thomas arta

august update

After two years of training culminating in two intense weeks in community with an amazing group of folk, last week I qualified as an AcroYoga teacher…and happily open to an unknown path… Having said that, uncertainty is curiously dependable, and magic has always happened most in the moments of the deepest letting go, the deepest trust.

Accepting that one’s plans for one’s self are not nearly as creative and beautiful as the universe’s creative potential seems a prerequesite for receiving the greatest gifts… I have noted that my “plans for myself” are most often rooted in what I already know, tempered by subtle feelings of what supposedly is and isn’t possible. Who decides what is and isn’t possible? I would suggest it’s usually our unexamined fears and assumptions masquerading as common sense.

On Friday it’s my birthday, and I will be in a desert in Nevada, on full moon night, surrounded by about 50,000 other humans in an ecstatic celebration of existence, fullness, nothingness, creativity and release.

I await the next steps of the path with an open heart and a joyful mind. I hope wherever you are, you are happy, and peaceful!