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Times are hard for Dreamers


2. Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore

24. It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka 

55. You’re a nerd 

94. I had a bad dream again

Pairing: TJ Hammond x Male!Reader

Word Count: 1015

Warning: fluff, nightmares, cute gays (if that bothers you, then you have no heart)

Notes: This was written for my best friend @cameronahugenerd so I hope you like it! First time writing ‘x Male!Reader.’ Title is from a song from the musical ‘Amélie’

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You feel something grasp your upper arm and shake it frantically, nudging you abruptly out of your sleepy haze. You blink, your vision clearing as you stare up at the cleanly painted ceiling. You tilt your head slightly to look at the bedside table beside you, the digital numbers on the alarm clock saying ‘5:58am.’ The warm weight is still around your bicep, and you roll over your side, about to tell your boyfriend off for waking you up at such an early time. Before you can open your mouth, your eyes widen and you sit up hurriedly, pulling him up with you, setting him against the headboard.

“TJ? What happened?” You ask, checking him quickly for any injuries, skimming your hands along his toned chest, before glancing up at him.

His eyes are restless, darting around the room worriedly, his eyes large and scared. He’s covered in a thin layer of sweat, his hair mussed up a little and his chest heaving, taking in big gulps of air. When he hears you, he exhales a little, his gaze fixed on you.

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Here’s a list of canon LGBTQ+ Characters that i know of! please tell me if you would like me to add on! (these are in no particular order)

• Kevin, from 6Teen, is gay

• Bucky Barnes from Marvel Comics is bisexual

• Wonder Women from DC Comics is bisexual

• Jughead from Archie Comics is asexual

• Gobber the Belch from How to Train Your Dragon 2 is gay

• Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe are lesbian

• Grell Sutcliffe from Black Butler is a trans women

• Thea and Edie from Doc McStuffins are lesbian

• Thomas James “T.J” Hammond from Political Animals is gay

• Todd Chavez from Bojack Horseman is asexual

• EJ and Sue Randell from Clarence are lesbians

• Jessie Drake from Marvel Comics is a trans women (the first openly transgender character in the marvel comics too!)

• Bucky Barnes from Marvel Comics is bisexual!!!

• Deadpool from Marvel comics is pansexual

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Pity Date

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Pity Date

“Who gave you that black eye?”

“Who gave you that black eye?” He was prepared for it. Prepared to answer that one specific question about an hour before he had stepped foot into his mothers’ house, his home. He already came up with an explanation. Deeming it to save his ego and rights, to what really happened. He talked himself into the most heroic act and complete it with why he now has a black eye.

And yet, once his Nana placed her soft delicate hands over his cheeks and pulled him down to her level he was a singing bird, “(Y/N) punched me,” He answered, What was all the pep talk he gave him self and the added stress of making sure his story sounded believable, was now at the back of his head nagging him for whats to come.

“(Y/N), Jen’s daughter?” Nana exclaimed, It was no secret that the former president’s sex life wasn’t applied to all the single ladies- even some who are taken and just need a bit of spice.

“Yes,” T.J complained, his Nana still inspecting the damage the young girl had done. “She’s tiny but sure can pack a punch-” T.J tried to explain, but once his Nana had enough she pinched the brim of his earlobe and pulled him behind her.

“What did you do to her?” Her voice was rough, (Y/N) was a quiet girl, she ignores anyone who she sees annoy her. No one has ever gotten a rise from her, America saw her as the perfect girl of the head of the senates daughters. Her dad was so proud of her, he would always bring her to work, it even helped given the fact the young girl plans on attending school to finish her degree in criminal justice. Non the less, T.J must have either done or said something-

“I didn’t even look her way-” T.J exclaimed, watching as his Nana released him from the pain and went to grab a cell, dialing the young girls number. “I didn’t even breath her way,” T.J cried, his hands in the air emphasizing the situation.

In no more than three rings, the girls voice was heard from the other line, “Hello-”

“What did my grandson so to you?”

It was quiet, the line went dead. T.J waiting for the worse. If the young lady had any emotions she wouldn’t rat him out, if she had any that is…

“He suggested we fuck each other in the closet like how his dad did to my mother,” And of course she doesn’t. She has no bit ounce of emotions to think for a moment of what could possibly happen to him once his family knows what he said to the girl.

“I’m sorry,” His Nana rubbed her eyes, her voice weary and dry. She had done this so many times, T.J coming home either hurt or lost… “You know, the only way I think would teach him a lesson is to take you out on a date as a sorry.”

