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I think what makes people hostile about La La Land isn’t the movie itself. Standing alone, it’s a lovely movie. But when you get down to the principle of the matter of its popularity, it makes people who actually love musicals really angry. I guess it’s taken as a compliment when people say, “I normally don’t like musicals, but I loved La La Land!” But it’s really not. It just means you don’t watch musicals and most likely only watched that movie because it was the trendy thing to do and wow, it was great. And you attack the people who say they didn’t like it by saying, “You guys are talking shit about it for no reason.”

No. Not at all.

People who didn’t like La La Land actually regularly watch (AND LOVE!!!) musicals. And it’s astonishing to us that people are losing their shit over a movie that has been done a million times, and done better. It’s not a brand new thing just discovered and executed perfectly. What’s annoying is you all acting like it’s new.

White people falling in love in Hollywood? Fred and Ginger. That was their whole shtick. DECADES worth of movies. A musical about Hollywood? “Singing In The Rain.” And you don’t even have to go back to the older movies. A modern musical? A modern musical with a much more realistic ending? “Once.” And it’s like nobody praising “La La Land” knows what “Sing Street” is.

Anyone who claims La La Land is the best musical they’ve ever seen is either 1.) A liar, who didn’t watch musicals in the first place and probably doesn’t even like them, or 2.) Has really bad taste in musicals. Like this is coming from somebody who loved the film, but can see the faults in it. Faults that would be nitpicking from a musical watcher, but are ignored by the people who, before La La Land came out, had no interest in musical movies and honestly probably don’t want to see anymore unless they’re like La La Land.

Which means that you’re not going to see the SAME STORY done SO MUCH BETTER that La La Land was based on and inspired by.

I’m bitter. It seems like everyone fiercely defending La La Land were the people who ridiculed theater kids and scoffed at Broadway and only took part in viewing a musical in the first place was so they would be in the loop, and now since they were exposed to a musical, they see how great they are and can’t take people saying negative things about it. And they won’t consider going to look at the movies that started it all. It’s hypocritical and insulting.

La La Land was nice, but it isn’t a special movie. The way I see it, it’s just getting the awards that Whiplash deserved.


Happy Throwback Thursday!!! 

Speaking of throwbacks and that Ryan Gosling reference (L to R)…

  1. Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch in American Pie (1999)
  2. Ryan Gosling at 2017 Golden Globes (Jadyn Wong’s celebrity crush; Happy was caught staring at picture of actor according to Toby)
  3. Eddie Kaye Thomas as Dr. Tobias Meriwether Curtis in Scorpion 3.23 “Something Burrowed, Something Blew”

I love when writers insert personal bits about the actors in the story!  Yes, that’s the same suit from almost 20 years ago!  Yes, it’s intentional!  Yes, Finch’s story from that evening will be inserted into Toby’s!  Ryan Gosling is a happy coincidence! 

Stay breezy friends and enjoy the view! 


Los Angeles area filmmaker Pablos Fernandez Eyre has taken classic movie posters and turned them into GIFs! Ah-ma-zing.

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Toby/Eddie & Jake & Ryan 

Oh, Happy… you’re so easy to “read” aka Happy has a “type”  (Happy’s type - the visual guide)

Dr. Tobias M. Curtis (EKT), Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Gosling

Tobias “Toby” M. Curtis (portrayed by: EKT aka Eddie Kovelsky aka Eddie Kaye Thomas) & the two real-life famous actors, who apparently also exist in the shows universe, who have been mentioned in the shows universe as men Happy’s character finds pleasing to look at/she has dated  - Ryan Gosling & Jake Gyllenhaal.