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Illusion AU


Thomas- a shy, quiet teenager new to Albany High School. He quickly makes friends with two guys named James and Aaron, but he oftentimes talks to a soft-spoken girl named Eliza. He slowly grows close to her and her friends. Thomas has manic depression and his mother swears that he has schizophrenia based on things he’s told her but Thomas knows what he’s seeing. 

Eliza- after a few months of high school with Thomas, she grows close to him She takes into account that he’s mentally ill even though he tries to hide it from others and she knows how to talk him down since she has to deal with it himself. She does notice there’s something peculiar about Thomas, especially when it seems as if he’s talking to himself as if there was someone else there, but he claims that he isn’t and she assures him that it’s fine. She herself has depression, anxiety, and anorexia so they bond and try to take care of each other. 

Al- a few months after Thomas shows up to Albany high, a mysterious new student makes his way into Thomas’ life. Alexander, going by Al or Alex, is peculiarly odd and not too much is known about him. All that is known is that he looks disheveled, wears the same clothes every day, and constantly looks exhausted. 

The AU:

Thomas and Alex eventually become acquainted, but Alex makes him swear not to tell anyone about their friendship. Thomas agrees. They begin to do things together, go to the graveyard, abandoned places, areas many people don’t explore. It’s strange to Thomas, but he does it anyway. They never go out in public. Slowly, Thomas falls for the mysterious boy as he gets to know more about him. However, the more Thomas falls for the man, the more he gets an off feeling and the more Alex gets paranoid. Not only that, but Eliza slowly grows worried for Thomas. What is going on? 

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Part: 2/?

Masterpost: {x}

Pairing: Jamilton, Lams, Thomliza

Summary: Thomas is new to Albany High School and the last thing he ever expected was to run into Alexander.

Warning: cussing, mentions of death, mentions of depression, mentions of drugs

Word Count: 4,132

Dedication: @hxxtile for the fat John idea like I seriously love him very much. 

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Silence overtook the group for awhile, causing Thomas to overthink the situation. It was his fault that John had stormed off, after all, and it seemed as if Hercules was mad at him. It was a terrible feeling that began to consume his thoughts; gradually, it began to physically show.

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Part: 4/?

Masterpost: {x}

Pairings: Jamilton, Lams, Thomliza, Laureson

Summary: Thomas is new to Albany High School and the last thing he ever expected was to run into Alexander.

Warning: cussing, self-harm mentions, bipolar episode, suicide ideation

Word Count: 3,399

Dedication: @mutantplant for being so helpful in betaing. They pour so much time into helping me and words cannot explain how grateful I am for it. 

Tags: @starfreckledlaurens, @bring-me-the-misha, @mishaisakitten, @ichbindeindod, @xfallingsnowx, @weareallhamiltontrash, @toomuchartsstuff, @noluckmonday, @kanadianwithashippingproblem, @twoscreamingbirds, @god-damn-it-miranda, @lil-bab-doodles, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @k9effect, @justsmilingandnodding, @xdaveedxdanielexdiggsx, @pipindaae, @aph-jefferson, @red-shadow-wolf-19, @boreavement, @mrlefuck, @tinymugs, @frostbiteangel , @fuckerson, @muntzzymain, @listenlyss, @ash–is–trash, @aleciamagic , @pluto4planet , @waitwhat-24601, @fuckofflight, @wow-another-blog, @bobblobthing, @msageofenlightenment, @anime-fan-4-life13, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @cutebridge, @richieandthevoices, @iamindeedapotato, @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes, @fruityfrootloops, @brokxen-stars, @thelegochicken, @axatalepsy, @hystericboy, @justasmolgrape, @canyoubemyfour, @antisocialotp, @trashfangirlblog

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The weekend flew by with the blink of an eye. Monday morning rolled around quickly, and in the small period of time following the short-lived fight with some of his “friends” and meeting Al over the weekend, Thomas had a rough time.

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Thomas Mickleberry Merritt [left] and Unknown Fellow Officer, Company G., Second Georgia Cavalry Regiment, 1862–63

The 2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry assembled at Albany, Georgia, in February, 1862. lists 1,693 men on its roster for this unit.

Men often enlisted in a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded.

Photo Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art