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I’ve been very busy with work lately and sleeping five hours a night and things, so I’m probably overreaching and/or not making any sense, but this -

- I loved this, not only the scene, but how everything was framed, and yet there’s something bugging me - why is Dean keeping his right hand on the sigil and his left on the blade? Dean is right-handed - it would have made much more sense to cut his left hand and keep his dominant hand unhurt and free. 

As I said, I’m basically delirious - but what we do know is that the left hand is the one which is a symbol for love, right? because that’s where we keep our rings (according to a medieval legend, there’s a vein that goes from the heart to our left hand, so that’s why our weddings bands go on our left hand and not our right)? Whereas the right hand - that’s rationality, doing things, fighting, writing, being all practical and sensible. And Dean’s right hand is on the Enochian sigil, because that’s the good choice - that’s what he should do to save everyone’s lives here - his, and also Sam’s, because his brother’s not far behind, because he never is, and as for Cas -



Dean’s feelings for Cas - a left-hand kind of thing. Back in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, the other Yockey episode, Dean picks up Asa’s angel blade with his right hand, because that was a weapon, and Dean favours his right hand when he fights, and that’s what makes sense. But this time around - I don’t think that blade is Cas’ (?), but it’s still an angel blade, which means it represents this brave, amazing, infuriating angel Dean loves unconditionally - hence the left hand, and Dean’s ‘illogical’, ‘wrong’ decision to trade his life for Cas’.

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

All right so most of the US so-called “founding fathers” were horrible genocidal slave-owners, and that is pretty much true across the board, but it turns out that Thomas Paine was actually pretty okay. He never owned slaves, regularly denounced slavery and lost a ton of influence among the revolutionary leadership because of it. He also thought that private property was fundamentally unjust and that all private property owners should be duty bound to pay back a guaranteed income to the poor because of what they stole from the commons. So if you have hyper American patriots you are trying to open up to some leftist ideas, Thomas Paine is probably the go to guy. His pamphlet Agrarian Justice, specifically

hey guys I’m supposed to be doing some pre calc hw rn but i got this idea so uh yeah here goes

basically these are my headcannons for what the sides might look like in a human AU (meaning they aren’t a part of Thomas and therefore don’t look like him) as well as some headcannons abt this au so:


-He has naturally dark brown hair but dyes it constantly. The usual color is a fiery red to orange ombre but he does other things occasionally (every year he dyes it a full rainbow for pride month)

-He has hazel eyes that shine with confidence and adventure 

-He is the second tallest, at 6′

-He wears bold, warm colors and always has some form of jewelry on which is (usually) gold

-He has one hell of a jawline

-His lips naturally curl up into a half-smile 

-He’s hella good at makeup so he wears it all the time

-He works out a lot so his arms are amazing

-Also his abs oh lord

-Fashion guru so he ofc only wears the best clothes

-Always gets in fights defending other ppl (usually Virge or Lo) so he’s constantly covered in bruises and scrapes


-The definition of adorable

-He has soft brown hair with sun-bleached blond streaks in it

-He is covered in freckles but mostly on his face, arms, and shoulders

-He has big, warm brown eyes with flecks of gold in them

-He wears bright colors and soft colors, sometimes combining them, sometimes just one or the other

-His glasses are bright blue with accents of white

-His smile could melt the heart of a snowman

-He’s 5′9″

-Makes friends with everyone he meets bc he just looks and acts so friendly and sweet

-Fights ppl who are rude to the other 2 w/ Ro so he also has bruises

-Has more bruises than Roman tho bc he’s clumsy and constantly tripping/falling


-His eyes normally look dark brown but if the light hits them correctly you can see little flecks of green, gold, and sometimes blue

-He has dark brown hair that is always neat and tidy and slicked back

-His glasses are basically the same as the ones from the vids, except with dark blue lines on the sides

-He’s 6′1″ (the tallest)

-He enjoys calling Ro “shorty” just to watch him get upset (”IT IS 1 INCH, LOGAN! ONE! INCH!”)

-Wears dark blues and greens and other cool colors along with black

-Most of his shirts are polos

-Owns 60000000 ties bc he always wears one

-His arms are (unintentionally) ripped bc he carries around such huge books (and also Pat and Virge whenever they don’t feel like walking and whine about it enough to convince him)

-Resting Bitch Face™

-Covers the lower half of his face when he smiles so no one actually knows what his smile looks like bc the habit is so ingrained in him

-Constantly has scruff/5 o’clock shadow no matter how often he shaves


-His natural hair is somewhere between brown and red

-He keeps it constantly dyed jet black tho (sometimes he adds a couple purple streaks to his bangs) bc he thinks it makes him look Edgy™

-His eyes are dark brown and deep set and constantly have bags under them bc he never sleeps

-He is the palest person ever 

-He wears black earrings 

-All he wears is band t shirts and black jeans

-And his hoodie ofc

-His lips are chapped and have permanent bite marks on them from how much he bites them

-He keeps his nails super shorts so he cant chew on them

-Always has sweater paws

-The only shoes he ever wears are some super old, beat-up, black Converse high tops with doodles all over them in gold/silver sharpie

-He keeps his bangs longer than the rest of his hair so he can hide his face when necessary 

-Constant death glare

-He wears makeup

-The makeup originally started as just some foundation/concealer to hide his acne but now the minimum is foundation/black eyeliner/mascara/slight contour and highlight

-He is smol (5′5 ½ ″)

-He has dimples

-The others didn’t know he had dimples for months because he wasn’t comfortable enough around them to smile

General Random Headcannons:

-Virgil and Logan both get bullied quite a bit in school but the other two will always defend them

-If anyone else calls Virgil “Virge” besides the other three, they better run. Fast.

