thomas lane

Thomas ‘TJ’ Lane was the perpetrator of the Chardon High School Shooting in 2012. 5 people were hospitalised as a result of the shooting, after Lane used a .22 caliber hand gun and fired 10 rounds of ammunition in the school cafeteria. Lane claimed that he was firing randomly and that he had no specific victims in mind, however this contradicts witness statements that claimed he was targeting a specific group of kids in the cafeteria. Lane was chased from the school by a teacher and was apprehended in the school parking lot. 3 of the people struck would later die in hospital from their injuries.

Lane’s court case was marked by rude, callous and juvenile behaviour during the sentencing. Lane’s council did not present any witnesses or evidence during this portion of the trial at Lane’s request, and when Lane entered the courtroom he was wearing a blue shirt - which he would later remove to reveal a white t-shirt with the word 'Killer’ written on it in black marker. When asked to give a statement to the court Lane flipped off the audience and stated “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you.”

Driver In Violent Crash Was Tasered By Police Before He Died

Outrage flared Friday over the death of Thomas Lane, the Ansonia man police blasted with a stun gun before pulling him from his wrecked car Monday on Interstate 95 in West Haven.

Lane was on his way home to Tremont Street in Ansonia when State Police said his Jeep collided with a tractor trailer on I-95 near exit 42 in West Haven. The impact bounced the Jeep into a guardrail and the force flipped it over, causing it to careen down an embankment.

At some point, the engine ripped away from the passenger compartment, and there was the smell of gasoline around the crash, police said.

As Lane flailed violently, police said, he apparently broke the fingers of West Haven Fire Lt. William Heffernan, who was trying to help him.

Lane suffered a severe head injury and was trapped in his vehicle “apparently screaming for his life,” said Darnell Crosland, the lawyer for Lane’s family and president of the Norwalk NAACP.

“It’s a sad day in Connecticut when the victim of a motor vehicle accident cannot die from their injuries, but must be electrocuted by the police,” Crosland said. “This was not a police investigation. There was not a car chase going, it was nothing criminal — simply a motor vehicle accident.”


I can’t understand how cops who were trying to save the man’s life, then killed him with a Taser? It’s only-in-America kind of thing. Lane was probably in a state of shock and behaved inadequately but I will never believe that it was a good idea to hit him with a Taser – especially so hard that he died! I thought police were supposed to save lives. But too often they do opposite. If you hate your job you are welcome to find a better one. But now these officers should face charges. They killed an innocent man, Thomas Lane was a father of three.