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The Lovely Ladies of the Mission Impossible Universe



Sorry for the delay in updating my Cinderella AU! Got a bit busy and I wanted to get these out of the way so I can focus on the story again. 

Nathanael Desrosiers (surname means “of the rose bush”): the second son of the Desrosiers household who is a shy but talented young painter. (I had a hard time with Nath’s color palette… it’s not really something for a medieval setting)

Theo Barbeau: a sculptor and metal craftsman whose lifelike work has become quite common in many noble households. 

Alya Cesaire: (I just wanted to draw her ball gown for fun. Her owl pendant is a direct reference to the tavern she works at called “the Wise Owl’s Haven”.)

Estelle Agreste: the late queen who passed away at the age 30 when Adrien was just 9 years old. (I actually drew her design a day right before the origins episodes came out so I didn’t know we’d actually get to see Mama Agreste so soon! Anyway, I grew attached to my design so it will stay only for the Cinderella AU. Outside of that, I will use the canon design in the future.)

Thomas and Sabine Dupain-Cheng: parents of Marinette; Thomas, or Tom as he’s often called, trades spice and dried herbs for a living. He travels once or twice a month to sell at the nearest port. Sabine helps Tom manage/keep accounts while occasionally selling embroidery or stuffed toys. Thomas died at the age of 36 when Mari was 10 years old. Sabine passed away at the age of 34 when Mari was 15 years old. 

I just realised that I never really stated the age of Marinette and Adrien, so they’re both 17 years old. When I drew the design for the deceased parents, I couldn’t help but draw a bit of Mari’s and Adrien’s childhood. I’m a sucker for those. Adrien was quite obsessed with pirates. Also Gabriel actually spent time with him, even if it’s just reading before bedtime. 

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to handle jealousy so Adrien maybe out of character?? I don’t know haha. I’ll be continuing the next part of the story (the Ladybug hunt/shoe-fitting fiasco!) so I apologize for the detour lol.

3/5 is just enough


Summary: Marinette sacrifices herself, but gives Tikki to chat before Papillon can get her. she becomes Marionette, a dangrous akuma who cannot hear or see and it is up to Cursed Jaguar, once known as Chat Noir, to save her. in the process, he must learn to work with others and not shoulder the blame.

It hurts…It all hurts and nothing is okay. But there’s red on her hands that isn’t thread, and the strings that wind their way around her slim wrists and pull at her limbs remind her that they are safe and that it will all be okay in the end.

But the floor is cold and her body is broken. Her spirit is shattering, decorated tragically with cracks spider webbing across from where words have been hurled and impacted and fragmented.

“They’re safe.” She comforts herself.

But there’s another part, ugly, writhing and twisting that seeps from the cracks and it screams. It sings in her mind, even as she tells herself that there is always hope and that she did the best she could.

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Rough and Tough Marinette

A little drabble for today! based off a post that I CAN’T FIND I NEED TO TAG MY STUFF BETTER

“Hey guys!”

Tom turned to face the voice, noticing his friend walking up to him, followed by a Chinese girl he didn’t recognize. “Hello Anna, who’s your friend?” he asked “Everyone, this is Sabine.” Anna said, introducing the Chinese girl behind her. Sabine smiled shyly at the group of people “Nice to meet you Sabine, I’m Tom” Tom said, smiling as he shook Sabine’s hand.

Once she was introduced to everyone Sabine seemed to relax slightly, speaking more to the group.

A few weeks later Sabine was waiting for Tom with Anna and a few other girls. Tom turned the corner, once he spotted Sabine he smirked, getting an idea. He crept towards Sabine silently, signaling for Anna and the other girls to pretend he wasn’t there, before suddenly grabbing Sabine in an attempt to scare her.

But it backfired.

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