T.J’s eyes popped out quite literally. If she had a great shot by just one punch, he was shaking in his boots thinking what she could possibly do to him if she had him cornered and into a place where she could get her way with him. God knows how much anger that women has pent up from the years of torment.

“W-why thank you.” Her voice went back to normal, her usual shy self. it was evident in her tone. She was never good at hiding her emotions, not that T.J had taken note over.

“He’ll be there today around 7,” His Nana closed the phone and jutted her hips, resting her hands on them. “You, Thomas James Hammond, will be on your best behavior or I’m telling your mom about this one. You know as much as i do how she hates people talking about Bud like that…”

All he did was nod his head. He was in for a doozy.


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Summary: You and TJ are soulmates but you have to hide it

TJ Hammond x Reader

Soulmate au: Soulmates name is written on your wrist

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When you were younger you had no idea who your soulmate was. Everyday you would look down at the name written on your wrist, Thomas James Hammond. You always thought that sounded like a fancy name.

You dreamed of fairy tale castles, a handsome prince, a knight in shining armour to whisk you away. That wasn’t what you got.

After meeting your soulmate, your dream was to become a reporter. You had managed to get a summer internship at a local news agents and you were shadowing one of the head reporters on all her articles, most of which were covering the upcoming elections.

That was when you realised who your soulmate was. Bud Hammond was running for office, and his son Thomas James or ‘TJ’ was your soulmate.

You didn’t tell anyone, what would they say? What would you say? You had no clue what to do with the fact that your soulmate was most probably the next president’s son. You figured that, in time, the universe would bring the two of you together. If not, you always knew where to find him.

After your internship they offered you a part time job which you eagerly accepted, though you were young you began to establish a name for yourself. In fact, you were doing so well you decided not to go to college and focus on your already growing career.

Two years into your job as an established journalist you got a knock on the door, it was two men in pristine suits who told you that you were needed at the White House.

It was a very nerve wracking experience considering neither of them answered your questions and you weren’t allowed to bring anything to record your visit or tell anyone where you were going.

When you arrived they escorted you through the White House and into a large office where in front of you was more security guards and behind a desk was President Bud Hammond. “Please sit,” he gestured to the chair in front of the desk.

Hesitantly you took a seat and President Hammond dismissed the bodyguards who reluctantly left. “Is it true?” he asked.

“Is..what true?” you asked unsure.

“Let me see your wrist,” he half asked, half demanded. Soulmate marks were a very personal matter but you didn’t want to piss off the president so you showed him your mark, the name of his son on your wrist.

He sighed, “Listen, Y/N. I’m sure you’re a very nice person but we don’t want this getting out.”

“Don’t want what getting out?” you asked, very confused as to what was happening.

“You and my son are soulmates. But my son is a smart boy, destined for great things. No offence to you but you’re from a small town, you don’t come from a rich family and you didn’t go to college. That’s not the image we’re trying to sell of the first family. Plus, with your budding career as a journalist we have to take in the possibility that you could use this against us as blackmail for information that should not be released to the public.”

“What information are you not releasing to the public,” you asked quickly, your journalistic instincts taking over.

“None of your business,” he narrowed his eyes.

You sighed, “Why are you keeping us apart. We’re soulmates, surely that’s illegal.”

“If you’ve met and formed a bond, just because I know doesn’t mean I have a legal obligation to bring you together. TJ has no idea who you are or that you’re here, and it’ll stay that way.”

“I’ll have you know that you should trust me. I’ve known about TJ for the past three years and I haven’t said anything, I wouldn’t in the future either,” you told him, keeping up a glaring eye contact. “But thanks for the vote of confidence.”

You stood up, “I’ll be going home now. Please don’t send anymore men in suits to my door.”

You did as you were told, you never told anyone TJ was your soulmate. Not even after his family left the White House, not when you became one of the most well known journalists and you could have used it as something to get you higher. You didn’t because you didn’t want to, didn’t need to.

Just as you always thought, the universe has a plan and you and TJ were definitely destined to meet. You were out at a bar enjoying a promotion, your friends were drunk out of their mind at the table whilst you sat at the bar sipping on a scotch.

“A shot, please,” you heard a male voice next to you, you turned to you right and saw none other than TJ Hammond. Your soulmate was less than a meter away from you and you were frozen solid.

Unfortunately, he noticed your staring. He gave you a quick, fake smile and downed his shot, “You recognise me, huh?”

