thomas is actually blushing


it wasn’t even on the lips!!!


Imagine: Minho tries to flirt with you using cheesy pickup lines.

For: @zoerest97

Minho’s POV

“What do I do?” I ask Newt, he just chuckles in return, “Help me shuckface! You know I like Y/N, but she barely even gives me a second glance! I need to make her fall in love with me! Help me!”

Newt just sighs and responds with, “I don’t know mate, maybe she just fancies someone else.”

“Maybe you should try using some pickup lines on her, I heard girls love those!” Thomas pitches in. 

“Uh Tommy, I don’t think girls-” Newt begins, but Thomas cuts him off.

“Trust me Minho they love pickup lines!” 

I guess it’s worth a shot. 


You lean on your shovel, exhausted from the planting that you been doing all day, and fan yourself with your hand. 

“Hey Y/N,” You hear Minho’s familiar voice call from behind you. 

“What do you want Minho?” You groan. 

“Are you okay?” He looks at you up and down, and for a moment he looks genuinely concerned. 

“Um, yeah,” You shrug, “it’s just really hot out here.” 

“I think I know what the problem is,” He says leaning a bit closer, “I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.”

You laugh, “Seriously Minho? You’re an idiot.”

You roll your eyes at him before walking away.

You make your way towards Newt, Alby, and Thomas, with your lunch tray in your hands. You’re in the midst of a normal conversation when Minho slides into the seat next to you. For a moment he’s completely silent, which surprises you, but then he finally says, “You know Y/N, if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” 

“Really mate, is that the best you can do? Cutecumber?” Newt asks, clearly suffering from secondhand embarrassment. 

Once again you just chuckle and roll your eyes. 

Once you finish eating you make your way back to the gardens, to continue with work. Suddenly you see Minho running towards you, “WOAH WOAH WOAH! Y/N!”

He stops in front of you and looks down, “Can I tie your shoelaces for you?” You assume that is another one of stupid jokes, until you notice that your shoelace is actually untied.

“Um thanks, but I can tie it myself,” You say before crouching down to do so. 

“Good. I just wouldn’t want you falling for someone else,” He winks. 

“Come on Minho, again? Really?” You shake your head, finish tying your lace, and walk away. 

The rest of the day goes on without disturbance from Minho, that is until dinner time. 

He makes his way up the line and stands right behind you, cutting in front of Newt, “Come on mate, wait your bloody turn.”

Minho ignores him and instead taps you on the shoulder, “Y/N? Do you know what’s on the menu?”

“Um, I think Fry made his fa-” Minho cuts you off before you can finish. 

“Because I’m pretty sure it’s me-n-u!” 

“Oh my God, what’s wrong with you today Minho? Did you have too much of Gally’s special drink?,” you laugh.

The day is finally over, you’re just watching the stars by the fire with a drink in your hand, and once again, Minho slides next to you, “What now Minho?”

“Nothing…” It’s never nothing with you Minho, after a short pause he adds, “The stars just look gorgeous today.”

You wait, and to your surprise he doesn’t say anything, “Um, yeah. They are.”

“You know, if I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d be holding a whole galaxy,” You look at him ready to roll your eyes, but then you realize that this pickup line is actually pretty sweet, “Wow, you’ve been rolling your eyes all day at me, but look at you now, you’re actually blushing!”

“I’m not!” You argue.

“Thomas was right!” He says under his breath.

“Huh?” He just shakes his head, so you continue, “Seriously though, what’s gotten into you today? You’re acting so strange.”

“Thomas told me that girls like pickup line,” He shrugs.

You laugh out loud, “Oh God Minho, you’re such a dork, I thought you’d know better than to trust Thomas!”

“So…you didn’t like it?” You chuckle at his cuteness and shake your head.

“You’re adorable Min,” You say before leaning into give him a peck on the cheek. He looks at you in shock but you just get up, “I’m going to bed, you should get some sleep too.”

As you walk away, you just hear him call out, “Wait! You didn’t answer my question! Did you like it?”

“Go to sleep Minho!” You respond without turning back.


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How To Be a Heartbreaker- Jeffmads- Chapter One-

James stood up from the table, walking by Thomas and his friends, or at least attempted to. “Hey, baby boy, won’t you look my way?” Thomas called, laughing softly. James fought to keep the disgust and anger down as he turned to Thomas, forcing a bashful blush on his cheeks and a shy smile on his lips. “H-hi.” He stammered out, holding back his anger when he saw the classic arrogant smirk light up Thomas’ face. “Hmm, you’re a cute one, aren’t cha, Pretty Boy?” James actually blushed at the nickname, not used to compliments or terms of affection. Then he reminded himself who he was talking to, and why he was talking to him instead of pouring the contents of the tray over Thomas’ head. He took a deep breath and looked up at Thomas through his eyelashes, tilting his head. “T-thank you. I didn’t catch your name.” Thomas grinned, leaning back. “That’s cause I didn’t throw it. But I’m sure you’ve heard of me.”

