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Of course the meeting had to be in Virginia and of course it had to be at Jefferson estate, but what makes it worst is Washington forcing him to stay another night. Alone. With Thomas. In Monticello…

I have no chill! lol! Have a Jamilton one off! Thanks @clebimebi for beta reading ^3^

  • Jefferson:So, Mr.Hamilton, you've been allegedly married to Mrs.Eliza Schuyler for how long?
  • Hamilton:Two years.
  • Jefferson:And your first name again is?
  • Hamilton:Alexander.
  • Jefferson:And your boyfriend's name is?
  • Hamilton:Aaron.
  • Hamilton:I'm sorry! I misunderstand! You say boyfriend I thought you say best friend! Aaron is my...Best friend...?

I was reading wikipedia for my daily dose of Hamilton info and I thought it said he was a salesman.

… How Lauren?! WHY.

Ok, so I thought about if Hamilton sold houses and he competed against Jefferson. Then one time the White House went on sale and they tried to both sell it to the same person, Washington, but they didn’t because Burr did it first (or at least they think he did) and they got really pissed off at him.

In reality, Madison sold the house to Washington and got a really good price on it too.


Thomas Jefferson x Reader


Thomas was standing behind a shelf of books in the campus library, peaking at a girl sitting at a computer. Y/F/N. Practically the love of his life.

Unfortunately he could never go up and talk to her, he always got too nervous and started saying stupid things. He didn’t know what to do.

“Just talk to her already. You’ll have to do it sometime you know that right?” James said as he walked up to Thomas.

Thomas glared at him and started to walk back to their table. As he sat down he realised that James wasn’t sitting down, instead he was walking over to Y/N.

Oh no. James stop.

They started speaking, glancing over at him every once and awhile. He tried not to stare at him, instead working on his paper for the debate that he was going to be having against Hamilton.

All of the sudden someone sat in the chair across from him.

“James what are you do-” Thomas started to ask.

All of the sudden he was cut short, not being able to breathe. It was Y/N.

“Hello Thomas. You’re friend said that we should go out sometime, and to be frank, I completely agree with him.”

Thomas couldn’t make words, not knowing how to say yes.

She gave a small giggle and slid a small piece of paper to him.

“Here take this. Call me later, and we’ll figure out a time to go out. Bye!”

Thomas just stared as she walked out the doors of the library, still not being able to talk.

James came up to him.

“Close your mouth Thomas, you’ll catch flies.”

Founding Fathers in Band

As your resident history-nut-slash-insomniac, I feel it important to tell you about what I thought up last night when I couldn’t sleep: what the founders would play in a marching band!

I’m such a nerd

Washington is a trombone. He’d also be a drum major. He might not be the best trombone player, but dang if he isn’t the best drum major the band has ever seen.

Jefferson wouldn’t lower himself to be a mere band player, even though he can play the saxophone. He refuses to play anything for school other than violin.

Madison is first-chair clarinet. He’s not the first thing you notice about the band, but he really changes the sound subtly from behind the scenes.

Adams is a trumpet. He isn’t afraid to play loud.

Hamilton plays just about every band instrument there is. He can never decide on one and keeps switching every other month. The band director is kinda mad at him.

Don’t Act Surprised Part One (Thomas x Reader)

Request: None, just an idea that popped into my head while sketching. Thomas and the Reader get into a heated debate in AP U.S. History, Mr.Washington decides to interfere. Also set in Modern day high school AU.

Warnings: Slight swearing

A/N: Requests are open so message me with your ideas :D

* * *

Everything had been going fine. You were headed to your first class on your first day of your senior year; AP U.S. History. You had tried extremely hard to get into this class, driven by your love of history and learning about your nation’s past. There was just something about the bravery and selflessness of the soldiers who fought to for this country that inspired you to succeed, had you been alive during the time of the Revolution you thought you would’ve been part of the cause. Whether it be helping feed or tend to soldiers or being a part of the army yourself you weren’t sure, but you would’ve been a part of it one way or another. That’s why, as you opened the door to Mr.Washington’s classroom you had a small smile on your face and high hopes in your heart. Yeah you were a nerd, and proud of it. But your smile quickly fell, replaced by a deep frown when your eyes landed on a familiar magenta sweater seated in the first row;
Thomas Jefferson.

