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someone messaged me and asked me about my favorite acoustic versions of songs and i thought it would make a good post so here we go! i don’t typically listen to acoustic versions of songs because i usually like heavy music, but i have a few standouts that i can think of so i thought i’d share them with you guys!

click here for a youtube playlist!

i’m gonna break this into two (2!) categories, acoustic versions by the original artist and acoustic covers

original artist:

1. front porch sunrise (acoustic) - forever came calling

2. acoustic songs - real friends (this is an album and it’s p good)

3. jim bogart - the front bottoms (acoustic version by brian sella) 

4. jude law and a semester abroad (acoustic) - brand new


1. such great heights - the postal service (acoustic cover by iron and wine)

2. radio - lana del rey (acoustic cover by conan gray)

3. there for you - trove sivan and martin garrix (acoustic cover by caroline butler) (shameless plug of my own music)

4. new york, new york - frank sinatra (cover by dodie clark and thomas sanders)

(question from @coffeeeyes1015)

winstonandferguson  asked:

Hello! What's a good gel moisturizer that's paraben free? I'm trying to look for one that goes well with makeup application. Thanks!

Gel moisturisers are some of my favourites, for the most part they’re lightweight, feel soothing on the skin and are great at giving hydration, who wouldn’t want a product that meets those specifications?

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Based on your message, I can’t help think of a better product to recommend than the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Gel. It’s not 100% natural and does contain a few iffy ingredients, but it is free of parabens. This gel is designed to be used as a hybrid product, part moisturiser, part primer and can be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine or in the morning before makeup application. The gel formula mimics the refreshing hydration of water, making skin feel super hydrated and revitalized. It doesn’t feel greasy, oily, or drying and instead absorbs into the skin immediately, making it perfect for use before makeup. Tip: If you can get to an Illamasqua counter, I’d recommend doing so as most carry small travel sized deluxe samples so you can try before you buy.

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Gel

The moment I read your question the first product to pop into my mind was the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Gel. I’m a huge fan of the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus range and this product is no exception. A lightweight, “water like” gel I’ve used this product time and time again, it provides great hydration and smooths out the skin, plus Jurlique claim it helps protect against environmental aggressors making it perfect for use under makeup,

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Bouncy Hydrating Gel

A new addition to my collection, Peter Thomas Roth isn’t a brand I’ve had a lot of experience with, but I’m glad that I managed to try this product. This super light-weight moisturising gel which dries down to a matte finish so skin never looks greasy, yet still maintains a natural glow. It is one of the most interesting formulas I’ve tried and is fantastic for those prone to redness and sensitive skin as the cucumber helps to soothe and calm irritation throughout the skin. Like Jurlique this is also said to protect against damaging environmental radicals

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

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anonymous asked:

"The child, James, died ten years later, and Laurens would recall the 1765 incident and lament that misfortune followed the boy since before his birth." So, if in 1765, James died due to a mob attack(John was off in London handling his studies) does that mean modern day James died due to a shooting of some sort? I dunno, I wanna get on the angst train and ride it all the way to Feelsville. Plus, I'm sure Thomas definitely needs two brand breaking down right now.

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anonymous asked:

This is really weird but what do you think Selina and Bruce smell like? What kind of perfume would they wear?

Hello anon!  That’s not weird at all.  I have an idea.  Here you go!

Bruce is very sensitive to smell.  This day, he can vividly recall his parents’ scent.  His mother always smelled floral and feminine while his father smelled masculine and musk.  After their deaths, Bruce clung to them as tightly as he could.  He preserved everything of theirs.  When their scent diminished with time, he locked their bedroom doors forever.  To trigger their memory, Bruce continues his father’s legacy by using the exact same products he used.

Anything Bruce uses was his dad’s favorite.  He uses the same brands his dad used.  That comes down to his dad’s preferred shaving gel, cologne, etc…Bruce either gets it delivered or has Alfred pick it up for him (let’s be honest.  Bruce HATES shopping).  Thomas Wayne had several brands of colognes he used (all gifts from Martha), but Martha loved Armani (refined and elegant) and Yves Saint Laurent (sophistication).  Bruce updates to the latest scent with the times, but he continues to use the same two brands.  When it comes to grooming habits, he adopted his dad’s routine.  Before the Wayne murders, Thomas and Bruce bonded over Thomas’ daily routine.  Thomas noticed Bruce was curious, so he made sure to include him in everything he could.  

When Selina came along, everything changed for Bruce.  He was suddenly aware of everything about himself and his girlfriend.  One of his favorite quirks about Selina is that she absolutely adores his scent.  Every time he took a shower, Selina would bury her nose in his chest, his middle back, or his neck (it’s her favorite since it’s his weak spot).  

She loves the naturally masculine scent of Bruce.  He smells of earth.  Selina has often referred to him smelling like sandalwood, which she loves.   Because of this, Selina bought Bruce Armani Pour Homme, which mixes citrus scents of jasmine and lavender (Selina swears the scent calms her down) with spices such as cinnamon and coriander.  The cologne has a base of sandalwood, which is a natural and instant turn-on for Selina.  She believes the scent mixes well with his natural scent.

Bruce loves Selina’s scent.  He relates it to jasmine, which is very fitting considering it is also nicknamed “Queen of the night,” and cultivated in Egypt. It is a powerful smell Bruce considers heavy and seductive.  Selina’s specific scent is one of the first things Bruce noticed about her, and it’s forever ingrained in his memory.  He considers it exceptionally feminine and intoxicating.  It evokes the feeling of peace and tranquility, which calms Bruce’s nerves.

Thanks to Alfred’s suggestion, Bruce once bought Selina Acqua Di Gioia Jasmine.  It’s an Armani brand (of course), but Selina loves it.  She wears it on special occasions because she’s such a tease.

Selina has an extensive collection of perfumes (all for “special” occasions).  Her favorite is Chanel No 5.  It was the perfume she was wearing when she met Batman.

Because Pamela is currently rehabilitating, she works for monetary compensation in botany, essential oils, etc. Selina went to her upon finding out Bruce’s beloved scents he adopted from his father.  He has no idea, but many of the soaps Selina gives to him is of sandalwood.  Selina’s soaps (and etc,) are a “special blend” that enhances her natural scent.  Maybe that’s why Bruce is nearly obsessed with her scent.  Maybe not :).

oh and i ended up pickin up some groceries at mitsuwa today and found this shit 

oh man thomas the tank engine branded candy let’s open this fun and child friendly cand–



and this isn’t even all of it look

i get they’re supposed to be trains but that isn’t a train to collect and put together it’s a goddamn anthropomorphic train centipede