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I don’t get a lot of this anymore but you look pretty star struck,” he chuckled, “You want a photo or something.”

You shook your head, “Y-you’re TJ. TJ Hammond.”

He nodded slowly, “Yes that’s me.”

“TJ Hammond.”


“As in Thomas James Hammond.”

“This is getting creepy.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you blurted out and he froze. “I’m your soulmate.”

TJ reached over and grabbed your wrist and pulled back the sleeve, sure enough his name was on there, just as your name was on his. “Oh my god,” he breathed. “Why didn’t you find me sooner? Clearly you knew who I was.”

You shrugged, “I didn’t want to force that on you, I figured we’d meet eventually. Plus your dad kind of threatened me not to.”

TJ clenched his jaw, “Of course,” he huffed out air through his nose then looked at you. Really looked at you.  He took in the colour of your eyes, your hair, the curve of your face and the light smile that played on your face.

“We have a lot of time to catch up on,” he grinned.

You smiled widely at him, “Yes we do,” you agreed.

“This place blows, I’ll show you a place cooler than here,” he said, taking your hand and pulling you from the bar. He paused when he got to the door and you crashed into him, “Aren’t those your friends?” he asked, pointing to the booth with your friends in it.

You shrugged, “They’ll live without me for one night, I just found my soulmate,” you smiled and a large smile spread across TJ’s face. It had been only a few minutes but he already could feel himself falling in love with you.


A/N- It’s a bit short I know but I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think of it, requests are open xx

For thebestpersonherelovesbucky (happy birthday!), ithewhimsyviper-seven, myhandsarenotmyown, and everyone else who thinks T.J Hammond deserved better.

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Updated 15.02.2016

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James Buchanan Barnes died in the winter of 1945, leaving his best guy behind. Thirty-seven years later, he was reborn as Thomas James Hammond. At thirty years old TJ began to remember who he was–the man who fell from the train. Bucky never believed in second chances, but this sure did feel like one.

[AU in which TJ Hammond is the reincarnation of Bucky Barnes]

Saving Him

Hi! I wanted to ask if you write for TJ Hammond from Political Animals? Something fluffy and someone rescuing him from himself?😘 - anon

Disclaimer- I have no idea how US politics work lol

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You had known the Hammonds for what seemed like your entire life. Your father was a senator so you had always had to attend fancy parties and events with him, it was at one of these parties that you first became friends with TJ Hammond.

He had left the hall to get away from the pressures of his family and you had left to get away from the pressures of social interaction. Both of you had ended up hiding out in the same room away from the main event and talking the whole night and became fast friends, the guards had gone crazy trying to find the two of you but that was all in the past now. Over ten years in the past.

After growing up in politics you had wanted to do anything but that with your life, you moved out as soon as you could and TJ would often show up unannounced when he needed to get away from it all. Except recently he hadn’t shown up at all, he hadn’t called or texted and you were left a little out of the blue on what the hell was happening.

It was no secret to you that TJ was going through a lot, you had witnessed his slow descent into alcoholism and depression and it killed you to see your best friend and the person you loved lose himself. That was why it scared you so much that he had gone radio silent for almost a month. You couldn’t even find any new information about him from the tabloids and that was the driving factor that pushed you to pack a bag and drive the hour long journey to where he and his family lived.

There were only a few cars on the road thanks to it being late at night so you let yourself speed down the roads, getting there in 40 minutes. You pulled up outside his apartment and jogged up the stairs to his building, he had given you a key long ago so getting in wasn’t an issue. TJ lived a few floors up and when you finally reached his floor you felt something settle in your gut that told you something was wrong. You knocked on his door, “TJ?” you yelled, listening for any signs that he was moving around in there.

“The doorman told me you were home so you better open this door,” you yelled through again, knocking louder. With a huff you dug into your pocket and produced the key to his apartment, unlocking the door, “I’m coming in, you better be decent.”

When you opened the door there was chaos around the apartment, everything was messy and it looked like he hadn’t left in weeks. You walked further into his place and stopped dead in your tracks, TJ was on the floor and passed out. “TJ!” you rushed forward to his side and pushed him over, his skin was cold and clammy and when you felt for a pulse it was barely there. “Oh my god,” you breathed, you could see numerous empty bottle of alcohol around him and the remnants of his obvious drug abuse.

