thomas corcoran

A brief history of immigration / a good conversational topic over breakfast.

Being away from all those people in the British isles who I am apparantly closely related to genetically and culturally, it is very easy to see why ‘Storbritania’ or Great Britain is such a desirable destination for many, including hordes of Scandi-wegians, who I have spent much time with here in beautiful, idylic Norway. Norway is equally as much a tourist attraction, I think, if not more. I believe that the people of Great Britain certainly 'make’ the place what it is today. If it was an empty space, what would it be then? We are a nation built upon multicultualism, import, a good sense of humour, old traditions, and manners, and I am so very happy with that. The fact that you can turn on a television almost anywhere in the world and see our comedians, our dramas, our politics, our history, and just about everything else both confuses me and forces me to feel proud. Although this is incredible, it is important for everyone to know that the one true reason why this has happened and the reason why we are so popular is due to the fact that 'English’ dominates as a language, and the reason why it dominates as a language is due to a history of forced ties, and what I have decided right now to call 'civilised-barbarianism’, said in the best possible (and clearly ironic) way. Walking into what today would be called 'third-world’ countries and either dominating soil for the crown, or forcing countries away from their roots into tea-relations, sugar-relations, spice-realtions, and so on. We even forced an early, very primitive Japan into tea, which even I didn’t know until recently, and now it is stamping on our toes in terms of technology. We had an empire that spanned a whole third of the globe, and was the largest, (and probably the most upsetting empire) ever. Yes yes, boo-hoo, and I really do hope no one has to go through the terrible pain again. I will never know the feeling of fighting against the British for my 'third-world’ country, and becoming most likely killed for it, either in battle or though being hung, but I will say that it is truly an honour to have the globe-spanning relations that we have today, and I think other countries are missing out of something very important, so I suppose there is good in it, surprisingly enough, even though it was a terrible, awful thing. We have a population of around 60 million in the UK if I am not mistaken (correct me, please), and of course we have many British people who are uneasy, or sometimes to a point even completely against immigration, which is understandable, seeing as we are a tiny speck on the map, and we don’t have much more room. I myself think people should move where they wish to, whether that is realistic towards our economy or not, especially after our past, and I would and actually already have argued against these people who complain about immigration into the UK. The main point which I keep facing today however is that I see countries like Norway, (which I adore, and I know in-side-out and well enough to comment on) and I am faced with the frankly painful image of seeing Scandinavians complaining about immigration, and specifically not people like me (i.e. from Great Britian, Germany, France, The netherlands, you get the picture) but people who come from poorer countries. I as an Englishman am truly shocked by this, because of many reasons all at once, and of course I scoffed and spat out my tea and said “Weeell, I say, look here chaps…”. Of course, I face exactly the same attitudes in England, because the same thing happens there. Firstly, I am shocked at how it is decided that me, an English person, is welcome to come and share, but then there is such a poor attitude towards those who move to richer countries to work from say, eastern europe, or the middle-east. Secondly, the population of Norway is around 5 million (again, correct me if I am wrong) and is much larger in comparison to my own kingdom geographically. Norway is in my eyes a country which is inbetween cities, and is made of open spaces generally, with the smallest cities I have seen in my life. It’s a fact that many arguments (especially on immigration) point towards the direction I am going in, and is a cliche generally, (DON’T mention the WAR!)  but I find it tragic to see a country which not so long ago fought against those in World-War two who were racist, and those who killed millions who were deemed as 'unclean’ to now have this awful attitude where people coming into the land are viewed in such a poor manner. I can unleash another cliche, but a very valid cliche: 'imagine in you were in their shoes’, and I suppose the answer as always is obvious, and people would understand more easily why people immigrate or move if they experienced their lives themselves. I think we all have to change this attitude where we can’t accept people who are poorer and more in need than us. Money and war are at the heart of the reasons why people move, (they aren’t just suddenly moving because they think it might be a nice trip) and it is truly sad that some people can’t accept those who aren’t born into a good economy with good systems. I say, start making foreign friends! Do it now!