great just been busy with all the band stuff”,he replied as you took the card out of your hand and unlocked the door.

“Do you wanna come inside for a minute”,you asked hoping he’d say no.

“Yea sure I’ll come in for a couple of minues”,he replied and walked into your hotel room. You let out a soft sigh and walked in behind him closing the door.

“Are you seeing us tonight”,he asked as he sat on the little couch next to the bed side table.

“Actually yea I am, y/f/n got us tickets”,you replied trying to fake some excitement. It’s not that you weren’t excited, you missed seeing them in concert goofing off doing what they loved. It was just seeing Luke again that made you not as excited.

“Oh nice…..does Luke know you’re coming”, and there it was, you knew he was going to ask that question sooner or later. You were just hoping it would have been later.

“No and Calum Thomas Hood promise me you won’t tell him”,you said sternly and he raised his hands up as if to surrender.

“Alright I won’t”,he chuckled and rested his hands on his lap. His phone buzzed and he checked it.

“I have to go the guys need me, I’ll see you tonight”,he said with his same dorky smile he always had. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ll see you tonight Cal”,you replied as he got up and walked out the door.

You walked into the high class bathroom and started up the huge ass dual shower head shower. You got undressed and got in washing your hair and body and just touching up on where you shaved. When you were done you got out and wrapped your hair up in a towel while beginning to dry off. Then you heard a knock at your door. You threw on the hotel bath robe and opened the door greeted by a black haired Michael. He hugged you and picked you up and you just chuckled.

 “Hey Mikey”,you laughed as he sat you down. 

 “Hey, y/n, Calum told me you were here and coming to our concert tonight”,he replied smiling from ear to ear.

 “God that boy can’t keep a secret”,you laughed as you moved to the side so he could walk inside.

 "Well that’s what you get for telling Calum something",Michael chuckled as he sat in almost the same exact spot Calum did.

 "I guess so",you replied and smiled while taking one of your bags into the bathroom.

 "What are you doing",Michael asked as he stared into the bathroom. 

 "I’m going to try on different outfits and you’re going to tell me what you think",you replied as you slightly shut the door.

 "And why am I doing this",he asked as you dropped your robe and put on your underwear and bra. 

“Because you’re amazing”,you replied. He smiled and saw a shadow of your silhouette in the blurry glass on the door. You threw on a pair of shorts and a old faded black v-neck, then wrapped a red flannel around your waist.

 "Ok what do you think of this one",you asked as you opened the door and stepped out. 

 "It’s nice, but I think you can do better",he replied and nodded and walked back into the bathroom. Shutting the door slightly again behind you. 

 "So why do you wanna look good for our concert",he asked while you were getting undressed. 

 "Well just in case Luke sees me he can then know that I’m doing great without him and secondly I might see a hot guy”,The first part was sort of a lie but you didn’t want to admit that. You threw on black skinny jeans and an old Good Charlotte shirt that you made into a muscle tank.

“Well you don’t have to look far for the hot guy”,he replied as you walked out of the bathroom. You laughed a little at his joke as you spun around in the outfit.

“I think we have a winner”,he smiled as you almost fell over from spinning to much. 

“Are you sure this one works”,you asked as you looked down seeing a couple holes in random places.

“Yes it will work trust me, now i have to go to sound check”,he replied as he got up and hugged you.

“Ok i’ll see you tonight Mikey”,you replied as you hugged him tight and let go. 

“I’ll see you tonight”,he replied and walked out the door. You put on some black no show socks and your solid black vans. You looked on your phone for a cheap place to eat, but never found one so you settled for the little pizza shop called a slice of Vegas. You walked out of your room and headed to the elevator when you started to turn the corner you saw a familiar quiff. You spun around and headed towards the stairs.

“Nope not today”,you said under your breathe and opened the stairway door. You slid down the rails like a little kid would on Christmas day, but here was the thing you already knew what was going to be at the bottom. You waited a minute at the last landing and then walked out. A bunch of girls were surrounding the elevator door, so you ducked behind them and made your way to the pizza place. You walked in and ordered a single piece of pepperoni and got a beer. You sat at a little table next to a window, and kept to yourself. That is until two girls walked over to you. They looked maybe 15 16 tops.

“Didn’t you use to date Luke”,they asked as you wiped the grease from the pizza off your chin.

“Yes why”,You asked as you took a drink from your beer to help wash down the pizza.

“Oh nothing we just thought it’s kind of..oh whats the word”,one of the girls said and then turned to her friend.

“Ironic”,her friend filled in the blank. 

“I’m here for my best friends 21st birthday nothing is going on between Luke and i”,you explained,

“Oh cool, so are you going to the concert tonight”,They asked.

“Yea my friend got tickets for us”,you replied as you finished up the last piece of pizza.

“Cool, one last thing…can we get a picture with you”,they both asked as they pulled out their iPhone. You were use to that question a lot since you did use to date Luke but it was very rare now.

“Yea sure thing”,you replied with a smile. They both took their pictures with you, said thanks, and walked away. You got up and threw away your trash and saw your friend come running towards you.

“The concert starts soon, do you wanna get in line for some merch”,she asked as she jumped up and down like a giddy school girl.

“First of all calm yourself woman i haven’t consumed enough alcohol yet to be able to handle you like this and secondly do you really think i want stuff from my ex boyfriends band”,you asked and she calmed down.

“Yea i guess you’re right, but i’m getting something were you like it or not”,She replied and grabbed your hand dragging you across the casino to the arena entrance and where they were selling their merch. You guys got in line and some girls around you recognized you and asked for pictures or why you and Luke split but you dodged the questions every time. You got up to the front and your friend spent a good 100 dollars on shirts, and accessories.