You gulped and switched on your phone to call 911, “Yes, hello. My friend has overdosed and he won’t wake up, I need an ambulance,” you gave them the address and hung up. You pushed his hair that had stuck to his forehead away from his face and pulled him into your lap, “You’re gonna be okay, I’m gonna make sure you’ll be okay,” you whispered to him, letting yourself cry over his body.

When the ambulance came you had refused to leave his side until they had let you stay in the ambulance. At the hospital he was rushed away to surgery and you knew you wouldn’t able to go with him, you spent the first half an hour pacing the waiting room then decided to go get some coffee from the cafeteria to calm your nerves. As you drank your coffee and waited to hear from one of the doctors you realised that you hadn’t told the Hammonds what had happened.

You went outside of the hospital, it was still night time, the early hours of the morning now. The air was cool on your face and grounded you as you dialled. “Hello?” you heard a tired voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi, Elaine, it’s Y/N,” you said quietly.

“Y/N? What are you doing calling at 4am?” she replied sleepily.

“It’s TJ,” you gulped.

“TJ?” she sounded more alert now, “What happened?”

“I found him overdosed at his place, he’s in surgery, we’re at the hospital,” you felt hot tears streaming down your face.

“I’ll be right there,” Elaine said and hung up the phone.

You wiped the tears from your cheeks harshly and went back inside the hospital just as a doctor came down the hall, “Are you with Thomas Hammond?” he asked.

You nodded, “Yes.”

“He’s just out of surgery now, he should be fine but we need to keep him for a few days and he needs to stay away from substance abuse,” he told you, giving you a once over as if you were the one supplying him with all the drugs and alcohol.

“Can I see him?” you asked.

The doctor sighed and looked at his clip before nodded, “Yes, but he’s still asleep,” he told you.

“That’s fine, what room?”

“42c, second floor.”

You nodded in thanks and walked past him and up to the second floor, the walk was only short but it felt like an eternity. When you reached his room you looked at him through the glass in the door and almost couldn’t go in, his face was still pale and he looked so fragile and broken lying in the hospital gown under the thin hospital sheets.

Turning the door handle you quietly walked in and sat down in the chair by his side, taking his hand in yours. The beeping from the heart monitor the only thing reassuring you that he would be fine, how could you have been so stupid to have left him on his own. It wasn’t his job to call you, you should have tried to make contact with him. You were his best friend, always had been, it was your job to look out for him when others couldn’t. When he couldn’t. And you had failed. You lay your head down on the bed next to his hand and you couldn’t stop the sobs that wracked through your body.

TJ slowly peeled his eyes open a few minutes later, the first thing he thought was why was am I awake? The second was that there was something warm in his hand, he tried to move his head but that sent a jolt of pain through his entire body, he just moved his eyes and though his vision was a little blurry he could make out Y/H/C and familiar body shape. “Y/N?” he asked, his voice weak and hoarse.

You snapped your head up and saw he was awake, “TJ? Oh my god,” you wiped away your tears before he could see and scooted closer to him, “Are you okay? How are you feeling?” you asked softly.

“I feel like shit,” you managed a weak smile.

“Well good, you scared the crap out of me Thomas James Hammond, don’t you ever do something like that again,” you said sternly, holding back the urge to beat him senseless now that he was awake.

“Full name? You really must be pissed,” he joked.

You glared and try to stay angry but after a few seconds your composure broke and you huffed a laugh, “That’s because I am. Why didn’t you come to me?” you asked, your voice betraying how hurt you were.

TJ looked guilty, “You’re too good for me. I didn’t want to burden you with my problems.”

You sighed, “TJ I’m your best friend, your problems are my problems. I made that decision when I first met you I’m not changing that now.”

Just then Elaine followed by Bud and Douglas rushed on, “TJ, honey, are you okay?” Elaine rushed forward to his side, the rest of his family going to his side and practically forcing you out of the way.

“I’m fine, Mom,” TJ reassured.

“No, you’re not. You’re lying in a hospital bed,” his dad said sternly.

“At least I’m not lying dead,” TJ replied having a short stare off with his family.

“When do they release you?” Douglas asked him.

“In a couple of days,” you piped up from the corner of the room, the whole family turned to look at you as they had clearly forgotten that you were there, “They need to keep him for observation, the doctor says he should be fine but he wants to make sure.”

They nodded and turned back to TJ, “When you get out of here I am sending you straight to a rehab centre,” Elaine said with a don’t-argue-with-me-tone.