“Thomas Jefferson, right?” James asked in a soft voice and Thomas nodded, grinning at him. “What’s your name, dollface?”  James was so close to saying ‘memefucker’ but instead just smiled and whispered. “J-james. James Madison?” He phrased it like a question and Thomas chuckled, walking forward and placing his fingers under his chin, staring down into his eyes. James jerked back, stumbling backwards and almost falling. A look of confusion arose on Thomas’ face as James quickly walked back to his table. “It was nice to meet you, Tommy.”  He called over his shoulder, running back to his table. Alex, who was still on John’s fucking lap, oh my god, PDA, was grinning at him, John chuckling. “That was …”

“Disgusting? Enraging? Homicidal thoughts bringing?” James managed to get out through gritted teeth, making Alex and John laugh. “You know the only time I’ve ever seen you this passionate is when you’re writing. Thomas is like writing to you.” John commented and James sent him a death glare. “I’m going to the library.” He decided, getting up, after he had finished his lunch of course, and heading to the library, scanning through book from book, just trying to distract himself from the racing thoughts that were dancing around in his head.  He frantically began to write in his journal, just wanting to get the thoughts down on paper, some sign that he wasn’t going crazy. He sighed, fidgeting in his seat as he stared at the writing on the page. It wasn’t good enough. He made a move to tear it out when a hand caught his wrist. “Everything is going to be important someday. You learn from your mistakes, don’t throw them away. Watch yourself improve.” The sound of the voice made James want to cringe but he was disgusted with himself when he found it comforting. It was Thomas. James looked up with a shy smile, running his fingers through his neat hair. “Hey.” He greeted and Thomas grinned, releasing his wrist and sitting next to him. “Hey.” Thomas repeated back, making James grin. “You skipped English but we got partnered up on an assignment, so here.” He handed James a slip of paper with his phone number written on it, a little heart next to it.  James chuckled, looking down at the slip of paper as he put it in his pocket. This was going to be so easy.  

“Hey, want to grab a slushie with me?” Thomas questioned with an almost nervous smile. But James knew that Thomas was never nervous, so he told himself it was a trick of the light. James nodded. “Sadly I chose to take the bus today, so can you drive me, Tommy?” Thomas beamed at the nickname and nodded. “We’ll just skip the rest of the day.” James’ eyes widened. Yeah he skipped one class like every month at most but to skip a whole day? Thomas chuckled, seeing how nervous James was and smiling.

“You’re so cute.” He cooed, ruffling his hair playfully and a genuine laugh slipped out of James’ lips before he could stop it. It’s been awhile since he laughed like that. It felt nice. Thomas slipped his hand into James and without thinking James pulled his hand away, laughing nervously. “Sorry. I’m not used to people flirting with me.”

Thomas chuckled. “That wasn’t me flirting. I’ll show you what actual flirting is later, sweetheart.” He said with a wink, linking their arms together and leading him outside to his car. James silently got into the passenger seat, smiling faintly at Thomas before looking out the window to admire the scenery going by.  After ten minutes Thomas pulled into 7/11 parking lot, pulling into a parking space and parking. He got out of the car, waiting for James before heading inside it with him. “Cherry or coke slushie?” He asked and James chuckled. “Cherry, duh.” James responded, making Thomas grin back. “My kind of man.” He replied, filling two medium slushies up with cherry flavor. He walked back to the cashier and paid for them both before James could even argue. Thomas lead him back to the car, hopping on the hood of the car and motioning for James to do the same. For a moment there was silence- Other than the occasional slurping noise and Thomas smiled at the peace. Then he decided to break it.  “So you’re on the debate team with me, right? You’re actually really good, even if you are a tad bit shy, it all seems to disappear when you’re debating.” Thomas commented offhandedly and James couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “Yeah, well, debating is a way I lose myself. Become someone else. A stronger me. Same thing with writing.” James admitted and Thomas nodded. “But what are you escaping?” Thomas challenged and James chuckled. “That’s for me to know. “

“And me to find out.” Thomas countered, making James smile and laugh. “Keep telling yourself that.” They spent hours talking, going back in to buy more slushies and candy, then showing each other their favorite music, books, complaining about teachers. When the school day would’ve been over they were still talking, stopping when James checked the time. “I should be heading home.” James said softly and Thomas nodded. “I’ll drive you back, what’s your address?”  James gave it to him and Thomas typed it into his phone, before they both climbed into the car, Thomas starting to drive again. When he reached his home, Thomas hesitated. “Text me so we can talk about the project. Also, there’s a party at my house tomorrow. I want you to come.” Thomas said, frowning when James opened his mouth to protest. “You don’t have a say in the matter. I’ll text you the info later.” He drove off and James sighed, walking back into his house and throwing his book bag onto the ground. As usual both his parents were busy working. He took the slip of paper out of his bag and added Thomas to his contacts, sending a simple text.


Thomas responded quickly, telling him what the project was, pretty much they just had to write a love story together, and then sending him information about the party. James walked up the stairs, dragging his feet behind him as he texted back and forth with Thomas, starting to regret agreeing to do this. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to hurt Thomas anymore. Oh no, he still wanted to see Thomas crash and burn. But he wasn’t sure who was gonna slip up first. Thomas or him.