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Why Can’t You See That I Love You? (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

Request: I just read your recent one it was really good can you write one with Barry Allen where the reader get jealous of iris and she sees them kissing and she feels so broken but happy ending

Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you think so :)


I hope you enjoy!

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It was no secret that you had an undying crush on Barry Allen. In fact, even Barry Allen himself knew about your feelings. But it was, however, a secret that he felt the same way about you as well. He would always try to drop hints that he reciprocated your feelings but you were too oblivious to pick up on them. 

“He loves Iris.” You ranted to Caitlin during your routine coffee run. “I mean the way he looks at her it’s like she’s his everything. When he looks at me, I’m just his best friend.” You sighed. 

“I told you this. Joe told you this. Cisco told you this. You’ll never know unless you try.” Caitlin said, taking a sip from her coffee. “Maybe he’s learned to keep his feelings a secret now? Who knows?” 

The two of you went back to S.T.A.R. Labs and to your surprise, Iris was there. “Oh come on. I need something interesting to hand in.” She begged. “Hey, (Y/N).” She smiled.

You couldn’t hate Iris. She was too kind and fun to be around. And the fact that Barry was happy around her made you happy. You returned the smile and set the coffees down on a table before sitting down at your desk. 

Barry walked over to you after Iris had left with a file about the latest meta human. “You wanna head out for lunch?” He asked.

You gave him a weird look. “It’s barely morning, Barry.” You laughed. He rolled his eyes. “Oh you mean like in the afternoon? Sure. It’s a date. I mean uh… not like a date, date, but like a friend date. A friendly date.” You two held each other’s gazes before Cisco coughed, taking Barry’s attention. 

You felt yourself blushing as you returned to your work. Every day, it was like that. Barry endlessly flirting with you and you being completely blind to it. By the time lunch rolled around, Iris had came back. “Barry, I need to talk to you.” She said, her voice a little more serious than it usually was. You gave Barry a nod, assuring him that it was okay. 

The two walked off. It was about five minutes in and Cisco had asked you to fetch something from his workshop. While you were walking through the halls after retrieving the gadget, you heard two voices. “Why don’t you want this? You always had, Barry.” It was Iris’s voice, sounding a little distressed and upset. You stopped in your tracks before following the noise. They were inside a smaller room.

“Because I don’t want you anymore, Iris, as harsh as that sounds.” Barry said, softly. 

“Really?” Iris challenged and everything was silent. You peaked into the room and saw the two kissing. Your heart sank in your chest as you felt your grip on Cisco’s tool falter, causing the machinery to fall to the floor, crashing and causing the two to advert their attention onto you.

“Sorry.” You muttered as you tried to clean up the mess, your tears falling from your face.

“(Y/N)-” Barry began, walking over to you and trying to help you.

“No!” You snapped, getting up and running off towards the Cortex. Caitlin saw you come in with tears in your red, puffy eyes. “Th-they were ki-kissing.” You stuttered as you collapsed in your friend’s arms. 

Barry flashed in, looking guilty and upset. “(Y/N), listen to me.” He begged. Caitlin gave him a harsh look but he gave a pleading one. Giving in, Caitlin entangled you from her and set you into a chair, then her and Cisco wandered off. 

“I don’t want to listen.” You said, adamantly. “Why aren’t you with Iris right now? You love her don’t you?” 

“You’re so blind, I swear.” Barry sighed. “(Y/N), I’m not with Iris right now or ever because I don’t love her…” You looked at him through your teary eyes. “I’ve tried taking it slow for the past two years, (Y/N). Which is strange coming from the Fastest Man Alive. Why Can’t You See That I Love You?” 

“You love me?” You inquired, finding the statement unbelievable. 

Barry nodded, pulling you up from your chair and into his embrace. “So much.” He whispered before lifting up your chin with his two fingers and connecting your lips and there were those undeniable fireworks. 

Wouldn’t plan on it.(Grant Gustin Imagine)

Summary:  Could you do a grant gustin imagine were the reader is also apart of the flash cast and is dating grant and she has a daughter from a previous relationship who visits the set and likes grant a lot (the whole cast loves the readers daughter but grant does especially)

PSA: Okay something happened to my drafts and my inbox and all the works I’ve worked on are gone… I guess I didn’t save it properly or something. So I’m sorry if I didn’t do your request! I know there were some Eobard Thawne imagines, Snart, and a couple Barry Allen imagines. Please request them again if you still want them!