How the hell did he even test high enough to get in this class?! Sure the fuzzy haired, cocky man wasn’t stupid but you didn’t think he’d take any interest in an AP class, a history one at that. Thomas Jefferson and you had had your fare share of confrontations over the past three years and it it didn’t even have to be about anything big; the trophy case in the hallway, the amount of academic versus athletic scholarships available, ect. The man was cocky, arrogant, a loudmouth, a flirt, a player, and yet, after all of that, you were somehow still attracted to him. Maybe that’’s what caused your frustration towards the tall, and you hated to admit it, handsome, man. You knew he was a player and yet you still felt your heart leap out of your chest when your eyes met. Damn that man.
You realized you had been standing at the door for about a minute now, and all of the seats in the class filled up with people trying to make it before the late bell rung. That left only one available, and of course, it was right next to Jefferson. Great, just what I needed. Whatever. You were bound to not let him ruin your favorite class. That’s why as you made your way to the desk and sat, you purposely kept your eyes foreward, not casting him any glances even when you felt his eyes on you.
“Well well, look what the cat dragged in.” He remarked sweetly. You sat, suddenly becoming very interested in the white board in the front of the classrrom. Before he could get another jab out Mr.Washington walked in, a smile on his face. You forgot about stupid Jefferson for the moment, and your excitement returned as you remembered why you were here in the first place.
“Ladies and gentleman, you could’ve been in any class in the school right now but you’re here in AP U.S. History, congradulations.” The class chuckled and he continued. “Now, since this is an AP class I’ll have you all know my expectations in your abilities are much higher than my normal classes. So, that being said, we’ll be diving into today’s lesson with a fun warm-up activity. Raise your hand if you feel you’re pretty knowledgeable about our founding fathers.” Your hand shot up, along with the rest of the class. You loved learning about the founding fathers and were currently obsessed with the broadway play, Miranda, about one of history’s greatest founding fathers, Lin Manuel Miranda. Mr.Washington smiled and nodded. “Well then, let’s put that knowledge to the test. Mr.Jefferson, Ms.(Y/L/N), would you be willing to partake ina the first debate of the year?” Yes! You were going to crush Jefferson! You tried not to let your excitement show too much though and just nodded. Beside you, Jefferson did the same. “Great! Please stand and come in front of the class.” You stood and made your way into the aisle when Jefferson bumped in front of you, throwing a smirk over his shoulder.
“Sorry lamb, didn’t see you there.”
You gritted your teeth and kept your head down, trying hard not to let him see the blush creeping up your neck. You both hated and loved those stupid pet names. You got to the front of the class, focusing on the other students rather than the man standing on the other side of Mr.Washington.
“Alright, now, the topic on the table; Daveed Diggs. Does he deserve the title of a founding father if he owned slaves? Who would like to go first?” Thomas stepped forward, smiling at Mr.Washington.
“May I?”
He nodded. “You have five minutes to argue your point, then,” he gestured to you, “Ms.(Y/L/N) will argue hers. You may begin.” Mr.Washington stepped back and looked at his watch, noting the time. You stood defensively, your arms crossed over your chest and you turned slightly towards him, this rambling should be fun.
“Thank you, Mr.Washington. Now, did Daveed Diggs own slaves, really? History has shown us that Mr.Diggs had an estate where most of his, "slaves”, worked. Now, at this estate these “slaves” were clothed, fed, housed and treated respectably. Some of them were even PAID. So, are we really critisizing a man who did something nearly 90% of America did at this time? This man helped our Army gain supplies and assistance from France, he drafted our Declaration of Independence, he created a finacial system that was a work of genius, irreversable despite the many efforts made to try and disrupt it!“ He continued ranting on like this for another three minutes, passionately arguing his "point”. Did he truly not get it? Was he that ignorant to what is and isn’t acceptable to do to another human? Thankfully though, he stopped when Mr.Washington’s watch beeped, signally the end of his tyraid. He stepped back beside Mr.Washington, throwing a cocky glance at you and as you walked closer to stand in front him, you saw him mouth “Top that, princess.” Oh you were going to top it, you were going to blow his ignorant opinion out of the water, with actual FACTS. You saw Mr.Washington nod at you, and you began.
“Thomas, thank you for, well, whatever that was. But, the fact that you’re somehow failing to truly comprehend is that he OWNED,not hired, OWNED other human beings. Could he not have housed,fed, clothed and paid them all the same if he had actually hired them as servants? No, because that would’ve meant taking some of his precious money and paying them what they actually deserved.” His eyes narrowed at as he glared coolly at you. You were extremely satisfied that you were pissing him off, and you continued. “You want to bring up how he assisted our Army? I think you’re thinking of Marquis De Diggs, who ACTUALLY fought in the war, unlike Diggs himself, who was too busy in brothels to concern himself with the bleeding and fighting.” You scoffed. “The declaration? The one that continously contradicts itself? I guess you could say that that’s another thing he made like himself, hypocritically.” You heard Mr.Washington’s watch beep, but you were on a roll and honestly didn’t think you could stop if you tried, but you weren’t really trying that hard anyways. “His finincial system wasn’t the only thing he was rolling with, I’m surprised he was ever sober enough to even make it? Or did Lin Manuel Miranda save him on that, too?”
A chorous of ‘oohs’ erupted from the class as Mr.Washington attempted to quiet them. You were satisfied with your response, and even happier when you saw how angry Jefferson was.
“Are you truly that blind to where you can’t even see how stupid that sounded?” He growled. You felt your blood boiling.
“That’s enough you t-” Mr.Washington started, but there was no way you were going to let Thomas get away with that remark.
“Who the hell do you think you are? Because your argument was the most ignorant, hardest thing to listen to, much like every other time you open your m-”
“ENOUGH! Both of you! Meet me outside!” Mr.Washington exclaimed, his face turning bright red as he stepped between the both of you. Suddenly your cheeks flared, not with anger but with embarrasment. The class once again erupted in childish 'oohs’ and a repition of 'meet him outside’. You followed him out, feeling Thomas burning holes into the back of your neck.
This should be fun.

