thomas hiddles

Imagine sharing an umbrella with Tom. It was close to midnight, and it started to rain while you were walking through the park. Suddenly a big gust of wind swept the umbrella into the trees, leaving you both soaking wet with nowhere to go. Looking around, he takes your hand and leads you into a partially enclosed shelter.  The sight of you - dripping wet, clothes clinging to your body - causes a reaction in him that he wasn’t quite expecting. He takes your soft face in his hands, kissing you deeply as thunder rumbled in the distance.

Requested by @ladyloki2017​ <3


Mother Cushing creation. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This ghost was one of the most stunning in the movie. The mourning attire makes me grin it’s amazing, it’s detailed and the veil and bonnet are aesthetic weaknesses of mine anyway. Of course Doug Jones and Daviddtsfx (image source) and team did a fantastic job and it shows.


Here’s something I found rather interesting, also perhaps a little creepy. They’re called “invisible mother” photos. They covered the mother so they could sit the children down and make them stand up right, they also created rather haunting phantom like figures. I think it fits with Crimson pretty well.