Again I’m sorry if yours weren’t done.

I hope you enjoy!

(I know this isn’t Grant but I couldn’t help myself)

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Grant was the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. Many boys you’ve dated have been complete tools, pricks, and ass hats. Don’t even get started on the boys you dated when you were in high school. Grant was sweet, caring, thoughtful, and loving. And after a year of dating, that never changed and if it did, he got better and better.

The whole cast was hanging out at a restaurant and your phone rang. “Sorry I have to get this.” You told your friends and gave your boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek, in which Carlos yelled out ‘ew.’ 

You answered the phone, noticing how it was an unknown number. “Hello, is this Miss (Y/N) (Y/L)?” The lady on the other side of the phone sounded very kind. 

You nodded until you realized she was on the phone. “Um.. yes. Who is this?” 

“This is Linda from child protective services…” You were a little taken back. Your ex boyfriend from a five years ago had taken your child and ran off, but you never saw your baby girl, Hailey, ever again. 

“Why are you calling?“ You questioned, but it came out harshly. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just my-”

“Ma’am, there have been reports that your husban-”

“Not my husband. He’s just some jerk that got me pregnant.” You sighed. “But what happened? Sorry I keep interrupting.” 

“It’s alright ma’am… Well, there were reports that he isn’t taking care of your daughter, Hailey, and it’s been decided to take Hailey out of his custody.” Linda explained. “She’s in our offices right now and in your city. We would like it if you would come pick her up before tonight is over, or else we’ll have to send her to a temporary foster home” 

“I’ll come get her now. What’s the address?” You were given the address and you went back to the table. “Hey, guys there’s an emergency. I’m needed somewhere else.” 

Grant looked immediately worried. “Do you need me to come along? Do you-”

“Baby,” you interrupted. “I’ll be fine. I’ll see you guys on set tomorrow.” He stood up and gave you a kiss on the lips.

“I love you, babe.” He whispered with a smile.

“Love you too.” 

When you arrived at the CPS office, you signed in and a couple minutes later, a girl that stood about to your knees was brought to you. You knew it was Hailey as soon as you saw her, she had a birthmark on her neck. It seemed as if she recognized you as well. 

“Mommy?” She inquired and your tears welled up as you nodded. She ran to you and clung to your legs. “Don’t leave me mommy.”

“Wouldn’t plan on it.” You told her firmly. 

The next morning, you got her dressed up and told her that you were going to work and she was going to meet your friends. The whole time you two were walking through set, she clung onto your leg as if you’d disappear again. 

“Aw, who’s this lil’ baby?” Candice cooed, startling Hailey and made her hide behind your legs. 

“This is my daughter, Hailey. Baby, this is Candice. She’s mommy’s friend.” Hailey peeked out from behind you and Candice made a funny face, causing your daughter to giggle. 

Throughout the morning, your friends were surprised to find out about your daughter but welcomed Hailey with laughs and smiles. Especially Grant. By the time she met him, she had gained more confidence in talking to new people. He introduced himself and then attacked her in a bear hug, making her giggle and laugh so hard. He even lifted her up and sprayed her face with kisses. 

“You’re so good with kids.” You laughed. “Baby, this is mommy’s boyfriend.” 

As the day went on, Hailey was either holding your hand or in Grant’s arms. You could tell she instantly took a liking to him. His sweet and kind demeanor just seemed to charm her. She even told you while you were prepping to film a scene that she thought he was like a real life prince. 

When the day ended, Grant and Hailey begged you for him to stay the night. And you couldn’t say no to either of them. That night Grant and you put her to bed, him singing her lullabies. When she finally settled down into a sweet slumber, Grant had pulled you into a passionate kiss. 

“You don’t care that I have a daughter?” You asked and he answered by shaking his head. “You won’t leave me because I have a daughter, right?” Every time you’ve asked a past boyfriend if they’ll leave you, they’d lie and tell you no or at least some variation of it.

Wouldn’t plan on it.” He smiled, pecking your lips one more time. And this time, you believed it.