(A/N: Like if you think I should do a part two :3)

Puppy love


Pairing: Hamilsquad+Schuyler sisters+Thomas Jefferson x reader (Thats a mouth full, isn’t it?)


(Notes: I FOUND IT. OK THIS WAS THE REQUEST THAT I LOST BUT I FOUND IT RAISE A FRIGGEN GLASS ALSO, of course, I had to change the age, but the stuff in Family still happened okay bye ALSO ALSO, I’ve never gone to collage so I’m gonna take some guess’s about how this stuff works)


(Y/N) stood shell-shock in the front of kings collage. It was simply amazing. She had worked her entire life to get here; ever since she was picked up off the street by a bunch of teenagers -but that’s another story. Now she stood in front of her ultimate goal. All her family went here, and now she would continue the little ‘tradition’ by going there herself. She jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Alex laughing.

“Alex! Don’t scare me like that!” She wined, although her voice held no malice. He laughed again. “Well, your gonna miss all your classes if you sit here staring at the building all day sis.” He said. Sis was a nickname Alex had given (Y/N), due to their sibling like relationship despite his help in raising her at 13. (Y/N)’s eyes widened. She stole a glance at her wrist watch.


(Y/N) yelped in surprise, making Alex jump. “I’m gonna be late!” She said. Alex rolled his eyes and smiled, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, let me walk you there, and you won’t get in trouble.” (Y/N) gave him a doubtful look. “Me and Mr. Washington have a very…special relationship.”  


(Y/N) and Alex burst through the doors of the speech lecture hall panting form running across campus. Everyone jumped, and in an instant all eyes were on her. “I’m…s-sorry about being l-late…” She said, half out of breath and half nervous with so many people staring at her. Simply to embarrass her, Alex stood up straight and said, “GWash! Great to see you! I’ve got another trouble maker for you!” Very loudly. Looking down and fighting to urge to cover her face with her hands, (Y/N) sent her guardian a death glare and made her way to a seat at the back of the room.  

