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Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x female Reader

Prompt: If you are still taking requests, I was wondering if you could do a readerxThomas Jeff  where the reader is best friends with the Schuyler sisters so she is oblivious to all pursuits for her affections believing that the people who talk to her only do so to meet the sisters. So Thomas ( whose flair and charm has never failed him before) has to find a way to convince her of his intentions.

(Note I misread this prompt a bit, but I’m very happy with the end result. I apologize for it deviating at the end.)

TW: None?

Word Count : 1,796


You were a smart girl, you liked to think.

You were not oblivious to the things going on in the world. You had educated, well formed opinions, even if you didn’t share them as often as others did. But they had helped you make strong bonds when it counted, that was enough.

But you were expected to be smart. Because of your family, and social group, you were, at the very least, expected to be able to read, and play at least one musical instrument, and do needlepoint in your spare time. You did one of these things. You did one of these things near religiously. But the other two…you were skilled with no instrument. Your needlework was shoddy at best, and often. After a session of Eliza trying, and failing, to show you how, you walked away with fingers that were bandaged and bleeding.

But unfortunately, there was one other  area you were certainly not proficient in. Understanding the deeper meaning below one’s words. You made guesses, of course. Though many of them were incorrect.

You were close friends with the Schuyler sisters, and being so close meant you got invited to balls on a regular basis, simply on the principle that many times they would not attend without you. And tonight found you in Peggy’s bedroom, readying for the ball with the youngest Schuyler buzzing excitedly at the prospects of this one. Supposedly, a lot of pretty big named were attending. You smiled, and humored her, your corset being laced and deep purple dress being slipped into place. The both of you looked up from your respective tasks for getting ready as there was a light knocking on the door and Eliza peeked in with a smile.

“Come on, you two! We’ll be late if we don’t leave soon!” You, by all standards, were ready, but Peggy let out a surprised, perhaps even hurt, gasp.

“But I’m nowhere near ready!” She panicked, looking at herself in the mirror, the both of you descending on her with soft, motherly smiles. You gently tilted her chin up, and smiled at her in the glass.

“I think you look lovely.” Eliza promised.

“You’ll make them drop dead if you’re any more gorgeous!” You laughed, slipping on your shoes and almost throwing them off the moment you put weight on them. This was a crime. It had to be. No one should ever be allowed to wear something so obscenely uncomfortable on their feet. But you smiled at two of your closest friends, and together, the three of you descended the stairs to where Angelica was impatiently fanning herself by the carriage.

“There you are! We’re already running late, and we can’t afford to be anymore so!” She insisted, though her lips broke in a smile as the four of you filled the carriage with not only your bodies, but the sheer volume of skirts, laughing and teasing each other the whole ride to the party.


The ballroom was gorgeous. The band was playing as loud as they possibly could, it seemed, couples having taken to the floor already, and the whole plateau seemed to be covered in the flaring skirts of the women as they danced, Candles made the room even hotter, so you soon found yourself finding your table, and bringing out your fan. All three of the sisters had found a partner, so, for the moment you sat back, watching the dancing and the people. The person who perched himself beside you went unnoticed.

Angelica was dancing, you could see her from your table, dress flaring like fire licking at her ankles, and domineering the dance floor as though it was her own. The couples around her seemed to be washed out by her brilliance. Peggy, the little ray of sunshine, was very enthusiastically talking with a man nearby, as he twirled her. She’d always been talkative, and he was listening with a smile on his face. He didn’t seem to be someone who said much, but it looked like he loved to listen. You had to look around for a bit to finally spot Eliza, who had secluded herself, away from many of the other party goers, in order to be with her fiance. You’d never really spoken with him before. But from the way she enthused about him, in character and mind, you felt a kinship with the man already, wanting to protect her, and the other sisters.

“-Miss have you been listening to me at all?” You snapped from your thoughts, turning to look at the man sitting beside you. He was blond, with a boyish face that seemed to be rather annoyed by the fact that you hadn’t been paying attention to him.

“Ah, no, I’m sorry, sir…” He huffed, and stood, leaving the table without so much as a word to you otherwise. You went back to people watching, having three other men who sat beside you. Two of them left when you directed them towards the Schuyler sisters, and the third was so drunk already that you moved away with ease, starting to grow a bit upset.

Not that you weren’t being spoken to, no, it was more the fact that they were using you in order to speak and try to woo your closest friends. You didn’t know how you felt about that, but it certainly wasn’t good. When the fifth man of the evening sat beside you, you were at your wit’s end. You snapped your fan shut and turned to him with pursed lips.

