thomas baldwin


Granot Loma

The veritable castle of the Northwoods, Granot Loma stands on the coast of Lake Superior. The property lays north of Marquette, along County Road 550. It was built in 1919 as a summer residence and hunting lodge by Louis Graveraet Kaufman. The 26,000-square-foot log mansion itself has a small harbor, 50 rooms, a 60ft great room, 26 bedrooms, and 32 fireplaces. In addition to the lodge, the Granot Loma property, which spans roughly 8-square-miles/~5,000 acres, has a number of out-buildings, such as a guest house and a farming complex of 13 buildings that was meant to sustain the Kaufman family and the 250 workers they employed.

After the death of Louis Kaufman and his wife, the family scaled back the Granot Loma and didn’t much use the property. In 1987 the property was sold to Thomas Baldwin, who repaired and renovated the decaying complex. It is possible to stay as a guest at Granot Loma, but as of last year it is too now possible to be the owner. This mighty estate is listed at $40,000,000. A small price to pay for a piece of history and a home unlike any other in the region.