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Mostly horrible film composer clichés

Hans Zimmer: Loud, hella brassy. Fight epic battles to this, and you will be victorious. Once heard, music sticks in your ears and never leave. VI-III-V-II(maj) game is strong (Inception!) 

Alexandre Desplat: PERIOD. DRAMA. Piano theme. Piano theme. Harp. Sweet, innocent melodies. Piano theme again. Drink a cup of earl grey tea and pet your cat as you click on repeat.

Thomas Newman: Silence. Minimalism. Incomplete chords, neither major or minor - celebrating chords as just but a little more than intervals. Music, in the distance - like a whisper….. and not a single Oscar in sight…

Danny Elfman: The strange, the fantastical and the mystical. Take my hand and let us go down the rabbit hole, bathe in chocolate fountains or make acquaintances with Edward Scissorhands while increasingly creepy circusy music escalates in the background

James Horner: Bagpipes and celtic tunes. Flutes. Grandness. Warmness. Adventure across the sea, the Scottish hills or the mystical world of Pandora. (*cough* and a lot of recycled harmonic ideas *cough*)

Ennio Morricone: El maestro italiano = Music of western films for all eternity. And so much more.

John Williams: The Force itself.

I have learned that the jack ass whose business it is to report to you upon the battle of the 27th [the 27 Nivose, i.e., January 16] stated that I stayed in observation throughout that battle. I don’t wish any such observation on him, since he would have shit his pants.
—  General Dumas in a letter to General Bonaparte accusing General Berthier of diminishing his role in the Battle of Rivoli in his official battle report

Get To Know Your Animators: The Amazing World of Gumball (Cartoon Network)


Giulia Bellunato, Kris Brown, Galileo DisperatiTim DowlingEva Figueroa, Andrea GulliJustine Klaiber, Wesley Louis, Estrela LourencoBenjamin MorardEtienne MoryThomas EideAlexandre TissotChavdar Yordanov

Character Designers:

Yoann HervoWilliam LaborieWilly Ohm

Storyboard Artists:

Chris GarbuttCeline GobinetOliver HamiltonSebastian HaryWilliam LaborieAdrian MaganzaWandrille MaunouryKent Osborne

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People are complaining about too many black people in Beauty and the Beast but they aren't complaining about the talking candle or teapot

What else is new? Sentient snowmen, dragons with English accents, werebuffalo aristocracy, magic etc. all fine. Black or brown skin? Think of the historical inaccuracies!


It shows just how racist they are when the film is set in a period where there would have been black and brown folks living in France as citizens. If the approximated time period is correct, then Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, Alexander Dumas’ father, would have been alive.




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Random Access Memories

Daft Punk have promised that they’ll be releasing their own remixes of the songs on their latest album, Random Access Memories.
But Darkside a.k.a. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington– have beaten them to the punch, remixing RAM in its entirety, and riding roughshod over its smooth patina.

Listen below.

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” has been called many things (electronic dance music’s savior, EDM’s demise, pure funk, completely derivative), but a soothing indie song it is not. Shoe-gazers looking to stay “up all night to get lucky,” however, can find solace in Daughter’s new cover, a breathy, minimalist take that sounds like one of best xx songs never recorded.

Listen below.

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I’m playing along

Word count: 2312

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader (finally!!!)

Summary: You fail to admit your feelings for your favourite fighting frenchman, and the subtle hints just won’t do it, so you use jealousy as your weapon.

Warning: Swearing, Light smut??? Actually not, idk. its very subtle i guess.

Note: Ya,I wanted to write a fic for Lafayette so long!!! But I had no ideas, so I asked my dear @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines to help me for the plot, but I’m not sure how much of that is still left?
Also Laf turned out a lot more salty than he is??? Headcannon for laf btw: Him calling hamilton alexandre instead of alexander. because it sounds nice. also. good french!!! Shall i translate it?

“Bonjour Lafayette”, you greeted your french friend, giving him a sheepish smile as you sat down next to him, holding a steaming hot coffee in your hands. “Oh, mon amie.” He looked up from his phone to greet you with two kisses on your cheeks in the typical french manner, making you blush in almost an instant. As always, he was wearing his hair up, and you had to resist the urge to run your fingers through it. The bright smile he was flashing you was contagious, so you decided to return it.

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Ophelia: There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember: and there is pansies, that’s for thoughts. There’s fennel for you, and columbines; there’s rue for you; and here’s some for me; we may call it herb of grace o’ Sundays. O! you must wear your rue with a difference. There’s a daisy; I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died. 


why i want to adapt the black count 

                                                                           (or, why i’d kill love to be a part of it regardless)

25 - 29 Apr, 2016 (Week 9)

Go wild. Talk about anything you want… that is generally related.

Lemme explain.

The words and worlds of Alexandre Dumas have been in my life since before I can remember. As a child I would watch Albert the Fifth Musketeer and be utterly entertained by spaghetti shooting muskets. When I was older I fell in love with The Count of Monte Cristo and every now and then I fall in love with it all over again. Then, not long after that, I found myself being properly introduced to France 1625, d’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers.

But it wasn’t until the BBC’s The Musketeers - and Howard Charles’ Porthos - that I really started looking into the life of the man who had inspired me in my youth and then, in turn, the man who had inspired him: General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. His father.

And one of my most favourite men in history.

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- Les trois Dumas : Le général de la Révolution Thomas-Alexandre Dumas né esclave en Haïti (la statue original fut fondue pendant la guerre), son fils Alexandre Dumas auteur des Trois Mousquetaires, et le petit-fils Alexandre Dumas fils auteur de La Dame aux Camélias.

- The three Dumas: the General of the French Revolutionary wars Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, born into slavery in Haiti (the original statue was melt down during the nazi occupation), his son the Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas, and the grandchild La Dame aux Camélias author Alexandre Dumas fils.