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Ok, so in your recent analysis post, you talked about Roman getting anxious. I have a headcanon that all the sides feel a bit of what Thomas is feeling. If Patton is taking over, making Thomas happy, than the others become slightly happy, not just because Patton is awesome, but because they are part of Thomas. In that video, it's kinda obvious that Thomas in anxious due to all the change. The others also feel anxious because Anxiety is currently the loudest side. Just a thought.

this is really well thought out and i like this idea. this would make sense considering they are extensions of his emotions/personality! when logan controlled most of the thought process in the Growing Up video, thomas was more future-orientated, but morality was also feeling quite strong then in a negative way, which clearly affect both thomas and himself.

i really like your headcanon ahh


I just recently celebrated yet another birthday, but this one brought about a lot of questions I think many of us struggle to answer from time to time. Am I doing what I should be doing at my age? Have I matured adequately? In this video, my different sides come together to determine whether or not my heart is in the right place at this point in my life. Hope you enjoy!

I asked @thatsthat24 who would most likely wear Heelys, and he says it would be Patton. I drew the aftermath of him trying on Heelys and falling a numerous amount. I started drawing at 1:35 am or something and know it’s 2:57 in the morning. I am tired and I’m going to maybe sleep an question why I was drawing at almost three in the morning.

Pretty Patton

Hello, everyone, I’m back again!

I drew Patton in a cute dress, I hope you all enjoy it! I used a base of Haruhi from OHSHC.p>

Now I have to tag.

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