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Bat-Kids React to BatCat Engagement
  • Dick: Super-excited, just wants his dad to be happy. Throws himself into wedding preparation. Lives for this. Takes cake-tasting far more seriously than either the bride or groom.
  • Jason: Passive-aggressive questioning in the fake voice of a 10-year-old, just to annoy Bruce. Is not actually worried about whether he'll have to share his room with the cats. Selina finds it hilarious. Bruce is unamused.
  • Tim: "...You know, I knew something ridiculous was going to happen while I was not-dead. This wasn't even in the top twenty worst-case scenarios, so...congrats?"
  • Cass: Quietly super-happy. Subtly works cat motifs into her costume. Tags along with Selina on patrol.
  • Steph: "About time. This house needs some more feminine energy. They're always ganging up on me."
  • "Stephanie, you don't even live here."
  • "New mommy, dad's being mean to me again."
  • Damian: Is mainly worried about Alfred the cat and how he'll react to his new step-cats.
  • Duke: Polite, welcoming, genuinely congratulatory. Also practical. Makes sure all the valuable Wayne Manor paintings are secured to the wall. Especially any with a cat in them.
  • Harper: Takes over bachelorette party planning. Has binders of blackmail material on Bruce to show Selina. This is her moment.
  • Barbara: Is just glad the tabloids will stop shipping her and Batman.

Bruce Wayne owns a “I’m Proud of My LGBT Child.” He wears it to work every now and then. No reporter can figure out which kid it is. (Spoiler: Its more than one)

Batfamily meeting deadpool

Requested by anon

- Bruce first reaction is strong dislike. He has a no killing rule that Deadpool just loves to break.
- Duke is the least surprise. Like honestly with the family someone coming from another comic universe isn’t even the wierdest thing that month. He just rolls with it.
- Tim is asking non stop questions. He wants to know everything. Like how did he get there. What all happened to cause him to not be killed by bullets.
- Barbara asked no questions because of course she already knows the answer.
- Damian volunteers to spar with him. Yeah they both use real swords despite Dick protest.
- Deadpool is scared of batcow. Damian uses that to his advantage.
- Luke has lots of interest in all of Deadpool gadgets. Like he is already getting new ideas.
- Kate takes him on in marksmen skills.
- Dick and him talk non stop. Like let the chattest batboy go head to head with the mer with a mouth. Everyone tunes them out. Also so much smack talk when sparring.
- Cass is amazed at his fighting abilities but hates all the chatting. She cannot get the fourth wall he is talking to.
- Stephanie finds the talking to the four wall great. She starts doing it even after she leaves.
- Harper is laughing so hard at Deadpools reaction with the family mainly Bruce. She also totally borrows some weapons.
- Alfred just makes him a spot at the table. One more doesn’t make a difference anymore.
- When Deadpool sees Tiffany he thinks of his daughter. He treats her like his daughter Eleanor.
- Selina meets him and thinks he is a little like Harley. Better those two never met.
- Jason. Now these two together is a nightmare or best buddies. Like they disappeared for awhile to go eat chili dogs and chimchangas. They spend a lot of time bonding over being the outside one in a group of heroes.
- They understand where each other is coming from.


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Nicknames for Batfam Characters

Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman: Grim Dad

Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing: Mr. Always Look The Brightside Of Life

Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood: Edgy Zombie

Tim Drake a.k.a Red Robin: Lady’s Dork

Kate Kain a.k.a Batwoman: The Gay Cousin tm

Cassandra Cain a.k.a Batgirl a.k.a Black Bat a.k.a Orphan: Deadly Dancer

Stephanie Brown a.k.a Spoiler a.k.a Batgirl: Queen Purple of Waffleland

Jean Paul Valley a.k.a Azrael: The Unluckiest Blonde

Luke Fox a.k.a Batwing: Ironbat

Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl a.k.a Oracle: Tech Mom

Harper Row a.k.a Bluebird: Bi You Assholes

Duke Thomas a.k.a (I don’t know his superhero name at this point): Street Fighter Gotham Edition

Damian Wayne a.k.a Robin: Brat Out Of Hell

Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman: Not So Crazy Cat Lady

Basil Karlo a.k.a Clayface: Can Shape-shift Into Anything But His Happinesses

Alfred Pennyworth a.k.a Penny 1 a.k.a The Nest: Sass Master

Julia Pennyworth a.k.a Penny 2: Punk Rock Sister

Doctor Victoria October: From My Heart and My Hands, Why Don’t People Understand My Intentions, Weird Science! 

Doctor Leslie Tompkins: Sick Of Everyone’s Shit tm


Helena Wayne a.k.a Huntress a.k.a Batman: Ready To Burst Out Of The Closet 

Thomas Wayne a.k.a Batman: Jason Todd The Golden Years

Hottest guys of 2014

Best smile : Tim Borromann

Cutest silly face: Nico Tortorella

Sexiest scruff : Caio Cesar

Hottes “salt & pepper” : Jo Weil

Sexyest lips : Isha Blaaker

Hottest ass : this unknown guy

Most hansdom guy with tatoos : Holden Nowell

Most beautiful eyes : Thomas Beaudoin

 Best abs : Kyle Hilde

Most amazing chest : Nicklas Pedersen

Guy with the sexiest “V” : Austin Otto

Honourable mentions : Steven Chevrin and Charlie Sheerer

Overall hottest guy : Julian Naderer

CodotVerse Rogue Heights

I’ve been getting a few questions about the height of the rogues, so I figured I would just show my reference list (for artistic reference or general curiosity).


