SMFDR Monster Headcanons

less kinky but still sad (also i love @xheavensghost they’re sweet and i love them and helped me come up with a few of these)


he’s sickly and fragile because he refuses to… ‘eat’

  • he doesn’t like who he was meant to be 
  • doesn’t like that his life means nothing but “fuck, impregnate, kill.”

so he just,,, doesn’t feed? it’s really damaging

  • of course, sometimes he has to, it takes over and he can’t stop it
  • but you, Thomas, and Aaron try not to let those days happen

sometimes they do though, and he tries so hard, you can see it

  • usually Thomas volunteers, just in case James wants it rough or something - he can take it - but if he’s not there, it’s either you or Aaron who has to deal
  •  it’s not too bad, he’s still in there somewhere, it just tires you out for days

he refuses to talk about the days when he would seduce women in the way that he did; get them drunk off their ass, too tipsy to even walk, and then take what he wanted

  • he asked for consent beforehand, of course, but still hates himself for it all
  • he’s disgusted by himself - sometimes he even cries over it
  • and James does not cry

He’s very gentle in everything he does to show people that he’s not the demon he could be

  • He’s bigger than everyone no matter where you go and gets called out for it a lot
  • he can’t enter a gym without getting called ‘steriod man’ or something of that nature so your garage is full of workout supplies

Doesn’t mention his mom much - but he didn’t know his dad

  • His mother was a succubus; met his father at a bar, took him home, and accidentally got pregnant
  • she always hated him because he wasn’t what she wanted him to be
  • he wasn’t a monster; she was, simple as that


The way he shifts is dependent on how he feels

  • small animal? he’s scared or nervous; smol emotion
  • big animal? he’s proud or tired; big mood

he doesn’t like doing it though, he likes being himself

  • it’s actually really cute though because sometimes you just walk downstairs to find a German shepherd on the couch, and you call his name, and immediately he’s there, back on two legs

you never see him change back though - it’s a power that comes with being a shapeshifter - nothing will ever catch him changing unless he’s trapped

  • anyone looking at him will blink, a car will pass, something happens near them or something obstructs their vision to the point where one minute he’s a cat or something, the next, he’s a human, and nobody saw it happen
  • camera’s blur
  • video recorders black out for a moment

But, if he’s trapped… It’s a different story

He used to work as an undercover agent for the government, a bit like James Bond but with fewer explosions

  • his division reveled in having a monster like him on the team, they could Sirius Black the whole operation and go extra-incognito as a dog walker or have a mouse infiltrate places for intel
  • sometimes they got caught but most of the time it helped to have a ‘stray cat’ on standby in case things went wrong

but one time he was with the agent that got captured in some small part of a foreign country

  • he changed back unwillingly - they put a shock collar on him to ‘keep the dog at bay - it might be attack-trained’ and was forced back into his main form
  • they kept him in this remote facility for months, ran tests, tortured him
  • did everything they could to figure out how the United States got its hands on a “joke like this” and tried to re-create his DNA

He only escaped after a doctor turned his back for a moment, and he mauled him as a lion

  • He still has nightmares about it, but it was his only way out of that hellhole
  • Thomas, you, and James all agree that it was fair
  • he’s not a bad person for it and never will be

Once he got away he got caught in a drug ring and basically became their pet

  • protection for use, at the time, he thought it was a fair trade
  • everyone back home thought he was dead like the agent he was with when he got caught

he had nowhere to go

  • he caught opposing drug lords, murderers, found the hide-outs of rival gangs, scoped out bombs, entered rival gangs as someone his master’s had killed
  • they turned him into a murderer; killing for sport, using him

he fucking hates himself for it all 

  • never bring any of it up
  • he’ll talk about it if he wants to

Eventually, the whole place got busted and he was set free, brought back to America, welcomed as a hero

  • he never could go back to undercover work after that but he still had the scars across the backs of his shoulder blades from the tests and shit 
  • he won’t go near needles but has to get like a million shots a year for things animals have (heartworm, rabies, etc) and human vaccinations (flu, prostate cancer, etc)

He has a lot of nightmares, has a lot of scars

  • Protect this smol boi, he’s fragile and small and just wants love

he also hides his powers in public, either he goes out as an animal or doesn’t change

  • unless he’s with you guys, he trusts you and Thomas and James to protect him if anyone comes to try and hurt him

Prince of Hell!Thomas:

A lot of people owe him… “favors

  • it’s kind of sick through - the first time you ask “What kind of favors?” he responds “Who do you want dead?”
  • he’ll do it though
  • for you, he’d do anything

