thom walker

At Holiday Party Tonight
  • Me: *clears throat*
  • Relative: um, what's she doing?
  • Relative: but it's only 7pm...
  • Mom: time zones-she's technically right...just...just let her do her thing
  • Me: *dramatically shifts into a one woman La Vie Boheme*

reasons why you should watch rent

  • first of all it is so freakin good
  • the songs are hella radical
  • focuses on starving artists with AIDS in 1989/1990
  • based on puccini’s opera ‘la boheme’

  • 5/8 of the entire cast are poc
  • half of the characters are gay, lesbian, or bi
  • interracial relationships
  • the drag queen is celebrated as probably the most important and fiercest character!!!!!!!!!!
  • idina menzel plays a bisexual performance artist and if that’s not reason enough idk what to tell you
  • broadway musical!!!!!!!!!
  • most of the obc came back to play their original roles in the movie version
  • it’s on netflix as we speak
  • so go watch it
  • but if u have the chance to see it on stage go see it
  • gives a good message
  • please check first bullet
  • thank u that is all

My heart goes out to members of the RENT fandom who, like me, don’t live in a place that goes by Eastern Standard Time…
“December 24th 9pm Newfoundland Standard Time" just isn’t the same…

‘There Are No Good Girls Gone Wrong - Just Bad Girls Found Out’ - model: Neelam Johal - photographer: Liam Warwick - fashion editor: Matthew Josephs - hair: Kota Suiza - make-up: Thom Walker - nails: Coral Mitchell - location: N1 Studios - Wonderland Magazine SS14

  • Roberto Cavalli gown, heels & cuff - Meadham Kirchhoff hat - Fendi bag