thomas müller

ppl keep speculating when we’re gonna get another space jam movie… O P EN UR   EYE SSS clEarly we r living in the next one right now but instead of basketball its football and the aliens have stolen the power from the starting eleven of Fc Bayern München  NO T  K N O WING THAT FußBalljosh, the first of his name, was resting on the bench … a n yways im looking forward to him kicking tiny cartoon alien butt


Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

- what the tags goodbye
- I only planned for 9 spaces and didn’t get Austria I’m sorry Alaba
- my chance to draw Robben and Ned together is never meant to be
- I am not ready and in denial about this Germany NT
- it’s Klose’s birthday www


dancing as teambuilding experience

on wednesday evening the german players were visited by a group of professional dancers. they invited the woman for a 2 hour dance lesson, the players especially wanted to train discofox and salsa. the whole squad took part in the event, the coaching staff was not invited. at the end of the lesson, the new team members julian weigl and bernd leno had to dance alone, getting cheers from the crowd. 

the dancer’s coach said afterwards: “leroy sane was superb at salsa, toni kroos has a great rhythm and thomas müller was very curious and willing to learn.” they also said bastian schweinsteiger wanted to add an extra lesson. 

which would explain this from the training yesterday:

basti and thomas :)