He protects you vvv well

  • if someone on the street whistles at you, he always opens the side of his jacket for you to snuggle into just because he wants you close, just in case
  • you never leave his side at bars, breweries, alleys - anywhere with either drunk people, high people, or sketchy people 

he didn’t like James at first

in fact, he tried to split you guys up

  • “I know what… people like him are like.” He growled, pulling you away from the broader man
  • You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing his hands off you as he glanced back at James, who was waiting patiently by the doors to the restaurant.
  • People like him? What is that supposed to mean?!”
  • “I use the term ‘people’ loosely.”
  • “You know what, maybe this was a mistake. I thought you, could handle a simple dinner, but you know… maybe I was wrong. You can go home, Thomas. We don’t need you here.”
  • You started walking away but stopped dead in your tracks when a red force overtook your vision, halting your movement. You turned slowly, facing Thomas, who had his arm outstretched towards you, a heartbroken look on his face.
  • “Please, (Y/N). Stay away from him.”
  • You sighed. “Come with me. I’ll show you he’s a good guy - please, Tommy?!”
  • The man sighed, lowering his hand and running it over his tired face. “If… If he even looks at you wrong-”
  • “If he looks at me wrong, I have you to protect me.” You smiled, taking his hand in yours.
  • Thomas gave a tired smile. “Damn right you do.”

doesn’t like Hercules and sometimes distrusts James - his own boyfriend - when they do certain things

  • He’s met people like that in the underworld and get’s very unnerved when he sees traits of them in his friends

really quite soft when you get down to it

  • he likes to cuddle
  • plays with your hair
  • normal boyfriend stuff

but then someone challenges him, and he just loses his cool

  • he made you switch dentists because yours was male and he couldn’t stand the idea of another man near your mouth, alone, in a room

Has a lot of powers that he uses to protect you guys

  • He can move shit with his mind
  • set things on fire if needed
  • can overpower an entire room

lived in the underworld for so long that sometimes he forgets Earth culture

  • “What the fuck is a ‘Hufflepuff’.“
  • “It’s from a book series.”
  • “Carving pumpkins is so… trivial”
  • “We live in suburbia - it’s either this or our house getting egged - shut up and stab the squash.”
  • “I don’t understand this. I was on Earth for this time period this isn’t how it goes.”
  • “Honey, Downton Abbey isn’t real.”

He and Laf are only friends because they understand what it’s like to be kicked out of your own home

  • Thomas doesn’t talk about it much, only mentions there are “Certain people who wouldn’t want me back.”
  • Protect this boy he’s cute and soft and just wants to visit home

Highschool AU Headcanons based on Shit™️ I’ve Witnessed in Public School

🌸🌷💐Highschool AU💐🌷🌸

10th Graders: Magnus, Alex, and TJ

11th Graders: Sam, Mallory and Halfborn

12th Graders: Blitz and Hearth


💯They own a stairwell, nobody questions it, nobody tries to move them

💯They have a challenge where you can’t use English from the start to end of school unless you’re talking to a teacher/staff member and Hearth is just sitting there like ‘I couldn’t “speak” English in the first place

💯Magnus is a volleyball player, plays trombone in band, and is in AP English

💯TJ plays the trumpet and insists on calling it “The Doot Doot Flute

💯Magnus and TJ casually play Pokémon via 3DS every lunch

💯Alex is an AP art student and runs the GSA

💯TJ, Halfborn, Hearth and Blitz are all in AP History and they are suffering™️

💯Blitz and TJ being unimpressed by how eurocentric history classes are

💯The fucking medieval babies crack them up without fail

💯A teacher once asked Hearth to take out his “Bluetooth” headphones then got angry at him for not replying to a question (via the interpreter btw) only for Blitz to reply: “you took his hearing aids”

💯Halfborn is on the football team, bench pressed the mascot once, and brings protein shakes to class

💯Mallory is the soccer team captain

💯Sam is on the track and field team

💯Some kid called Sam a terrorist so Alex punched the guy and got suspended

💯Sam being the woke kid who points out peoples’ bullshit

💯Alex charges $2.99 plus GST per page of Spanish homework people ask her/him to do for them

💯Alex sells soda pop out of her/his locker

💯Sam had her graphing calculator confiscated because her teacher thought she was on her phone

💯Hearth stays over at Blitz’s place regularly and everyone can tell because Blitz steals a lot of his sweaters during finals and midterms

💯A creepy teacher kept harassing Alex so Magnus yelled at him for twenty minutes during his class before storming out and helping Alex drop the course

💯Magnus and TJ have foods class together and they’re doing their best (send help)

💯Blitz showing up to school with a full pot of coffee, drinking it, then nearly passing out

💯A teacher once told Blitz that his hair was too “messy” and “unprofessional” so he only wore his hair natural for a solid year and refused to cut it

💯Alex laughing her/his ass off when a kid in her/his Bio class asks what tofu is

💯Magnus gets a part of his thumb ripped off by a door and goes into shock on the office floor while the teachers freak out

💯Magnus once yelled “fuck” too loud when he got a C on a physics project and was asked to stand in the hallway

💯They have a group chat and it is either wholesome or horrifying depending on the time of day

