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Shane Black Shares Second Predator Cast Photo

Stone killers with serious acting chops – but which of them will be chopped… by THE PREDATOR? (See what I did there?) - Shane Black

Friday, 3/10/17, Curtain 8PM

10:30 PM - Voltaire Wade-Greene (Not on)*

10:32 PM - Kamille Upshaw (Not on)*

10:47 PM - Jon Rua (Not on)*

11:06 PM - Andrew Chappelle (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson)

11:13 PM - Lauren Boyd (Ensemble)

11:23 PM - Nik Walker (Aaron Burr)

11:31 PM - Jevon McFerrin (Alexander Hamilton)

11:31 PM - Anthony Lee Medina (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton)

Note: The first 3 people came out during the show as swings and standbys are allowed to leave 15 minutes before the show lets out. There was a small crowd already at stage door, so they were kind of just like why not? and signed for them.


Executive producers Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier, actors John Boyd, Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Eugene Byrd, and Dave Thomas attend the “BONES” panel during Comic-Con International 2016 at San Diego Convention Center on July 22, 2016 in San Diego, California.

Friday, 3/17/17, Curtain 8PM

Cast Changes

Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson - Andrew Chappelle

Samuel Seabury - David Guzman

Ensemble (M6) - Gregory Haney

Stage Door

11:08 PM - Lauren Boyd (Ensemble)

11:12 PM - Andrew Chappelle (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson)

11:31 PM - Jevon McFerrin (Alexander Hamilton)

11:36 PM - Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr)

11:38 PM - Anthony Lee Medina (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton)

Black Women Need To Fight For Black Women

Korryn Gaines was the last straw for me. I went to a vigil/protest for Korryn Gaines, and only a few people showed up. BLM activists were not in attendance. Weeks before, I attended a vigil/protest for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, thousands showed up. Recently March/protest was organized by BLM, and Korryn Gaines murder was barely mentioned, the deaths of black men were centered. Again, thousands showed up. The lack of support, and outrage for Gaines death has greatly disappointed me, and saddened my heart. Three black queer women created Black Lives Matter, and yet black women’s deaths, murders, and narratives continue to be invisible within the movement. Thousands didn’t show up for Korryn Gaines, Tanisha Anderson, Miriam Carey, Yvette Smith, Shelly Frey, Darnisha Harris, Melissa Williams, Alesia Thomas, Shantel Davis, Rekia Boyd, and the list goes on. Sandra Bland did receive some visibility, but many slander her within the community. There are people out here who believe black women are not being target by state sanctioned brutality. That police don’t kill black women too. These names are barely repeated, circulated, or discussed. Why are black men centered, do only their lives matter? Black women have been creating movements, organizing, protesting, fighting for our communities, but no one talks about our suffering or our oppression. And it disturbs me a lot. Why should black women continue to be mules, and work for others liberation, while we die and continue to suffer. There is this troubling narrative that black women are incapable of feeling pain, or suffering, that we are super human, and can endure everything. We are humans, we feel pain, and we suffer. This narratives only perpetuates our oppression, and our oppressors us it to continue abusing us. Bc we take it, right? Black women need to start fighting for black women. We can’t wait. We can’t continue to put our oppression on the back burner. We are dying, and our deaths are silenced. No one will fight for us, we need to fight for ourselves.

The Timbers practice at Jeld-Wen Field, Friday, Feb. 3, 2012.  Jose Adolfo Valencia, the Colombian forward. will have knee surgery to repair damaged cartilage in his left knee, the team announced Friday. “The goal is making sure (Valencia) is right,” Portland coach John Spencer said.  Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian