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So I was messing around with some looping and words started.

This is The Ballad of Dwight Houston, a song I wrote about one of my favourite characters in Dalton (or just about ever. All of them are a favourite of sorts, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever read).

It incorporates some elements of Hell Night, but other than that it’s got no definite theme, other than the hunter himself.

I also slipped in a bit about Alan.

Disequilibrium: (Story Two of my Future Series)

So, some of you may remember that Dwight future fic I wrote a few days ago.
If you dont here are the links:


Anyway, I did mention that the fic was the start of a sort of series im working on so, here is the second part.

It involves Dwight’s son, Alan and Tommy and an important mission…..

(Its on fanfiction too: )

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“Alice!” came Evan’s yell from outside. “Dwight’s got your magic cookies hostage! Save the cookies, damn it! Save the cookies!”

“—so help me, I’m going to crush each and every single one—!”

“No, you stupid Knight—don’t do it, man!” Ethan yelled like he was dying. “Think of the others! Alice, help!”

“Oh for the love of—” Kurt pushed himself out of the chair. “I’m sorry, if I may, I just have to stuff all those cookies down their throats.”


Chapter 16: 3… 2… 1…

This is the last one, I swear!

David turned to the bedside table. As was customary for every Windsor who particularly valued sanity, they kept a Nerf gun nearby in case of Tweedle Attack. Blaine’s was sitting on the bedside table, along with a full round of ammunition.

Sighing, David handed it to Dwight. “Thank you,” Dwight said. And then he opened the door and charged into the fray, yelling across the house as he fired. “Bring it on, Tweedles! Say your prayers!”

“This means war!” the Tweedles yelled from somewhere outside.


Chapter 16: 3… 2… 1…

And this is why I love Dwight and the twins.