thomas m. lane iii

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Since T.J likes to give his mail away to other inmates I was wondering if you have any photos of the letters he's actually writing back to people. I think that would be helpful to the people that are going/have written him so they can tell if it's the real T.J or not.

I don’t really feel the need to prove that I’ve read letters from the “real” T.J.  I’m not a fan of him, I just run a true crime blog that is meant to be informative.  If you’ve noticed, I never really post letter content from anyone.  One of the pages in his letter was written on one of his legal documents, so there’s that. 
When William Wills was responding and pretending to be T.J., he didn’t put the name T.J. Lane on the envelope.  Instead he put “W.W.”  Probably because he didn’t want the prison to notice.  Then in the letter he claimed to be T.J. Lane.  The letter(s) I’ve seen have the full name:Thomas M. Lane III written right on the envelope.

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T.J. FINALLY RESPONDED TO MY LETTER!!!!! I just wanted to share this because I know a lot of people have been asking about him to you and apparently he only responded to 2 people before me so maybe this is a sign he's going to start responding more :) It may have helped that I sent a picture though, so try that!

There we go!  Hope it was a nice letter.

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What does tj wrote in his litters ? He's angry ?

I don’t know what TJ wrote in his litters.  Are you guys playing some kind of cruel joke on me tonight with the “dose” and the “dies” and the “litters”?  Yes he’s angry, just take a look at his courtroom antics.  I think I need to go to sleep, haha.

So sleeeeeeepyyyyyy 

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What does your Friend looks like? (The girl who writes wich TJ) Wich celebritie? Does she look like Megan Fox ? How does she looks I can't understand how pretty she must be

She looks like this and she’s very pretty.  She caught his attention fast with such beautiful hair.

Kidding.  I don’t really have her permission to share her photo, sorry!

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While I obviously don't wish for any of these young girls to be targeted by a sexual predator I can't help but see Tj's actions towards these shallow desperate girls as karma. They spend all this time on the internet fawning over him and pretending he's innocent and rofl he doesn't give one fuck and is even willing to put them in danger. If there was ever any evidence to prove how stupid these fangirls are, my GOD almighty this is it.

I’m not a malicious person, and I see where you’re coming from but sadly the media/social media hyped him up so much and he got a ton of attention.
And everyone like that has fans. 
Do you know who Ian Huntley is?  He has fans.  Richard Ramirez raped children and he has fans. 
I think TJ Lane continues to show his true colors. 
The Chardon High School shooting was a tragedy.  People waited to see remorse…and then his court appearance showed the exact opposite.
I think people wanted to believe that it was an act or defense mechanism, people do that.
But it wasn’t an act.  It might have partially been a defense mechanism, but it was no act.
So the girls continued to *try* and show him their support, and he shat all over them.  He continues to do so.  I can understand getting so much mail that you don’t know where to start, but it’s funny to him, like a joke of some sort.  Maybe he’ll be singing a different tune in his later years, that is if he’s still alive.
I agree, pretending he’s innocent is ridiculous.  He admitted to his crime, and from what I know, he’s proud. 
I don’t wish harm on any of you ladies, and you’re allowed to think he’s cute.  I personally don’t seeing as I’m a lesbian and all.  However, I hope reading what I’ve shared will shed some truth on the situation.  I know a lot of you hoped he was secretly a sweetie, or nice, or remorseful, or needed support.  But letters continue to meet the trash, or other inmates. 
I see that as shitting all over you girls and it makes me sad.  I hope you ladies start making the right decision in regards to TJ Lane.

You were hoping for this.

But you got this.

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I really wish people would stop asking for TJ Lanes address because A) you've posted it about 13 times and B) he literally gives girl's letters to pedophiles who are about to get out. Just because you think he's cute doesn't mean he has any substance/is worth writing to.

Thank you for that.  Since his court antics and his ignoring girls mail, I’m not so sure there is anything to report on him?  I’m actually not going to be posting his address again; it’s all over the place and I’m sure it’s on the TJ Lane tag.  If I post a master list I’ll include it but it’s really easy to find at this point.  I have yet to hear any new information on him, see any new pictures, or see any of his responses to people out there.  (I’m also kind of tired of people thinking I might be attracted to him, I’ve always been interested in school shootings.) 
So until there is actually some kind of news about him, I think I’ll refrain from posting about him.

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Who is this TJ kid and what did he do? Do you mind explaining? I'd rather someone like you tell me than looking on Google or something.

TJ Lane is responsible for the Chardon High School shooting which took place February 27th, 2012.  He took the lives of three people and injured three others, and hurt many others with his actions.
Whenever a case is big (example: Boston Bombing, James Holmes Theater Shooting) it draws a lot of attention.  With the attention comes fans.  There are women and men who are attracted to dangerous people.
TJ Lane is no exception.  He’s young, and he has drawn in a younger fan base.
However, he’s completely uninterested in writing.  Some murderers ARE interested and respond to a lot of people, he’s not one of them.  But instead of not responding, he has chosen to share his fan mail with other inmates.  Other inmates are writing the young girls who write TJ.
I have only seen the actual TJ Lane respond to 2 people in total out of the hundreds upon hundreds that have written him.
Instead of disposing of the mail he doesn’t want and respecting the privacy of the young girls that adore him or support him, he’s giving their mail to a registered sex offender, Steven Brigner, who is his “friend" in Allen Correctional and is to be released in 2015.  Hence all this drama.