thomas pilgrim

  • Jefferson: I dislike you, capisce?
  • Hamilton: Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday.
  • Jefferson: What?
  • Hamilton: Because you'll be dust by Monday.
  • Jefferson: Umm…
  • Hamilton: Because you’ll be pulverized in two seconds! And the cleaning lady? She cleans up… dust… She dusts.
  • Jefferson: So… what's on Monday?
  • Hamilton: Well… It's Friday now, and she has weekends off. So Monday… right?

Comic: @druid-for-hire      (Link to the comic)


Eliza Schuyler - @jenny-penny-art

Thomas Jefferson - Me

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“Spinning their way with each step, two elderly pilgrims pick their way down from Hemis Gompa. The devout believe that each revolution of the scripture-filled copper wheels sends supplications heavenward.” Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie for National Geographic, March 1978.

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