-All the others use Virgil as an arm rest

-Virgil and Patton know just the right voice to use when complaining to get Logan annoyed enough to do something

-Roman can’t grow facial hair so whenever Logan complains about having to shave all the time he’ll just glare at him until he stops

-Roman was the one who got Virgil into makeup by constantly making him watch youtube makeup artists

-Patton doesn’t mind being called short, he’s aware of his height and he knows it’s all in good fun

-Virgil, on the other hand, hates being called short. He will kill you

-Logan has been a coffee addict since he was 15

-Logan got Virgil obsessed with coffee

-Roman and Logan argue about whether coffee or tea is better

-During the above mentioned arguments, Patton will randomly interject with comments about hot cocoa

Some of these headcannons are just general headcannons I have about the Sides, not limited to this AU, but I put them here anyway

Anygay, those are my headcannons for a Human Sanders Sides AU. If I ever post a Human AU fic, this is how I’m picturing them when i write it.

If someone with some actual artistic talent could draw these I’d be eternally grateful


Would you trade this war to make it so? It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another.

Run Away With Me - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,333

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Rock Wall Sex, Potential Spoilers from The Fever Code

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @dylan-trash-tbh I FINISHED YOUR THOMAS SIN IN ONE DAY. I hope you like it because I love you! 

On a side note, this is your ONLY WARNING. The first part of this is potentially spoilerish. It contains a bit of the happenings in the Fever Code. If you have not read the book and do not want to be slightly spoiled on this part, skip the italics at the beginning. The rest of the fic is centered around the second movie. 

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I usually stay out of The Discourse but, guys??? What did Thomas Sanders do that you’re all turning on him out of the blue like this?? He apologized for an accident. And yeah, maybe he copied and pasted it but I’m willing to bet he got a TON of those messages, you’re gonna demand a personalized apology for each and every one?? People make mistakes, don’t hold well known people up on pedestals just to make it out like they’re inhuman monsters after one mistake. You’ll lose all your idols that way.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any religion headcanons for the batbrats

  • Kate and Dick celebrate Hanukkah together every year. Kate comes over every night, they have traditional jewish meals that they prepare together (Alfred is grateful for the break) and then they eat together and light the candles. It’s a really big thing in Wayne Manor
  • Cass didn’t know Christmas was a religious thing, she thought it was a culturally holiday. Steph had to tell her that Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus which only confused her more as to why everyone gives presents to each other and not to Jesus
  • Duke is muslim. Bruce makes sure he doesn’t go on patrol during Ramadan or Eid al-Adha
  • Briefly, Tim decided he wanted to be wiccan. He got runes, candles, plants, and a bunch of books on it. But since he never finishes anything or sticks with it long enough, the plants are dead, the runes have dust on them, and the books are somewhere in the back of his closet
  • Since Duke is muslim and Alfred is catholic, they like to have long talks about their religion and beliefs. They ask each other questions and try to learn about the others faith
  • Cass is agonistic. While she has a hard time with everything she has seen and experienced believing in a god of some sort, a part of her believes that there has to be a god that there has to be some afterlife, that this all means something
  • Jason is annoying atheist and seems to think that he is smarter or better then people who are religious. Every time he brings it up, food is usually thrown at him or he is removed from the room by someone
  • Kate is the one who taught Dick everything he knows about being Jewish since Bruce isn’t even religious just celebrates Christmas because he likes the traditions. The most important thing she taught him was to never be ashamed of being Jewish and be proud of who you are. She even made sure he got a bar mitzvah 
  • While Steph isn’t religious, she is very superstitious. She has some charms she keeps in her pocket, leaves a piece of bread by the window every night, and gets mad if someone puts their shoes on a table to name a few
  • someone: hey Thomas Sanders I disagree with your stance on the Ave Discourse and I don't think they should be invited into the community because they aren't LGBT
  • Thomas Sanders: WOW I can tell you've struggled so much with your identity and i hope you find people who are willing to accept you :))) everyone deserves that!
  • Anyway here's why you're a bigot-
reblog if you like someone who doesn't know you exists or doesn’t even exists

that time Seamus got drunk at the Yule Ball and kept shouting ‘OI, DEAN! MARRY ME!’

*Patil twins may have placed bets on the outcome

When was the last time you listened to Discovery?
When was the last time you listened to Discovery?

From Zane Lowe’s 2009 interview, which was devoted to Discovery (he aired the album in its entirety). (x)

R1: Just as an interesting question, and don’t feel embarrassed at giving an honest answer: When was the last time that either of you listened to Discovery in full?

Guy-Man: Ha!

Thomas: You know, as… when you make music… uhh… I think Discovery’s probably the album that we’ve listened to the most amount of times. I mean, of any artist… probably in the making, because from this idea… the sequential aspect of it, and the narrative aspect…

Guy-Man: I think I never listened to it even once—

Thomas: [talking over Guy so we can’t understand either of them]

(Thomas does finally admit, “It’s been a long time.” lol!)