Воин Вереска (The Heather Warrior)
  • Воин Вереска (The Heather Warrior)
  • Мельница
  • Дорога Сна

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…Like a wounded beast, I’ll silently pass over the string,
I never worth the tears you’d cry over me,
I never worth your trailing my blood in darkness - like trailing the foxberries in moss.
Trailing up to gates, there are only darkness and cold behind them, - you don’t know but there are darkness and cold. 

And it is impossible to close the ring of grey hills,
And the path along the rain’s blade is narrow,
And don’t try to look for - you won’t find the traces,
The traces the Heather Warrior left behind, while going away… 


i don’t often do starter calls but i'm doing on because I wanna do more of my asshole-pre-blackwall-in his 30s- Thom Rainier

So like, like this if you want a small starter from a guy who’s kinda sorta is a massive dick.

I was thinking about Blackwall and Sera’s friendship and then I realized that I had no memory of how she reacted to The Big Revelation, so I went to look at their dialogues.  And this is the first banter between them listed as being after we learn about Rainier:

  • Sera: Always knew you were up to something.
  • Blackwall: Sorry.
  • Sera: For what? Trying? Better than most ever do.

That’s it.  That simple, for her.  Incredible.

And then the next one:

  • Sera: I don’t get it. If you want to change, just change. Why this “fake Warden” rubbish?
  • Blackwall: For one, people wanted me dead. Being someone else kept me breathing.
  • Blackwall: And then, knowing that people thought I was good made it easier.
  • Sera: (Laughs.) You needed them to think you could, so you could think you could!
  • Sera: You’re smart, but you’re sort of stupid.

She’s so good.  They’re so good.  And then I cried a little.


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