thomas restart

Not Just Another One Night Stand

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x reader

Prompt: can I request the iii of 5 of this au master post, with a Thomas Jefferson who can’t get the reader out of his mind after a drunk one night stand where reader run away the morning after and a few days later they’re on their new job and he’s their boss who’s still got the hots for them?

Author’s note: hoo boy this got a bit long but I enjoyed writing it a lot

Warnings: One night stand, maybe some swears but idk, suggestive language ;)

Word count: 1,062

Thomas was as attractive as he was charming, the perfect combination for a rushed meeting in a bar, followed by a passionate one night stand. But that’s all you intended it to be: a one night stand. You mistakenly stayed the night - you didn’t usually, but there was something more alluring in the way he acted that kept you there. It still wasn’t enough to keep you there in the morning, and without a word to him you gathered your belongings and slipped out the front door, believing you would never see him again. You two hadn’t even swapped numbers, just names.

However a day after your chance encounter left you craving more. Not just more of his touch (even though that was an important factor), but you wanted to know more about him - his dreams, ambitions and aspirations. You often found yourself wandering past the bar you two had first met, even during the day, in the vain hope you would chance upon each other once again. But Fate worked in stranger ways than that.

With the thought of that night still dancing around in your mind you applied some lipstick, giving your outfit a much needed splash of colour. Rotating, you examined your outfit and, deeming it work-appropriate, you grabbed your bag and headed out the door. It would’ve been a very bad look if you showed up late to the first day of your new job and you smiled to yourself as you reached the foyer, five minutes early.

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