thomas barnes

  • me when i first heard about tom holland being the new spiderman: wait...what? that smol child? spiderman? nah too precious
  • me when i saw tom holland/peter parker in civil war: holy SHIT ALKJHFAJKGH
  • me when i saw the new spiderman homecoming trailer: thATS IT IM FUVCKING DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO FVK U TOM HOLLAND FOR MAKIN ME LUV U EVEN MORE

all of us protecting peter in infinity war

pumpkin eater - tom holland imagine

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cos my writing is shit ha x but thank you lovely! I swear to god if tom or has ever find one of my writings and publicly announce it to the world I will cry of fear and joy. I also have a very big obsession with the song ‘pink + white’ by frank ocean. chuck it a listen. ps I didnt feel comfy with writing about cheating because its something close to my <3 so I kinda put a lil baby twist to it, hope thats okay. AGAIN I USED A LIL BABY BIT OF DRAMA TERMINOLOGY IM SORRY FOR BEING A DRAMA NERD FUCK. this is actual shit I’m so sorry 

requested; yuppp

pairing; tom holland x reader

word count; 933 words

warnings; possible swearing, mentions of stitches and blood yuck

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A Classified Summer - Part Six

Summery: When you’re shipped off to stay with your Aunt Pepper and the Avengers in New York for the summer you weren’t sure what to expect but falling in love with Spider-Man wasn’t one of them

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: fighting

A/N: if you haven’t already you should go check out my masterlist I just made today. Also yikes about pissed off Peter, who knew the little happy baby would get angry. Anyways Happy Readings!!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

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“Y/N wake up!” A harsh voice broke through your slumber.

“Mhmm what?” You lazily reply.

“Y/N you need to get up, Tony’s coming and he’s not very happy that Peter’s MIA.”

“Why where’s Peter?” You ask not fully comprehending the problem.

“Sleeping underneath you.”

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“When we fall in love, we hope - both egotistically and altruistically - that we shall be finally, truly seen: judged and approved. Of course, love does not always bring approval: being seen may just as well lead to a thumbs-down and a season in hell.”

- Hannibal to Will leaning over him in his kitchen in 2x13

clueless dads
  • me: *stares at a shirtless tom holland pic*
  • dad: *miserably tries to take a peek my phone*
  • me: *mentally drooling over tom holland's shirtless pic (beCAUSE NO ONE CAN EVER RESIST THOSE ABS OK?!)*
  • dad: tf is that? your boyfriend? why is he shirtless? why the hell are you staring at it? thAT'S INAPPROPRIATE, CHILD
  • me: that's fvking spiderman, dad
  • dad: oh. *calms down when he realized it was his fav superhero after all*