“You happy now”,you chuckled as she carried her red bag full of 5sos stuff. 

“Very”,she replied and got all excited again.

“What now”,you whined as you looked at what she was looking at. They had come out for a couple of pictures with the fans.

“Nope i’m not  going over there”,you said knowing what was cooking up in your friends head.

“Well it’s either you go over there or he comes to you cause i think he just spotted you”,She said and when you turned to look Luke’s blue eyes were on you. You saw him push through the crowd trying to get to you but you just ran off and hid in the nearest bathroom. As you ran you hear him call your name but it was just muffled by teen screams. 

You got in a stall and locked it. You began to second guess even going to the concert now but you promised your friend and it was her birthday. Then you felt something wet fall from your chin. You were crying and you didn’t even know it. You wiped your eyes and walked out of the stall. You splashed cold water on your face then walked out of the bathroom. 

The boys were gone so you found your friend just in time. Security started to open the doors and you rushed over to a line. They scanned your tickets and you had to go through a medal detector before you were actually allowed to enter the doors. 

“I need a drink, you want one”,you asked as you started to walk down the white halls to your section. 

“Yea sure just get me whatever”,She replied and waved you off. You rolled your eyes as you looked down at your ticket in hand. Making sure you knew where you were going. You walked over to the nearest booth which had one person in line and ordered two beers. It took you forever to find where you were suppose to be since it was all the way down on the floor and really close to the stage. The arena went from nice and bright to completely dark and a count down appeared. You knew it was starting and you had no idea where your friend was and you had two beers in your hand. The four boys took the stage and started to play End up here. You sang along and danced just like you use to, while drinking down both beers. You missed the feeling of seeing them alive and watching them do what they love. 

Michael and Calum saw you a few times and would smile or slightly wave trying not to bring attention to you. After several songs and you singing along the song Amnesia came on. 

“I’d like to ask you guys to pull out your flashlights please”,Calum said and within seconds the whole place was filled with light. Calum started to sing the first verse and right when the chorus came around and Luke, Michael, and Ashton joined in you were in tears again and down to only half a beer left. You remembered that night like it happened two seconds ago. Your emotions just hit you like a brick wall. Girls around you were in tears as well but for different reasons. You looked up at the stage and made eye contact with Luke as he sang “If today i woke up with you right beside me like all of this was just some twisted dream”. You pulled out your phone and texted your friend two simple words. I’m Sorry. Then you chugged down the rest of your beer and made towards the exit. You stumbled out of the arena and to the elevator and to your room. Once inside you shut the door and flopped on your bed and cried. 

“Here is the spare key sir”,you heard a ladies voice as you opened your eyes. They stung from crying for who knows how long. You sat up and Luke the guy you use to love with all your heart was standing at the foot of your bed. While Ashton, Calum, and Michael hid in the corner.

“get out”,you mumbled as you got up and walked into the bathroom.

“y/n…..”,Luke spoke softly and followed behind you.

“Luke i don’t need this right now”,you growled and splashed water on your face looking at the smudged mascara under your eyes.

“You’re the one that came to my show tonight, if you didn’t want  this to happen you shouldn’t have came”,Luke replied and you heard your hotel door creak open a bit.

“Boys don’t leave i might need witnesses”,you replied as you turned around to face Luke. 

“I came to your concert for my friend ok i personally didn’t even wanna go, but i’m a good person and i went”,you said as you took a step towards him. 

“Then why did you leave”,he asked while crossing his arms. 

“You know exactly why i left Lucas Robert Hemmings”,You said sternly as you tried to swallow down the lump that was forming in your throat. 

“I know why you left this time but not the first”,He replied and you came unglued.

“You’re the one that left me”,You began to raise your voice and saw Ashton sit on your bed followed by Calum and Michael. 

“That’s not how i remember it”,He rose his voice a little higher then yours.

“It’s because it’s not how you wanna remember it, you want it to seem like i was the bad guy. That i broke your heart when really it was all you”,You replied as you felt your eyes start to burn as new tears formed. 

“No i remember you walking out the door after the huge blow up and never came back”,He began to yell.

“I came back after that an hour later and you were fucking gone all your crap was gone everything in that house vanished”,you yelled back as you felt hot tears roll down your face.

“I didn’t know that”,His voice got quieter and his face became sad.

“How could you have known that Luke you left without a single fucking goodbye”,you still yelled at him as you felt your legs begin to shake. 

“Y/N i’m sorry”,You almost couldn’t hear him when he said it. 

“No i’m sorry for even coming tonight, now can you please get out of my room”,your voice lowered down

“Why the hell are you apologizing for coming out to the show tonight”,Luke asked as he stepped a little closer towards you and reached his hand out.

“Cause then i would’t have seen you and you wouldn’t have seen me and i could have enjoyed my relaxing trip with my best friend”, You replied and stepped back.

“I would have seen you some how, y/n, this casino isn’t that big”,He replied. 

“Yea well this is the last time you’ll see me”,You couldn’t take it anymore another second spent with Luke would make you sob uncontrollably. You walked past him  and out bathroom door when you felt his hand pull on your wrist and spin you around.

“What are you doing”,you asked as you tried to pull his hands off.

“This”,he replied and his hands went to cup your face and his lips were on yours. 

“What the…”,You heard Ashton whisper. Then Luke pulled away and you saw his eyes were watery.

“I still love you”,he whispered, but here was the question did you still love him.


A/N: I think I am going to make this into another part. what do you guys think? I also need some ideas so anything that comes to your mind just drop it in my box.