💯They all have devastating family problems and complain together like good friends

💯Mallory and Halfborn are competitive about literally EVERYTHING

💯Mallory kicked a guy for trying to grab her while cat calling then scolded the principle for scolding her for defending herself

💯Magnus and Alex randomly shove each other in the hallway endearingly (and have knocked over three people in the process)

💯Blitz and Hearth casually have domestic discussions about home decor (their math teacher thinks that they’re adorable)

💯TJ is the single friend but the ultimate friend

💯Magnus once showed Blitz a meme in the library during his spare and he laughed so hard that he was sent to the office

💯Finals lands on Eid so everybody does everything to help Sam out so she can just enjoy Eid with her family (sharing study guides and practice tests plus doing errands for the Al Abbas family)


Burr:*in a dark ally*

Jefferson (whispers): You go the stuff?

Burr:*hands you a container of M.Wash’s macaroni*

Jefferson: *nods and leaves*

Burr:*at the other end of the ally*

Madison: Do you have it?

Burr: *hands you a G.Wash frappuccino*

Madison:*nods and leaves*

*Back at Jeffmads house*

Jefferson and Madison:*sees the containers*

Jefferson and Madison:….Burr!

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If nobody's requested it and alsonif requests are still open, #30 with some good Jamilton angst?

— yes this starts with John, yes it’s on purpose :^)) 

“What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”

John paced in the hospital’s waiting room. He could hardly see where he was going, as he looped around the set up of chairs, his eyes irritated, vision cloudy with tears. Eventually he decided to sit down. He tossed his bag onto the seat beside him, and pulled his knees to his chest. He couldn’t help his ragged breathing, or the erratic sobs that wracked his body.

“He’s going to be okay John.” Lafayette moved to sit beside him, gently touching his shoulder.

“T-this is my fault.” He was grateful for the comfort, but that thought wouldn’t leave him.

He sniffled loudly, then released a sharp breath. If he hadn’t walked into the street without looking, if he hadn’t checked his phone, if he had just looked both ways like even children knew to do, then Alexander wouldn’t have pushed him out of the way. Then Alexander wouldn’t have been hit. Or perhaps, if Alexander hadn’t moved to save him, John would have been able to pay for his own consequences.

“You’re right, this is your fault!”

John stood abruptly, meeting Thomas’ glare as he walked towards him. His fists were balled at his sides, and he appeared almost unstable.

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Cousin, driving me home: What do you wanna listen to? *hands me phone*

Me, grinning psychotically: Hamilton.

Thomas Jefferson and Thanksgiving

During Thomas Jefferson’s term as Governor of Virginia, the Continental Congress sent out a mass letter to all of the states recommending that there should be a day designated for a public thanksgiving. Jefferson sent the another letter (this time his own) to the Virginia House of Delegates. Jefferson signed that a day of “Thanksgiving and Prayer” be held on December 9th, 1779. 

However, when Jefferson was President, he expressed hesitancy to endorse proclamations of this sort. He first declined to mark the day in 1801. For Jefferson, supporting Thanksgiving meant supporting a state-sponsored religion, and it was his aversion to mixing church and state. Jefferson wrote in a letter to Reverend Samuel Miller on January 23rd, 1808, in response to Miller’s proposal that he recommend a national day of fasting and prayer: 

“I consider the government of the United States as interdicted by the Constitution from intermeddling with religious institutions, their doctrines, discipline, or exercises … Certainly no power to prescribe any religious exercise, or … assume authority in religious discipline, has been delegated to the general government … But it is only proposed that I should recommend, not prescribe a day of fasting and prayer … I should indirectly assume to the United States an authority over religious exercises, which the Constitution has directly precluded them from … civil powers alone have been given to the President of the United States and no authority to direct the religious exercises of his constituents.”

@animeunder444: 14, 25, 26 With Jamilton Please? Love your writing by the way.  

“Please…stay…” “No, please don’t!” “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”

— my apologies, accidentally answered this privately! I did an apocalypse au to spice things up a bit aha hope thats ok!

“Thomas don’t go, no one’s making you go, in fact I’m making it pretty clear that I want you to stay!”Alexander grabs the back of Thomas’ jacket, leaning his forehead into his shoulder blade. “Please… stay!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to go Alex.” He turns and his hands fall to Alexander’s shoulders. He looks down at him, his eyes misty, although he knows Thomas would never admit it.

“N-no please don’t, t-they’ve taken too much from me as it is, y-you know that right?” He feels his own eyes growing teary. “I-I can’t risk losing you, I-I want to be there for you.”

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“ Dreams don’t come true ”

Kiss and Tell
  • *Alex and John laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling because their bored. Alex has a big smile on his face."
  • John: What's that smile? Did something happen with you and Thomas?
  • Alex: Hey, I'm not one to kiss and tell.
  • John: ...
  • Alex: but I'm also not one to have sex and shut up. We totally did it!