thomas michael lane iii

Thomas Michael Lane iii (above) Had a very quiet history at Chardon High School. He had a few people he would talk to but many said “he built a wall around himself and never talked about things going on at home with his family.” After the shooting on February, students that had communicated or saw T.j around the school were interviewed. One student had said, “He used to sit all by himself at lunch and people would walk by and not notice he was sitting there and just walk by like he doesn’t exist.” One student who rode the bus with T.J before and after school said T.J used to sit by his younger sister (who was in high school with him at the time). And when people would wave to T.j or say ‘hello’ to him in the hallways say he always use to nod and smile at them but had a “sad look in his eyes” T.J also had communicated with a girl online while playing a game. She said : “He was very fun to talk to” All the information is from several news articles.