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when homecoming comes out on dvd I want every single deleted scene or else I’m suing

Lmao get wrecked tom

Tom Holland Imagine (prompt)

prompt: 54. “I think I forgot how to breathe.”

25. "Shut up and kiss me.”

request: Hello! Assuming that request are open- could you maybe do a tom imagine? Where the reader is Harrison’s little sister (by like 2 years?) and she’s always been that really dorky annoying younger sibling, and tom hasn’t seen her in awhile because of his career. But she visits harrison while they’re in Atlanta and she grew up rlly well (yanno what I mean?) and Tom is just ???? How ??? With a fluffy ending? It’s super cheesy but I’ve been thinking about this a lot haha

a/n: i merged two of the requests i had in my ask, so i hope this is okay. i’ve low key been day dreaming about this imagine for the past three days, like this is the dreeeeeam lol, hope you guys enjoy it! (also i hope you don’t mind there’s a tiny bit of smut at the end)

word count: 1483

masterlist: (x)

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Tapping your foot impatiently, you stood outside the house Tom and Harrison were renting in Atlanta while Tom worked. You heard muffled voices behind the other side of the door, feet shuffling along the floor as your older brother made his way to the entrance of the house. The door opened, Harrison stood smiling in the hallway, moving to the side to let you in. He hugged you tightly, then reached for your suitcases outside.

“Jesus Christ, how much did you bring?” Harrison noted your large amount of luggage. You shrugged.
“I need options,” you said simply. He laughed.
“I’ll take these upstairs. Go in the kitchen through the back, the others are in there.” You were nervous, about to enter a room full of strangers. You inhaled deeply, stepping into the kitchen as Harrison lugged your suitcases up the stairs.

“You must be Y/N!” Jacob said. You smiled at his welcome as he introduced you to his friends. “Tom’s actually on set at the moment, but you know him anyway. He’ll be back for dinner tonight. Laura’s gonna cook for us.” You’d known Tom for as long as you could remember, always having a tiny inappropriate crush on your brother’s best friend. You hadn’t seen him for months now he had a successful career under his belt, he was rarely ever home. It was Harrison’s idea that you came out to visit them, he felt guilty he’d been away and missed your birthday.

Jacob was friendly, already making you feel at ease. The others smiled at you, including you in their conversation. You took the kitchen stool in between Zendaya and a vacant one, where Harrison sat once he had finished with your bags.
“So guys,” Harrison piped up. “Obviously my sister is gonna be here for a couple of weeks, so you better treat her like family and make sure she’s happy all the time. She needs a lot of attention or she’ll start to get weird,” Harrison teased, poking your sides.
“A bit like you then,” Zendaya quipped, making everyone laugh.
“Why don’t we chill in the pool?” Laura suggested.

You were never one for dive-bombing and flipping into the water like Harrison was - you were more of a ‘floating on a lilo’ kind of girl. You’d had to buy a whole new wardrobe of bikinis and one pieces for your trip, since you’d filled out a little since your last holiday. You had your eyes shut underneath your sunglasses as you lay floating in the water, basking in the sunshine. The boys were playing with a ball on the other side of the pool, Zendaya was reading on a lounger and Laura was in the kitchen prepping dinner. You heard the faint clink of keys being dropped onto a table, followed by Tom’s voice, deeper since the last time you saw him, calling out as he entered the back garden. 

Woah,” he said quietly to himself, his eyes scanning the pool, pausing as his gaze reached you. You tilted your sunglasses so you could see him better, returning the smile he was giving you. You suddenly became very conscious of your bikini clad body as you noticed he was still staring. 

“Get in the pool!” Harrison shouted, diverting Tom’s eyes away from you. You lay back down, watching him discreetly as he pulled off his shirt, followed by his sweatpants, leaving him in the swim trunks he was already wearing. Your eyes scanned his chiseled abs, toned pecs and strong legs. He dived over your lilo, splashing you as he hit the water, making you squeal. He winked at you as he surfaced, swimming backwards towards your brother and Jacob, his eyes still on you. Jacob threw the ball, hitting the back of Tom’s head. You laughed, closing your eyes, returning back to your sunbathing.

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May 2016 Snapchat Masterpost

May Snapchat List:

