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IKMY season 4 - subtitled episodes and descriptions

The first four are complete episodes translated by lundsdotter. The rest of the episodes were partially translated by TVNorge and Ylvis Facebookies. The links are playlists of clips from each episode. Almost everything has been translated. Enjoy! And don’t forget to send our translators some appreciation!

16 September - guest Erna Solberg, automatic customer service, medieval bards, Calle’s Minute (putting pants on without hands), song for Swedish viewers, Calle interviews Jenny Jensen on amusement park ride, Golden Chance (crowd surfing), Trucker’s Hitch, Bård’s R&B dance/shock collar punishment

23 September - guest Morten Ramm, Billy Elliot desk button, Det kan du vel (hedge trimming), Calle’s Minute (Rubik’s cube), Magnus’ record project, Magnus’ Beaver Ax, pranking Charter-Svein (train horn), Slapstick Battle, Golden Chance (Bom Bom Bom Bom Bombadilla Life), Vegard’s spanking punishment

30 September - guest Marion Ravn, revenge of the flies, Calle’s Minute (decorating with flowers), Magnus’ record project, pranking Charter Svein (ball room), Golden Chance (handball), Mr. Toot, Calle’s punishment singing for Elvis Costello

7 October - guest Jakob Oftebro, Only You on helium, Det kan du vel (making beer), Calle’s Minute (shadow puppet theater), automatic customer service, forced satire song, Magnus’ record project, pranking Charter-Svein (toilet), Golden Chance (celebrity with silly voice, Ravi), stage diving

14 October - guest Ingrid Gjessing, Magnus’ record park, Calle’s Minute (tango), cell phone crashing prank, Calle interviews Jørgen Foss in a rally car, pranking Charter-Svein (cake in face), Golden Chance (bubble bowling), I Will Never Be a Star, Vegard’s punishment with Mentos and cola

21 October - guest Fredrik Skavlan, Det kan du vel (changing lightbulb and pole dancing), Calle’s Minute (table clearing), Skavlan in remote controlled sports car, smoothie competition, Parodies in the Tower, impro songs at a sports bar, pranking Charter-Svein (plane), wedding photos

28 October - guest Erik Thorstvedt, jazz trio opening, Calle interviews Erlend Elias in a tube behind a boat, Calle’s Minute (Maggie Smith), Charter-Svein gets his magnet bed, Calle learns Eastern Norwegian, Golden Chance (imitating sounds), Yoghurt, Bård’s math/shock collar punishment

4 November - Nose Special, guest Steinar Sagen, Det kan du vel (changing bike tire), Calle’s Minute (I’m on Fire), stealing food prank, forced satire song, Bård’s dance, Magnus’ knekkeknask, Golden Chance (bubble bowling), house styling

11 November - guest Einar Tørnquist, revenge of the fish, Calle’s Minute (big budget), Parodies in the Tower, race to get fur coats, basketball, Golden Chance (Where’s Waldo/Willy?), Ytterst På Tissen, backpacking with Calle

18 November - guest Thomas & Harald and Kygo, Charter-Svein gets revenge, Calle’s Minute (life’s mysteries), beard pulling contest, anti-internet song, Det kan du vel (eggs), final Golden Chance (weight lifting) Intolerant

25 November - UNICEF special, guest Bernt Apeland, Magnus Jr. from the future, Miser #1 Million, Calle’s Square in  Averøya, automatic customer service, fishes help UNICEF, Bård’s monk haircut  


Other season 4 things:

behind the scenes, interviews, pictures of the songs here

I’ll probably make another master post of more specific season 4 tags (Calle’s Minute, Golden Chance, automatic customer service, etc.) so keep an eye out for that. 


Interviewing Thomas and Harald, 11.18.14 (English subtitles)


Thoughts from the audience, 11.18.14 (English subtitles)