thomas fall

snippet from the final chapter because it is taking So Long to Finish

Thomas was still with him the morning after, his breathing slow and steady as he slept. James watched him for a while, thinking back on all the years he had spent hiding from men he wanted, ignoring his own desires, fucking and leaving and fighting with self loathing. He hadn’t enjoyed being young. Now, with a little age and possible wisdom, he had come to enjoy being with someone. He enjoyed being with Miranda, with Thomas… 

It was in that moment he knew he was in love. 

And it was ridiculous, wasn’t it? To fall in love so fast and so hard that it made your heart pound. It was as though things had changed for him and it was almost like being drunk.

Thomas stirred, a sigh falling from his lips and his eyes opening.

 “Morning,” he whispered, voice thick with sleep. He reached up and touched James’ cheek, a softness filling his face and James couldn’t help but lean down and kiss him.

He couldn’t help pressing their bodies together, couldn’t help moving against him and moaning as the heat of their skin spread to his heart, to his cock, to his very soul. Thomas’ hands and mouth made him cry out, James felt his body surge like the ocean towards the man and it was beyond him to resist kissing him over, and over, and over-

But, eventually they had to get up. It was early, barely 6am, but the world moved on despite the will of lovers.

Long time no see. Except in my revenge fantasies where I see you on an hourly basis.
—  Thomas Jefferson to
Alexander Hamilton