Anthony Quintal (Lohanthony) ~ aanthoony

Aaron Carpenter ~ aaron-carp

Aidan Alexander ~ whataidan

Alessia Cara ~ itsalesssia

Alex Wassabi ~ realalexwassabi

Alex Reininga ~ alex_reininga

Alex Aiono ~ alexaiono

Alex Constancio ~ alexcons

Alx James ~ alxjames10

Amanda Steele ~ amandasteele24

Andrea Russett ~ andwizzle

Ansel Elgort ~ anselelgort

Ben J Pierce ~ benjpierce

Noah Pierce ~ bhcfidhbbdud

Brandon Calvillo ~ bjcalvillo

Zach Clayton ~ bruhitszach21

Calvin Harris ~ calvinharris

Christian Akridge ~ christianisms

Chris Collins ~ weekly-chris

Crawford Collins ~ crawfordcollins

Carl Chiasson ~ carl_chiasonn

Caspar Lee ~ casparlee1994

Jc Caylen ~ chamclouder

Chase vs Everything ~ chasevse

Chase Goehring ~ chasegoehring

Chris O'Flyng ~ chrisoflyng

Cody Simpson ~aussiemuso

Cody Johns ~ codyjohns

Colby Brock ~ colbyvlogs

Conan Gray ~ conanxcanon

Cole Pendery ~ capim5

Conor Richard ~ conor-richard

Courtney Eaton ~ courteaton

Corey Bowler ~ coreybowler

Dana Vaughns ~ whatchutrynado

Danny Edge ~ dannytheedge

Daya ~ theofficialdaya 

Lia Marie Johnson ~ dappyhays

Devin Hayes ~ devinhayes

Dinah Jane ~ dinahdime

Jake Foushee ~ drfoosh

Eben Franckewitz ~ ebenfranckewitz

Edwin Burgos ~ edtertaining

Bryant Eslava ~ eslava

Ethan Dolan ~ ethandolan8

My Life As Eva ~ evadancer94

Thomas Sanders ~ thomas_sanders

Frankie Grande ~ frankiejg8

George Shelly ~ higeorgeshelly

Louis Cole ~ funforlouis

GloZell Green ~ glozellg

Golden ~ goldenthe24k

Grayson Dolan ~ graysonbdolan

Hailee Steinfeld ~ haiz

Harrison Webb ~ harrisonwebb007

Tyler Iacona ~ iamtyleriacona

Lilly Singh (Superwoman) ~ iisuperwomanii

Chris Klemens ~ itschrisklemens

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Rixton ~ rixtonofficial

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Payte Parker ~ thepayteparker

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Trevor Moran ~ trevormoran

Troye Sivan ~ troyesivan

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Issa (Twaimz) ~ twaimz

Tanner Zagarino ~ tzagofficial

Luke Korns ~ unclekornicob

The Vamps ~ vampssnap

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Vidcon ~ vidconsnaps

5 Seconds of Summer ~ wearefivesos

Wesley Stromberg ~ wessnapinchats

Mikey Murphy ~ whatsamikey

Austin Mahone ~ yungmahone

Zendaya Coleman ~ zendaya_96

Alyss ~ alyssisme


tom holland as peter parker icons
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Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Late Night Loving (smut)

request: Can I get an Harrison Osterfield imagine (smut) where it’s the Spider-Man hoco premier after party and there both wasted and they have a one. Igor stand and they don’t see each other for a few months after words and some how they hit it off in the end and start dating or like it ends in pure fluff??

a/n: i guess this is open for a part 2? maybe

word count: 1842

masterlist: (x)

Harrison was a lot of things when he was drunk; he was confident and cocky; he was a terrible dancer and he sung along loudly to the music, even when he didn’t know the words; he was unsteady on his feet and spent most of the night clinging onto the bar so he didn’t fall over - but above all, Harrison was awfully flirty.

Handing you the drink he just bought for you, he moved fractionally closer to you so that his knee brushed yours every now and then. Politely thanking him, you took a sip of your cocktail, maintaining his eye contact as you sucked on the plastic straw.

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Happy 21st Birthday Thomas Stanley Holland!

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Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Turbulence

request: heeey, fluff on the privet jet imagine with Haz? ur scared and get close to H and get sleepy, but u can hear Z, T and H talking about u and how H likes you but doens’t wanna risk ur friendship knowing ur don’t feel the same and Z is like “that girl loves u to, how she acts, tom’s right beside her and she not that close to him” and then T tels him about an conversation he had with you earlier whilst waiting in the gate about how he asked her about him cuz he also noticed them being all cute

a/n: harrison fluff is my fave !!!!!

word count: 843

masterlist: (x)

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Gripping tightly onto the armrests, your knuckles were turning white as the jet hit some turbulence. You’d always hated flying, something which had made your friends question why you took the job as Zendaya’s personal assistant since she flew so much. The comfort of the private jet made you a little bit more at ease, but you still felt your heart rate sky-rocket at every bump and jolt of the plane.

“Hey,” Harrison caught your attention from the cushioned bench he was sat on, noticing your deep breathing, a calming technique you’d read up on online. “You alright?” He tilted his head to catch your eye line. You nodded quickly.
“Yeah,” you breathed out. “Just hate flying when it gets bumpy.” He moved over on the bench, leaving a space for you and motioned for you to sit beside him. You took a deep breath and pushed yourself out of your seat, your legs wobbling as you took a few steps to the bench. Sitting down heavily, you felt more relaxed with Harrison sat next to you. You let out a yawn. Tom returned from the bathroom and sat on the other side of you, and you heard Zendaya stir from her nap on the chair opposite. You shut your eyes, leaning your head on Harrison’s shoulder.

“Is she alright?” Zendaya asked. You felt Harrison nod his head. They must have thought you’d fallen asleep, but you heard everything they said about you.
“Look at you,” Tom teased. “You’re fucking loving her lying on you like that.”
Harrison chuckled softly. “Maybe I am,” he said. You nuzzled your head into Harrison, cuddling into him further, attempting to make your fake slumber more realistic.
“Haz you are in so deep. Look how smitten you are. He can’t wipe that shit eating grin off of his face.”
“When are you gonna ask her out?” Zendaya asked. Harrison tensed underneath you.
“No, no, no. No way. Z, she can’t know. Please don’t tell her,” he begged.
“Alright, alright.”
“I don’t want to ruin anything,” he said quietly. “She’s my best friend.”
“Hey!” Tom said, a little upset.
One of my best friends,” Harrison corrected himself.

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Baby, you can drive my car - Ten years ago this month, Jenna-Louise Coleman was spotted taking driving lessons in South Manchester, England.

Even at a young age (Jenna was only 21 in August 2007), the paparazzi seemed to follow her everywhere. While I don’t condone this invasion of privacy, these candid pictures of Jen have brightened many of my days.

In these past ten years, Jenna has become more beautiful, more successful and even more admired. I remember Jenna was once asked, “What’s the secret to success?”. She replied, “Work hard and be kind. Simple.” It’s nice to see someone with a good work ethic.

Here’s to another 10 years (and more!) of success.

P.S. I wonder if the driving instructor realized he had a future “time-traveling queen” sitting beside him? I know. How could he, right? He probably just said to himself, “Hey, it’s Jasmine from Emmerdale!” Either way, he was a very lucky guy.