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Many in the country are worried about ISIS. FOX NEWS and Republicans claim President Obama isn’t paying attention to ISIS and is putting the U.S. in danger. Reminder that there have been only 4 American deaths from ISIS. There were 9 American deaths just from Dylann Roof and hundreds more from racist police. This shows that the country should pay more attention to white supremacists in America rather than Muslims from other countries.

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Police officers lives are NOT more important than Citizens

That invisible line was drawn for citizens a long time ago it was breed into us systematically. Ferguson crossed and removed that line, now the system is in full defense mode trying to draw that line again.

Police in Ferguson have essentially stopped policing and are using our resources to silence us. It’s no secret at this moment that it’s open season for criminals to get away with anything. Police are allowing criminals to break the law in order to fear monger the public into giving them more power. New York has its own army of 50,000 officers that just declared war on the citizens they are sworn to protect.

The recent spurt of violence aimed at police officers is a result of a certain person taking matters into his own hands. Many things might be attributed to why this happened, and people are shifting blame instead of addressing root problems. No doubt that tensions are extremely high, and both sides aren’t willing to be silenced. Only difference is we aren’t forcing them to be silent, they remain silent while trying to force us to be silent as well.

The police have the luxury of having the system and its resources backing them. They honestly believe that the lives of police officers matter more than the lives of civilians. The legal system makes it so random public executions are allowed to happen, just to keep citizens in check. Justifying those executions of citizens by insulting intimidating and demonizing the victims of the system’s “finest.” At what point does “national security” trump the simplest of our constitutional rights?

Different people have different views on police brutality, it depends on who you are and where you live and that’s real. People who haven’t had much contact with the system watch it on TV and they are all shows that glorify the system and its keepers. Propaganda mixed in with entertainment, they make it look like they can’t do anything wrong. Only showing when they catch people, they don’t broadcast that they don’t actually solve crimes at all. Entertainment that molds people’s minds into obedience, people don’t even know that they are being brainwashed.

The whole way of life it seems is by design, anyone challenging the status quo gets the label of the decade. Last decade was “communist” now it’s “terrorist.” React to the oppression and be ready to be oppressed even more. This idea of the USA is slowly eroding, and reality that this is a police state is settling in. Some are in denial and action against it or for it depends what side of the line you’re on. Contributing to their neighbors’ oppression for a lousy paycheck they don’t realize that they are only one paycheck away from being the oppressed. The system is using some middle class people to keep the rest in line, but at the end of the day those officers are just middle class people. Pawns being moved into place against their own country men, they deny the rights they demand for their children. This is insanity.

We have seen that they have no plans for accountability, we see just plans to reinforce rule. Not a single person has lost their job or been held accountable for police corruption. All the while that system is constantly holding others accountable. When citizens have no voice people will go to extreme measures. This should have been addressed before the uprising in Ferguson.

The latest killings have shown the discontent the people have with the police. Instead of trying to defuse the situation the NYPD went as far as declaring war on the public, Like there was ever any peace, basically saying the deaths they perpetrated was a way of keeping “peace.” After it’s all said and done they can deny and shift blame all they want but the blood of those officers are on their hands.

Ferguson protesters, especially me and Tef Poe, are having the finger pointed in our direction. Very responsible to blame peaceful protesters for violence perpetrated in a different part of the nation. Yes we have inspired a bunch of good folks to go out and make a difference. But we have also stressed keeping the peace regardless of the narrative of crash-dummy-journalists. A Fox affiliate even went as far as editing a video to make it sound like a group of protesters were calling out for deaths of police officers. This puts us all at risk, both police and citizens alike, and all for pageviews to keep itself relevant. The mainstream media is brainwashing the public to believe they are in danger so that the government can take away more of our rights. All to the thunderous applause by the sheeple.

What’s next? Why don’t we see some accountability for a change? Officers are turning their backs on the mayor, signaling to the nation that the NYPD has gone rogue. They answer to no one, servicing only the highest bidder. Instead of addressing the issue they are calling for more violence against protesters. Will that keep cops safe? Will that help the healing process? Why do we allow that gang of thugs to keep law and order when they know nothing of the sort?

Their only answer is “Comply with the law and you won’t be hurt.” I think that is bullshit. America foundation was built on revolution, was built on questioning the intentions of those in power. The sheeple who stress to comply with the law are completely un-American. They know nothing of what it takes to be a true American, unless everything we were taught was a lie. Which is becoming the case day by day, and the constitution is looking like a document created to appease the people. It’s looking like it’s a sham, lies to justify a change in power. How can you deny that? They stated all men were created equal while they owned slaves. Does that sound democratic?

Police officers are human, and they are citizens, but they are no more human than anyone else. Their citizenship isn’t supposed to supersede ours, but that is the reality. While they scramble to protect killer cops, they are putting innocent cops in danger. This is by design. All of it, to keep those officers in check just like the rest of the populace.

We protest to bring awareness to the public including the police. We protest to protect citizens from state-sanctioned violence, which includes the police. Do they do anything in return? No, they’re shifting blame And they point fingers to anyone else but themselves. We won’t go back in the house until we see and feel a change.

The revolution has just begun. It’s on them to comply with us not vice versa. We the people have spoken. It’s time they actually listen, they are not doing any one any favors by ignoring the cries of the people they claim to protect. Either the police recognize and take measures to right the wrongs or they will be forced out of the job.

Every cop that stood up and turned their back to the mayor should be reprimanded, keep your opinions at home and do the job you’re paid to do. The public will no longer tolerate the fact that killer cops are not held accountable nor contribute to our own oppression by enabling the police to hijack our communities. The system won’t reform itself. Get off your ass.