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Jungle will be released in select theaters and on VOD on October 20 via Momentum Pictures. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter franchise) stars as real-life adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg.

Based on Ghinsberg’s memoir, the Australian survival thriller is directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and written by Justin Monjo (Bait). Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, and Yasmin Kassim round out the cast.

Check out the poster above and the trailer below, where you’ll also find the synopsis.

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HIDDEN. Otto Ganz wasn’t such an impressive man, but he was an exacting man, one who knew what he wanted and demanded it because of his origins. Lena was also in the office, selling Daniel up. He had to say he “had a guy.” Otto was very willing to obtain what Daniel could sell him, BUT… He didn’t want to deal with a middleman. He wanted to meet “Trevor’s supplier”, which was, of course, impossible. Daniel played hurt disappointment to Lena, trying for her sympathy while thinking fast about how to salvage this deal. He didn’t think anyone else at the Station could play the role of his supplier, someone with the appearance and attitude an ex-Stasi man like Otto would regard with respect. But he actually did know someone who could, admitted to Otto he did have an anonymous partner. Otto insisted on a face-to-face because of the large amount of money he offered. “Trevor Price’s business partner” was not happy to see him when Daniel, Otto, Lena, and Armando arrived in Spain.

BERLIN STATION Season 2 also airing in US on SPIKE channel! Begins October 22 at 8 pm ET.


RICHARD ARMITAGE in BERLIN STATION (2017) 04 205 Right of Way

VIOLENT. Esther and Valerie go to the PfD political event at the Messe before it’s start. Emmerich had expected Gerhardt arrested and was going to take her place as candidate, Valerie surmised. “Fuck Otto Ganz & fuck you” he says. Ooops. Gerhardt arrives at the event. Otto backs off but thinks Andrew (Hector) is bluffing and Trevor (Daniel) tells him otherwise. Hector and Lena arrive at the bar, waiting for Daniel and Otto. BB calls him for an update. Hector thinks fast, sees the PfD rally poster. He guesses Otto’s Plan B is to use the Semtex explosive there, where Gerhardt is. The terrorist act would help her in the polls by scaring people. He and Lena leave to go there.

Everyone involved in the Berlin Station sting converges on the Messe, including the police. It looks bad for Otto when Daniel and he arrive. Daniel has a good idea of what Otto plans to do when he orders Trevor (Daniel) out of the van to save him. Daniel refuses, then makes the difficult decision to tell the old ex-Stasi neo Nazi Otto the truth: his name and employer, CIA. Otto knows right then both “Trevor” and Gerhardt has fucked him over, used him. Everyone has. It’s over. Daniel urgently talks to Otto about loyalty and respect, tries to get him to talk about and turn against Gerhardt, the bigger criminal fish. When they arrive and see the police, Lena wants to go to her father; Hector stops her, keeps them hidden. Esther asked the police to wait for Daniel’s outcome and they can do so no longer. Daniel also presses Otto about his daughter Lena and what this act will do to her. In that moment, Hector calls Daniel and he offers the phone to Otto because it’s Lena speaking. However, Otto is resigned to his likely fate. He takes the phone.

Otto Ganz is killed by a sniper bullet because police think the phone is the detonator.

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On September 10, 2004, Resident Evil: Apocalypse was released in theaters.

Great soundtrack. However, in humble opinion, the Nemesis was criminally underused. Just saying.