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This AU is from: @bunny-yams .

This is one of my favorite AU’s in fact (LOL). Their just quick sketches and I hope its oke to post them. 

Alex is just like: What the actuel fuck is wrong with this forest?! 

And Thomas has the creepiest rapeface i ever draw in my whole life O_o.

Thomas took me around 30 and Alexander around 15? min. 


Here are three illustrations I did for an investigation on Luiz «Bang» Carlos Machado published the french magazine XXI with Quintin Leeds and Sarah Deux as art directors.

“Investigation on the one who wanted to be the King of the Amazon… At once lord and patriarch, Luiz Carlos Machado, also known as Luiz Bang, built with his gun trigger an empire in the Brazilian forest.”

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Jamilton the Hunger Games!

- Alex is from District 12 and volunteers. He doesn’t do it for anyone else. He just wants to be a victor.

- Thomas is a career from District 1. He didn’t want to be chosen but his parents pressured him into volunteering.

-   Alex’s weapon of choice is a machete. He goes straight for it in the cornucopia. Thomas’s weapon of choice is to be protected by his career friends.

- Thomas hates this. The bio-environment of their game is a forest. Thomas is used to AC and while he was trained for this he never thought he’d actually go.

-  Alex is scrappy and probably gets most kills out of everyone in the games.

- Thomas gets split from his group and gets stabbed in the leg. Meanwhile Alex has pissed off all the careers and knows he can’t take all of them at once. So when he stumbles across a bleeding Thomas, he strikes a deal. He’ll fix and protect Thomas while he’s healing if Thomas can keep his fucking ‘friends’ away from him.

- People across the districts quickly get invested in their bickering relationship. Every time Alex tells Thomas to get his own damn medicine they both gain another sponsor.

- Thomas got attached to Alex so when his leg no longer hurts, he doesn’t mention it. Alex pretends not to notice.

-It comes down to Thomas and Alex in the end. All the others kill each other off while they mainly hid out in some caves. The Capital let them be because the viewers ate up their interactions.

- The entire population is on edge as Alex and Thomas stood face to face and realized that one of them had to die. Thomas offered to kill himself off and Alex told him that that wasn’t going to happen. Thomas couldn’t believe Alex was being so naïve. There wasn’t a chance both of them survived. Alex couldn’t accept a reality in which Thomas dies.

- Then Alex pulls that double suicide stunt and the Capital lets them both survive.

- Once they leave they are forced to doing the tours together even though they’re from different districts.

- They’re in love but both dumb. Thomas acknowledges he is in love with Alex but thinks Alex is only faking being in love with Thomas for the Capital. Alex believes the same vice versa.