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Who are the gpk? I keep hearing their name but I don't know who or what they are!!

They are a new group that’s headquartered at a junkyard. On the forum our members started calling them the Garbage Pail Kids (GPK for short) so the name kinda stuck and that’s what we have been calling them. That’s not their real name. We know that Rick and Co first encounter them in episode 9 and then go to their junkyard in episode 10. They have a pretty cool fighting arena with a bad ass spiked out walker. (You can catch a glimpse of it in the promo for 7b).

We think they initially form an alliance with Team Family, but based on filming reports they might end up siding with Negan.

New information has recently surfaced about a few of the actual members of GPK.

Here’s a rundown:

Jadis is the leader. Played by actress Pollyanna McIntosh. Her codename in the casting call that came out this summer was “Brion”. The casting call described her as:

“Brion is an educated, pokerfaced leader who has a superior air and does not let his/her motives be known. Brion uses as few words as possible and keeps his/her emotions in check – we do see amusement, annoyance, displeasure – Brion just doesn’t wear their emotions on their sleeve; he/she is confident, quiet, and chiefly concerned with how anything may benefit him/her and those he/she knows…”

(Casting call from TWDZone)

There is another character actually named Brion who is played by actor Thomas Francis Murphy. He seems to have some type of significant role within the GPK.

Last but not least, the identity of “Boots” is believed to be a character named Tamiel who is supposedly played by actress Sabrina Gennerino. She might be like a right hand lady to Jadis.

This group should be an interesting addition to the show, especially since they are not in the comics. Yeah trash hipsters!