“No, I am not a Schuyler. No, I will not point you towards them.” You snapped, before the man had a chance to even open his mouth. He was handsome, that was for sure. Dressed extravagantly with a smile so easy, and charming, that you felt your shoulders relax a bit just looking at him.

“Ahh…no. Sorry. I’m here to speak with you.” You weren’t buying it.

“Why? So you can learn all about them?”

“No.” He shook his head, the curls he sported moving with him in a motion that was near hypnotizing. “You seem like a smart girl. I figured you might be more able to hold a conversation than some of the other girls here. Is that a crime?” He held his hands up, and you sat back a bit. But you still weren’t convinced.

“Fine…what’s your name?” Your ‘conversation’ was off to a rocky start, as you seemed to be sizing him up and down the entire time. He had a motive. He had to. Everyone has a motive behind what they actually do. He doesn’t want to speak with you, he wants to speak with Angelica, or Peggy.

“Thomas. And you?”


“Pretty.” There was that easy smile again. You reopened your fan and resumed fanning yourself lightly. “Not much for conversation, hm?”

“I prefer books.” Your answers were curt, hoping that eventually, he’d give up trying to get through you, and set his sights on someone other than your friends.

“Ah…good ones, I hope?” He chuckled, trailing off when you showed no break in your stony facade. “Right…uh…I suppose I’ll see you again before the night is through, (Y/N). Have a wonderful evening.” He broke your awkward conversation short, and a burst of pride surged through your chest as he left, tail between his legs.

‘That’s right,’ you thought ‘walk away. Make that the last time you use me to get to my friends.’

This was all thrown off track when Angelica came nearly barrelling up to you.

“Why are you talking with Thomas?” She asked quickly, a beam on her face.

“Oh…you know him?” You raised an eyebrow. Why would he go through you if he already knew her…?

“Yes! Thomas Jefferson? Wrote the Declaration of Independance? We’ve exchanged letters before. He’s home from France for a few weeks on business. So? Why are you talking to him, and why did he walk away?” She looked excited. You always denied attention, seemingly caught in the wake the sisters made. So this, this was ground-breaking, and exciting.

“I um…I…sent him away…”

“You what?!” Her jaw dropped at you and she shook her head in disbelief.

“I thought he was trying to get to you, or Peggy, or Eliza! So I…I stonewalled him until he left.” You confessed, cheeks flushing for two reasons. One, because you had completely misread everything, and sent a potentially interesting, and admirable suitor away. Two, you even had a possible suitor in the first place!

Angelica put a hand to her head, but dropped her skirt. “Hang on, let me handle this.” She promised, gathering them up again to make her way over to where Thomas was now talking with a few friends of his. You smiled, and gave your head a little shake.

Angelica Schuyler. Best wingwoman you could ask for.

And a moment later, she was leading a smug looking Thomas back over. As soon as you could hear her over the music, she gave a simple “Play nice.” And returned to her awaiting partner on the dancefloor.

“Now…maybe we could try this again?” He asked, taking your hand and bowing to you as he gave it a kiss. “My name is Thomas. And you are?”

“…(Y/N)” You sheepishly relayed the information again.

“Beautiful.” He laughed a bit, taking his seat again, as your conversation continued.


It flowed so much easier now, and it wasn’t long before the two of you were dancing, still talking, and laughing, and enjoying the conversation while spinning amongst the other couples. He was quite the smooth talker, you learned. Very smart, and worldly, aware of affairs going on all over the world, and involved with much of the diplomatic relations in France at the time. You never ran out of subjects to talk about. But the time came to say goodbye for the evening.

He bowed his head to you again, kissing your hand as the sisters watched eagerly from the carriage behind you. “I hope to see you again soon. Write to me, won’t you?” He asked, giving your smaller hand a squeeze. He could nearly envelop it completely if he tried.

“Of course.” Came your breathless reply. But at this point you weren’t sure if that was because of him, or the corset you wore. Perhaps both.

“Au revoir, (Y/N).” He smiled, helped you into the carriage and your spot beside Eliza. As soon as the carriage pulled away, and he was out of sight, the girls began asking questions faster than you can hear them. But they went unnoticed for now, as your mind was too busy being enamored with the man you met that evening.


I am so sorry that this got away from the prompt a little bit. But I had such a good time writing it, I couldn’t bring myself to erase anything that I had worked on. If the requester doesn’t like this, feel free to drop another request! I’m all ears!

Love, Rosie