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Now I really want a poc version of Pride and Prejudice. I saw @lasocialista dream cast edit of p&p and got so inspired that I had to draw this

Check it out here

where is my batlantern established relationship fic where jason ask them both how does it feel to be the modern live version of pride and prejudice? and everyone just loses their minds

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a movie,,,,, why not submit my favourite movie,,,,,,, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

- Alex is Elizabeth of course. He’s loud and outspoken about his opinions which is a big no-no considering he is poor but he doesn’t care- he’s gonna yell at these rich people if he wants to.

- Thomas is Darcy. He’s rich and handsome and would be the perfect suitor for anyone if he wasn’t such an asshole.

- Alex must get married in order to ensure his family name. He himself cannot carry on his family’s legacy because he is a illegitimate bastard but if he finds himself a wealthy person to marry. 

- So Alex goes to a Winter Ball in order to find himself someone to marry. He is introduced to Mr. Burr and Mr. Jefferson. Mr. Burr immediatly asks for a dance while Jefferson decides to remain in the corner and not talk to anyone. Alex later overhears Jefferson speaking to his friend Madison and he happened to be talking shit to Alex at that moment. Alex then asks around about Jefferson and comes to the conclusion that the guy is a colossal dick.

- Alex is very set in his ways so when he does eventually have a full conversation with Jefferson and finds him to be charming, funny in an odd way, and extremly intelligent he resolves himself to hating him even though that’s the begining of him falling in love.

- Jefferson eventually proclaims his love for Alex. He says ‘despite your low class and against my better judgment i’m in love with you’ (wow thomas great job) and Alex is pissed. He tells Jefferson he never wants to see him again and storms away.

send me a movie and i’ll jamilton it


Minnesota Wild Face-Off Luncheon. The guys clean up nice eh!!

I feel so much pride and respect for this group of fine athletes!! GO WILD!!

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Reciprocity | Will & Hannibal

 made by cinderfels (visit her blog)

WARNING: Graphic violence and gore. Don’t watch if images of excessive blood or bodily mutilation bother you

Song: "One Way Or Another" by Until The Ribbon Breaks

Will Graham understands Hannibal. He accepts him. Now who among us doesn’t want understanding. And acceptance?