thomas helmet

“For I have promised to do the battle to the uttermost, by faith of my body, while me lasteth the life, and therefore I had liefer to die with honour than to live with shame; and if it were possible for me to die an hundred times, I had liefer to die oft than yield.”
― Thomas Malory


The original Discovery helmets in action.

From a French radio interview with Cauet in 2003:

Thomas: “[The helmets] are very heavy… we almost had back problems from wearing them. In fact there are three different versions, but the biggest weighed about 5 or 6 kilos [11 or 13 lbs].”

Guy-Man: “It’s very easy to fall asleep under our helmets because nobody can see you.”

this picture is so fucking weird for me cause i never seen guy with such long hair or with him being so thin

like hes always been a little bit bigger which isnt bad b y all means

but idk im always like woah when i look at this pic………….. also the fact that hes wearing a fuckin dragon shirt oh my god