• Angelica: (about Alexander) Go talk to him.
  • Eliza: Oh, I dunno, I'm not very good at talking to guys..
  • Angelica: It's easy! It's just like talking to girls, but you have to use smaller words.

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Whenever your world starts crashing down, that’s where you’ll find me

Little Ham Man (Hamilsquad x Reader) Part 20

Words: 4000+
Warnings: Cursing, blood mentions
A/N: This is it!!! Thank you for the long journey, it was splendid! I’m happy to finally throw in my towel and say that this is complete.


Alexander was speed-walking, navigating all of you around the debris and other nonsense that was spewed about. You were trying to hold on, but your wound was making you struggle to keep up. Thomas and Lafayette held you, but it still was hard. Thomas saw the sweat pouring down your cheeks, and stopped everyone.

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes. You licked your lips, tasting the bitter salt. Thomas crouched down, looking at you. Lafayette did the same, a hand still supporting you.

“We can take a break, Y/N, we’re not in a rush. Just take your time,” Thomas said, smiling at you. You shook your head, looking at Laf.

“No, we have to keep moving, we have to-” Your vision was getting spotty, your head pounding. You felt your legs give way under you, and you fell face first into Thomas’ arms. He held you up, shaking his head.

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I have important questions

Why Alexander never ask his wife why their son looks like his dead best friend?


Why Eliza never ask her husband why their son looks like John Laurens?

monochrome-dusk  asked:

Yo this is the decaf anon back at it again with another question. What kind of tea would each of them drink?

Hamilton goes around drinking Brisk because it annoys Jefferson and Madison, but he has to hide it from Washington because it annoys him too.

As for like, actual hot tea, I don’t drink that so feel free to chime in.