thomas mecili

Drama Chapter 9

Thomas: Let’s watch a movie Mikey: Let’s watch Despicable me Sarah: YeaLouis: Its so fluffyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!Madison: Louis ChillLouis: I Just love this movie so much its so funnyMe:it really is Vinny: It is True Jason: well can watch it 
*we all sat down on the couch some of us on the floor and Louis started the movie*
Me:* was laying on Mikey*Dani: *was laying on Vinny*Meredith: was laying on nick*
 We all Fell asleep Next Morning………………
Vinny: Good Morning Honey Dani: Good Morning what time is it ?Vinny: 9 whyDani: Shit Geo said he was going to check on us at 9 Lore, Mikey, Nick, Meredith, Louis , Jason, Sarah, Thomas,Madison Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!Louis: Whattt Me: We were sleeping Dani: Geo said he was gonna check on us at 9 and it’s 9 now Mikey: Guys let’s hide Jason: wait Madison is still sleeping 

Me: ok you guys hide ill wake him up* Shaking Madison* Wake Uppp!!!!! 

Madison: What *in an Angry Voice *

Me: * Slap him*  Just shut up for 2 Seconds

Madison: Ouch That hurt i know not to mess with you againMe: Just shut up  Geo said he was gonna check on us at 9 and it 9 right now so u need to hide Madison: ok i’m going
Knock Knock Knock 
Sarah: Act normalNick: you guys are normal ?Dani: Nick shut up * Kick him because he was under the table *Meredith: * opens the door* Hey GeoMe: HeyGeo: so what you girls up to ?Sarah: we were just about to change Geo: o well we have to do another Dance Funrasier todayMe: ok did you tell the guys ?Geo: no they weren’t in there roomsMe: o yea Mikey told me they were going to get something to eat Geo: o ok i’ll come back later bt i left the costumes down stairs let me go get them Dani: Ok Geo: *Leaves* Louis: that was close Vinny: Let’s go back to the room because once he finds out we aren’t down stairshe will check the roomMadison: Let’s goVinny: Bye honey * Kisses Dani on the Cheek* Me:Bye MikeMikey: Bye Luv ya * Kisses me on the lips *Nick: see ya guys later Meredith: what i don’t get no kissNick: * turns dips her and starts making out with her * BetterMeredith: ye ye yeahSarah: O god see ya later