thomas hiddleston

Imagine getting into a play argument with Tom. He’s pretending to be mad at you for stealing his robe, and you’re laying on the couch pretending not to care. That’s when he tells you he’s had enough - he picks you up, throws you over his shoulder, and carries you to the bedroom. You aren’t sure what’s real and what’s pretend anymore, as Tom yanks the tie from the robe. He twists it between his hands, deciding the best way to tie you to the bed.

Hiddleston and Hemsworth

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and fuck shit up they did.

Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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Imagine the look on Tom’s face when you tell him you want to continue seeing him. The two of you met on the set of a rather dark film, so you agreed early on to spend your off-camera time flirting and teasing each other to keep things from getting too melancholy. He’d tell you how much your smile brightens his day, and you’d tell him how great his ass looks in those tight pants. It didn’t take long for flirting to escalate into touching, and soon you were meeting in dark corners to steal a kiss. With filming coming to a close soon, you had to tell him how badly you don’t want your little fling to end.


“Babe. Babe, it’s noon and you shouldn’t be sleeping in your suit,” you whispered, feeling Tom’s arm tighten around you as you whispered into his neck. He only groaned in response as your fingers drew figures into his skin. “Fine,” you sighed, letting yourself relax against him as your eyes closed, “both you and me deserve a few more hours.

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