thomas jefferson high school for science and technology

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Yes hello... I'm a middle schooler going to a really competitive middle school and next year I'm going to have to apply to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. TJ is a huge deal. My GPA is over 4, but they have so many applicants like that so I'm wondering what else to do. Should I follow all the techniques of anyone applying to a college?

…you just asked and then answered your own question.

Yes. I’d say this is comparable to applying to a college. Also, if you’re serious, call TJHS and ask their admissions person these same questions. Two benefits to this:

  1. You can find out direct from the school what kind of students they’re looking for
  2. Maybe they’ll remember the grey face who called them and was so interested in the school when it comes time to review applications.

Keep your grades up, get involved in your school/church/community, and turn in your shit on time. Good luck!

Wait…if you’re in middle school…what the fuck are you doing on tumblr? Are you old enough to drive this thing?

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