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Attention and Comfort Zones

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Thomas Shelby x Reader

Request: Tommy X Reader Tommy has been trying to get the attention of the reader for a few weeks now and is getting teased by his brothers due to his plans failing. However tommy does something extremely out of his comfort zone and finally wins over the shelby 😉 (Requested by Anon)

Thomas had first lain his cold, blue eyes on you at the races. You were jockey and he was going to see his horse when you rode by on yours. You looked like a queen on your black horse because of how straight your back was and how high you held your chin. If anyone who had never been to the races had seen you, they would’ve thought you owned the place.

Ever since Grace had left, Tommy never felt like he wanted to get the attention of any woman. But it all changed in that moment at the races. He had found out your name and had constant access to when you would be racing, that way he was always there.

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