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I decided to go through the Sally Hemings tag on ao3. I did it to find out if there was even more that was disrespectful to Sally and what I found what appalling and disgusting:

Do you forgot John Jay owned slaves?

Angelica Church owned slaves.

Thomas Jefferson raped Sally and you all think it is a fun little plot to make their relationship romantic in your garbage Hamilton fics. 

Haha, you didn’t remember James Madison owned slaves?

Hercules Mulligan owned slaves and this is disgusting, this was the “ship” I saw the most in the tags. 

Are you kidding me? 

Yeah, okay, you can choke and die. 

Really, shipping Sally with one of the biggest slave owning families in America at the time?

Of course, and you added her sister just so make Sally a throwaway object in your badly written and stupid fics. 

I found myself rubbing my eyes in disbelief. 


Filthy human being you are. 

This one brought tears to my eyes, how dare you bring her children into this, how dare you, you are a disgusting human being. You are a horrible human being. 

I hope you all choke, how dare you defile her memory in such a way. As I spoke about before but do not need to repeat, putting Sally Hemings into your fics is disrespectful and disgusting. How dare you take Sally and defile her memory in such a way. How, dare, you. 

OKAY so like at the end of the play Elder McKinley realizes that ‘turning it off’ isn’t healthy and they should let all their feelings out and GOSH it’s my fav line of the play because yes! FEEL those FEELINGS! But while McKinley’s acceptance of his repressions is happy, Church & Poptarts have to like…deal with their unpleasant pasts now. I really like the idea of them like comforting each other when things get tough and just helping each other work through everything.

  • Someone: I like Tom.
  • Me: Cruise? Hiddleston? Hardy? Holland? Hanks? Felton? Fletcher? Ford? Baker? Hopper? Hooper? Payne? Hollander? Middleditch? Sturridge? Cavanaugh? Brady? Selleck? Wilkinson? DeLonge? Daley? Hughes? Welling? Ellis? McCarthy? Glynn-Carney? Haden Church?
Book of Mormon Fanfiction Recommendations (Mostly McPriceley)

 These are my favorite Book of Mormon fanfictions. These are mostly McPriceley because most more than half of the fanfictions that the Book of Mormon archive has is McPriceley. This is a much bigger list than my other one. Extras at the end and if I find more in the future, check the notes.

Bold and italicized are my favorites.

I do not own any of these.

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Updated Masterlist (as of 10.01.17)

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Tom Holland


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T O M B S T O N E   (1993)

written by Kevin Jarre,  directed by George P. Cosmatos,  Kevin Jarre (uncredited),  cinematography William Fraker

starring  Kurt Russell,  Val Kilmer,  Sam Elliott,  Bill Paxton,  Dana Delaney,  Powers Boothe,  Michael Biehn,  Thomas Haden Church,  Stephen Lang,  Michael Rooker,  Robert Burke,  John Corbett,  Joanna Pacula,  billy Bob Thorton,   Jason Priestley,  Billy Zane and  Charlton Heston

130 minutes