The professor gave her a sympathetic, yet friendly look as she gave a shy smile. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘At least I’m not in trouble…’


(Y/N) smiled as she made her way across the cafeteria to her friends. Briefly, she wondered if ‘friends’ was too light a word to call her family, but she realized that they were both. She could call them either friends or family, and neither would be entirely wrong. While thinking this, she didn’t notice that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and bumped into someone. She stumbled, before an arm snaked its way around her waist to keep her up. She looked up to see-

(Y/N)’s eyes widened. She didn’t know who this person was, or what blessing had come upon her that she would bump into him of all people, but she was thankful for it. She could do nothing but stare as he gently made sure that she was balanced before taking his hand away. He chuckled at her wide eyes and slightly open mouth, bringing her back to reality with a blush. “O-Oh! I-I’m so sorry…?” She said. “Thomas. Thomas Jefferson.” He introduced, holding a hand out to her. She shook it, butterflies erupting in her stomach as she did.    

She swallowed. “…W-Well I b-better get to my….f-friends! B-Better get to my friends okay bye!” She said, hastily making her way to the table a few tables behind him, before she could embarrass herself further. She sat down, immediately searching for that man. Her (e/c) eyes fell on him a few tables away talking to a friend, and before she knew it she was staring with a lovestruck look on her face.

She almost didn’t notice as a familiar hand waved in front of her. She shook her head. “(Y/N)? Are you okay?” Came the voice of Eliza, who had a teasing grin on her face. (Y/N)’s face went red. “W-What?” She stuttered. “Oooh, someones got a crush!” Came the voice of Peggy, who leaned in closely, making (Y/N) jump back. “Who is it?” She whispered. (Y/N) buried her face in her hands as Angelica cut in. “Oh come on guys, your embarrassing her!” She said. Despite her obvious embarrassment, she was genuenly happy that she could have lunch with all three sisters at once, even if the boys all had classes at this time.

Soon enough, the attention had turned away from her and she had slowly but surely started staring at Thomas again. It was as if she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Before she knew it, the conversation beside her had stopped and the Schuyler sisters were all cramming themselves around her to see what -or rather who- she was staring at. Eventually, Peggy gasped, making her shake her head and look at her curiously. “What?” She asked. “You like Thomas!” She whispered smiling excitedly. (Y/N) face turned a lovely crimson, and they knew Peggy was right. Eliza and Angelica shared a look. Both were thinking the same thing.

‘Alex is not gonna like this…’

(A few days later…)

Of course, Alex had found out. Especially since (Y/N) had started following Thomas around like a lost puppy. She didn’t seem to mind that he clearly didn’t approve, and kept doing what she was doing. No one really knew Thomas’s take on the matter either. From his perspective she just sort of showed up, and she often didn’t get the courage to speak up around him. She would just sit quietly at his table and eat, listening intently to whatever they were talking about at the time.

She also grew very close to Professor Washington, as she often stayed up until morning working on her presentations for speech class. Alex didn’t approve of this either, although it was more of a teasing thing in this case. Either way, it was the way it was, and he doubted things were going to change. 

As per usual, (Y/N) was walking around following him, which he didn’t seem to mind -or just didn’t notice. Nonetheless, she followed close behind until everyone else had left. She was curious as to where they were going, but said nothing as usual. Finally, he turned to her, making her jump with surprise. “Have you been following me?” He asked, almost suspiciously. Her face turned red. “N-No- I mean- Well- I suppose- Technically I am but-” She stuttered. “Why?” He asked curiously.

She swallowed as her face -if possible- became even redder. “I-I-I- Um….” She paused. “I-I just- I- Um….wanted to be around you?” She blurted out, although it sounded like more of a question. He looked surprised. “Oh.” He said. There was a moment of silence, before he started walking again. He looked back at her curiously. “Well?” He said smirking. “W-Wha- Oh!” She stuttered, before catching up, still with a red face.