You saw TJ scrunch his nose up at that, in the past few years the Hammonds had tried to make TJ stick it out in many rehab centres but he had never lasted more than a few days. He hated them. “He could stay with me,” you offered quietly, once again everyone turned to look at you. TJ looked confused yet hopeful, the rest looked almost disgusted that you suggested something other that the finest rehabilitation centre in the country.

“Excuse me young lady but Thomas is my son and I decide what’s best for him,” Bud said sternly, glaring at you.

“No, excuse me, Mr. Hammond,” you fired back, unsure where this confidence had come from. You had clicked well with the rest of TJ’s family except for his dad who had never really seemed to like you all that much for reasons unknown to you. “But TJ is an adult and he doesn’t need his father telling him what to do, he should be able to make his own decisions about what’s best for him. And it’s clear to see from the past that no matter how good the rehabilitation centres are they don’t help TJ because he doesn’t want help from them. My house is in the middle of the countryside away from the main city and tabloids, that means it’s a stress free environment and there won’t be the added trouble of paparazzi. It’s a place he comes to anyway to de-stress, I don’t even drink alcohol myself and the nearest shop that sells it is miles away. Plus, he would be looked after by me, his best friend, rather than strangers that he doesn’t know trying to meet a monthly quota of people they’ve ‘helped’.”

The whole room was silent as you and Bud stared each other down, the silence was only broken when Elaine spoke up, “The lady certainly makes a good case,” she smirked at her ex-husband and looked at you with something you thought was pride.

Bud huffed and looked down at TJ who had been silent for the whole thing, “What do you want to do?”

TJ looked from his father to his mother to you, “I’d rather stay with Y/N,” he spoke up after a moment.

Elaine clapped her hands once and looked at everyone with a smile, “Then it’s settled. Y/N, I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into,” she gave you a soft smile.

“I know, believe me.”

When TJ had been released from hospital you had driven him back to your place, Elaine had already had people move some of his stuff over from his apartment. It made you a little uncomfortable to have workmen in your home whilst you weren’t there but you were unwilling to leave TJ’s side whilst he had been in hospital.

“Mi casa, su casa,” you said when you reached your house and got out of the car. Your house was on the outskirts of the city and where countryside began. Your street was in fact just a long dirt track with only two other houses on it, both of which were spread a mile or so away from you. The house wasn’t particularly fancy, your dad had offered to buy you a better one but you didn’t want his money, instead you had used the money you earnt yourself as well as some savings to buy it. The house was a regular one, with two floors and an attic you had converted into a work space, you had your spare room all set up for TJ.

“Thank you,” TJ said as he got out of the car, “For standing up to my father, not letting me go to some fancy facility where they don’t care about me.”

“No problem,” you smiled over at him as you walked into your house.

You went into the kitchen and began making a drink while TJ sat at the breakfast bar, after a moment you placed a cup of tea in front of him. “Is there alcohol in this.”

“No,” you laughed.

TJ sighed and sipped the drink. “No alcohol while you stay with me,” you said firmly, “If you do I’ll know. I wasn’t kidding when I said the only shop is miles away, and you only have my car so I’ll know if you try to leave.”

“What am I? Your prisoner? Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed here,” TJ joked.

You rolled your eyes, “You can go places, I’ll just have to drive you to those places and stay with you at those places so I know you’re not relapsing,” you said more seriously.

“I guess I deserve that,” TJ said sadly.

“Oh, you deserve way worse,” you smiled brightly, “You’re lucky I’m your best friend, I could make your life hell but I won’t.”

You and TJ sat and talked about meaningless crap while he finished his tea, you hoped that you would be able to help him. You couldn’t bare to lose him, you had never been as scared as you had been when you found him overdosed.

When he finished you stood up and grabbed his mug to place it in the dishwasher, you didn’t notice TJ come up behind you till you turned around and had to stop yourself from running into him. “What’s up?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Why did you save me?” he asked quietly.

“Because you’re my best friend.”

“I didn’t deserve it. I’m no good for anyone.”

“You’re good for me,” you pulled him into a hug and he buried his head in your shoulder, “Never doubt that. You can always talk to me, about anything, okay? You’re my best friend, I love you, I’ll do anything for you, you got that?”

You felt him nod against your shoulder, “Yeah, I got that,” he murmured.


A/N- okay so not really romantic even though I know that’s what you wanted but I was writing this and it didn’t really feel like the right time for TJ to be getting into a relationship when I set this so this just focusses more on the really close friendship bond. I guess atm it’s sort of one sided from your part but idk, it can be read both ways if you squint. Requests are open xx