R’AS AL GHUL - 5′11″
THE JOKER - 6′1″


I’ll be sure to update this as new rogues enter the fray.

I want for one of the Batkids to one day date/develop a crush on a really shady bad boy/bad girl and make Bruce go all helicopter-dad on them by telling them things such as “Nothing good will come out of them!” and “They’re a bad influence on you!” and other things like that all so we can have the said Batkid turn around and put Bruce hypocrite ass in his place by telling him straight-out “No offense Bruce but one of the only two women you ever admit to love is a high-profile thief and the other is literally an assassin, I don’t think YOU have any place to talk” 

The girls and glitter bombs

So in a few headcannons I mention glitter bombs, here’s sort of the story behind it. Thanks again to @atomicnightbear for the help with ideas over dinner. Also she’s my awesome roommate who likes to talk about the batgirls with me which is often.

- So the glitter bombs started off with Stephanie. She needed a way to express her anger when the boys are being stupid without actually hitting them. Now she just throws glitter bombs at them.

- Cass joined in on this idea. She prefers to use yellow glitter while Stephanie’s was purple.

- Barbara has a few she keeps too just in case. Most of hers are directed at Dick and Bruce though. There was a a few months where Dick couldn’t go a week without getting hit by one.

- Harper took claims on the blue glitter. She doesn’t use them as often but it’s still nice to have to let anger at.

- One of the boys claiming they are better then you, bomb covered in glitter. Just imagine trying to patrol when your costume as glitter on it. Yeah not very sneaky. The black surface of the costumes just lets the glitter reflect better.

- Tim is often the target of most of Stephanie’s. Jason usually gets hit by Cass’s when he kills someone.

-Damian gets hit by everyone’s. He wins for most about of glitter bombs. Once he was hit by all of them at once.

-Duke gets hit the less amount because he ain’t going to piss off the girls. Glitter takes forever to get out.

- It is well known now that if someone is covered in glitter they it means they have pissed off one of the girls.Usually you can tell which one by the color. Alfred makes the person cover in glitter clean up any that gets on his rugs.

- Katie Kane totally joins it as well. Her’s are red. She prefers to use them when everyone is getting all glumly.

- Selina totally joined in. It all started when Bruce was ignoring her for awhile. She took one of Cass’s and just threw it straight for his face. He was not impress. She couldn’t stop laughing.

- One time when fighting Harley and Ivy Stephanie accidentally threw a glitter bomb instead of smoke pellets. Harley was in love with it and figured out how to make some at home. Ivy was not impressed.

- Glitter bombs are suppose to be banned from the batcave. Yeah they ignore that rule.


In early days, we could only be gay in name alone. God forbid if we ever showed affection in public. It’s still not enough. Well, we’ve come a great distance, but we still have a long way to go.

LGBT DC characters in Love is Love

Kyle X Reader "Everything was okay."

“Come on baby.. Please? For me?” Kyle asked softly as I picked at my meal in front of me. A large piece of steak, mashed potatoes with an immense amount of butter, some garlic bread and green beans. I looked at him and saw his dark brown puppy dog eyes beg me to eat. I gently took my fork and scooped a small amount of the mashed potatoes. I hesitated at first, not wanting to shove any kind of food in my mouth, but I managed to slowly put it in. I shut my mouth and felt disgust form in my stomach. “That’s good, you’re doing good baby.” Kyle said, holding my free hand for comfort. I gently chewed my food and swallowed it, my throats making it a bit troubling for the food to go down. “You’re doing so great, princess.” He said to me softly, giving me that warm bright smile he had. I bit my lip gently and cleared my throat. I felt very uncomfortable, but recovery did take some time. “We’re gonna get through this together.” He said to me softly, gently kissing my cheek. I smiled softly at him, trying to hide the guilt in my gut from swallowing such a food with so many fucking calories. I didn’t deserve food. I was too fat to eat. “Thank you for being here for me, Kyle.” I whispered quietly, he made me feel not alone. He made me feel worthy of life sometimes. “I’ll always be here for you, baby. I love you.” He said to me, touching my hair lovingly. I felt my body have goosebumps and shivered softly. “I love you too, Kyle.” I said to him softly, gently pecking his lips and smiling more at him. “And you’re beautiful you know that?” He asked me, making me stay silent. “I don’t care what you think about you, I think you’re a beautiful girl. You’re curvy, you’re thicker in all the right places. You’re gorgeous.” He said to me, making me hold back some tears. “I want to be thin, Kyle.” My voice cracked as I started to feel the tears stream down my cheeks. “No matter what body type, thin, thick, curvy, I don’t care. I love you.” He said to me softly, wiping the tears off of my cheek. I sniffled and looked at him, my eyes pink. “Look at you. You’re even more beautiful when you cry.” He whispered to me quietly, staring at me with love in his eyes. Kyle always made sure I knew everything was okay.

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