OK SO I REALLY debated putting up some of my school work, but with a nudge from another artist I decided I OUGHT TO! This was my final project for my publications class. One of the options was to design a book and since I’m an overachiever I chose to do an entire bookset. HANNIBAL.

The sleeve was laser engraved out of red touche paper. Since this was a publication class I also did the book jackets and some inside illustration/publication design which you can see {here} and {here}

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❝ You know how cats do. They hide to die. Dogs come home. ❞

− Thomas Harris, Red Dragon.

If you ever catch yourself thinking that your fanfic premise is too stupid to actually write, remember: Thomas Harris, author of The Silence of the Lambs, recipient of multiple prestigious literary awards both American and international, and widely regarded as one of the finest suspense writers of his generation, once wrote a book about sexy teenage Hannibal Lecter killing Nazis with a katana.

The resulting film adaptation made eighty million dollars.

This is your standard for comparison. Now: is your idea really that stupid?

She didn’t give a damn about some of them, but she had grown to learn that inattention can be a stratagem to avoid pain, and that it is often misread as shallowness and indifference.
—  Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs
Bryan Fuller talks about Hannibal and Tumblr
  • Ben Blacker:You mentioned that Hannibal was created basically out of one small idea in Thomas Harris's Red Dragon. Do you want to talk a little bit about that? And I'm curious about pulling that idea out and spinning it into years worth of story.
  • Bryan Fuller:There's like a page and a half in Red Dragon where... first it kind of started with Lecter saying to Will Graham, "You caught me because you're as crazy as I am," essentially. And so that kind of implied an intimacy to their relationship, a bromance that I thought, you know, "Let's explore this, let's see where it goes," and as a gay guy I'm fascinated with how straight men play.
  • Blacker:There's nothing straight about Will in Hannibal, I have to tell you.
  • Fuller:As I've seen by Tumblr. It's amazing. Like aaaaaaall... God bless all of you for that. I think it's fantastic.
Be very careful with Hannibal Lecter. [···] If Lecter talks to you at all, he’ll just be trying to find out about you. It’s the kind of curiosity that makes a snake look in a bird’s nest. [···] You don’t want any of your personal facts in his head. You know what he did to Will Graham.

Jack Crawford warning Clarice Starling.

Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs, 1988 [chapter 1]